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Monday, 09/17/2012, 07:55 am

Bisping: "If I Beat Brian Stann, I'll Get The Title Shot" | UFC NEWS

“I’ve been talking about being a top contender for a long time. But the world title seems to always be one or two fights away. If I beat Brian Stann, I’ll get the title shot. It’s a tough fight. He hits hard. He will try to knock me out from the opening bell. I’ve been working with a new boxing coach. Technically, I’m faster than I’ve ever been. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m athletically way better. And I’m mentally more prepared as well.”

UFC middleweight fighter Michael Bisping, has really high hopes for the outcome of this weekend’s UFC 152 bout against Brian Stann. “The Count” is “counting” on a title shot should he walk away the winner, but is his record such that he should leapfrog other athletes like Weidman?

Sound off Penn Nation, anyone clamoring to see Bisping vs. Silva?

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13 Responses to “Bisping: "If I Beat Brian Stann, I'll Get The Title Shot" | UFC NEWS”

  1. xXCLOSXx says:

    I don’t know why so many people knock on Bisping. He’s got a great record in the UFC and is only improving each time. I see him taking Stann down and subbing him personally.

    • Mark says:

      Bisping isn’t “bad”, but he isn’t “great” either. If you look at his record, you can see that anytime he has faced a top contender (e.g., Henderson, W. Silva, Evans, Sonnen) he lost. And his most recent wins are NOT impressive: Mayhem, Rivera, Akiyama (who only lost because he gased early). Thus, I don’t think he has any business carrying on about how overdue he is for a title shot. Beat Stann, and ANOTHER top contender, and then get your title shot.

      • xXCLOSXx says:

        Yeah, he’s not at the top of the heap I’ll give you that, but it’s not to say he hasn’t held his own. Plus what other big name challenges are there at this point vs Silva anyway that he hasn’t already beat? Bisping is the next challenger with the bigger name IMO.

  2. Mike Beltran is The Sh@$iest ref ever says:

    I’m glad spitsbing knows that Stann has a chance, if not, he would have said “when I beat Stann”, not “if” I agree he is getting better, it seems like he has also forgot Hendos comment on his takedown attempts during their fight. Faber said it best with the can dish it out, but can’t take it comment.

  3. 123 says:

    if he beats stann, michael bisping defiantly deserves a title fight. fuck weidman hes young & can wait, bisping has.

  4. dogfart says:

    hes not leapfrogging, he should have been next in line from chael losing anyway.
    bisping technically beat chael so how is it a leapfrog

    other people have tried to leapfrog him by running their mouths

  5. Brend0magic says:

    If he wins and does get a title shot, he’ll be the only middleweight besides Anderson to get a shot with a 1 fight “win streak” I can’t think of anyone else that did that.

  6. Jpeech says:

    If we are talking ufc win streak then Jake shields did that.

  7. Ddddddd says:

    Bisping has always been a fighter that just gets buy. Either the whole devision is constantly getting better or he makes little
    progress. I like to watch his fights but have
    never seen him as a top contender. No disrespect to Bisping but he says people
    talk themselves to the top when he’s the best
    at it. I pay to watch him get humbled not become a champion.

  8. Ddddddd says:

    Yah I guess perennial contender isn’t at
    the top, but it’s still further than what I think
    he deserves. He’s always one fight away
    no matter a win or a loss and drums up
    enough hate to even get called out buy
    the man.

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