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Monday, 06/04/2012, 12:57 pm

Bisping: If Chael Sonnen beats Anderson Silva, I might get to fight for the title | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Michael Bisping comments to ESPN.

Bisping was on the wrong end of a close decision loss to now number one contender Chael Sonnen at UFC on Fox: Evans vs Davis, however there still may be hope for “The Count”.

“Dana called me after the Sonnen fight and I asked him, ‘Where does this leave me in terms of the title?’ He said to me, ‘In fairness Mike, you won the fight.’ Not that he sent me my win bonus! I asked, ‘Where does this leave me for the title shot?’ And he never said you don’t get one. He said, ‘We need to figure it out.’ When speaking to Joe Silva, he said it all depends on what happens between Sonnen and Anderson. He said if Anderson wins, I might be sitting around for a while. So if Chael wins I might get to fight [for the title]. But I haven’t been told anything official. Since Dan Henderson, I haven’t lost a fight. The Wanderlei fight I was robbed of a decision, the Chael fight I was robbed, so it’s going back to 2009. If you take those out, I haven’t lost in seven or eight fights.”


65 Responses to “Bisping: If Chael Sonnen beats Anderson Silva, I might get to fight for the title | UFC News”

  1. Shogun says:

    Im not a huge fan of Bisbing, but he is right.

    • Blah says:

      He wasnt robbed against Silva. And the Sonnen fight was close but he did lose the decision.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I find it hilarious that Bisping or any of you think he deserves a title shot when he’s coming off a loss not to mention he has never beaten a top 10 fighter. Why is in every otehr weight class REAL top 10 fighters who have earned it by beating other top 10 fighters have 5-6 even 7 wins in row and still don’t get title shots. I have seen or heard of any fighter being so in love with himself yet so OVERRATED than Bisping. The entire fight vs Sonnen he was on the defensive trying and FAILING to stop takedowns and spending most of time on his back getting ground and pounded. Its like Bisping thinks if he survives then he is the winner. How he thinks he has only lost one fight is beyond me besides teh FACT Hamill beat the hell out of him. JUst wait tell UFC has no choice but to make him fight the REAL top contenders like Vitor, Lombard, Belcher, Munoz, Weidman, they will all DESTROY him.

      • Rodriguez says:

        Sonnen couldn’t even take Bisping down…so IDK what fight you were watching! And, on a side note, if you watched the Silva fight, Silva barley landed a hit! He was being picked apart by Bisping! You really needa watch more MMA bro.

        • Thom says:

          Sonnen did take him down…….

        • Rodriguez says:

          Once! The rest of the time Bisping held Sonnen up against the cage, and was outstriking him!

        • Chris says:

          A loss is a loss
          A loss is a loss. Have him fight Munoz after Munoz wins. Munoz would destroy Bisqueen. I also think that the UFC would love for Chael to win because that would mean another fight with Silva in Brazil.

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        The more of your posts I read the more you seem like a dick. Practically everyone in MMA thought he won the Sonnen fight including Sonnen. His record is exceptional and his technical striking is streets ahead of the guys you mention. He should be fighting for the title right now so IMO he should get it.

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    No way in hell spitsbing is the #1 contender. Vitor, Frankin, Belcher, Weidman, Munoz, Okami would all mop the floor with Bisping. Who has Bisping beat in top10 to warrant a title shot? NOONE

    • Ko_King says:

      I wish u would fuck off “groff” u fuck me and a lot of other people off on this site! Who has he dodged? He can only fight the guys that r put in front of him.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Everyone (EXCEPT YOU) knows since the UFC undrestimated Hendo that Bisping has been in “UFC protective custody” from all strikers. You never did answer the question? who has Bisping beat in the top10 to warrant a title shot? NOONE, Bisping wouldn’t last a minute with Vitor and Vitor has begged the UFC for 2 years to fight Bisping but they keep telling him NO because they are protecting their Brit poster boy. Bisping has only beat low level MW like Jorge Rivera by (illegal knee), Dan miller, Mayhem Miller. Come on you guys really think Bisping deserves a title shot without fighting Vitor, Franklin, Munoz, Weidman, Belcher NO FUC”KING WAY is he top contender not even close

        • I must says:

          agree with you. If you look at Bisping’s record, he has only faced three of the current top 20 MWs in the UFC, and lost to two of them! His victories have come against fighters are currently out of the UFC or are close to being released (D Miller). So now he wants the UFC to only consider some of the fights he has had when matching him with future opponents—leave the Wanderlei and Sonnen fight out of the equation because he thinks “he won.”

          I don’t hate Bisping, but I do believe he is over-rated at this stage of his career. He is good, but hasn’t proven that he deserves a title shot yet. Just because the UFC is the one that puts low ranking opponents in front of him doesn’t mean that he deserves a shot at Anderson. He should’ve beat Hendo, Sonnen, or Wanderlei if he wanted more respect. It was on him and he didn’t get it done.

  3. Dj penn says:

    He did not win the fight against chael or wanderlei I admit the chael fight was close but cmon chael took him down a more times and hit him hard but Michael looked superb in that fight i admit and looked really good technically but the takedowns and the minor ground n pound from chael was enough for him to win so I guess I’m pretty sure next time they fight chael would be prepared better and stomp his ass out but the wanderlei fight wasnt as much super close as the chael fight but wanderlei did knock him down at the end and got good takedowns but if bisping wants a title shot I think he should beat boetsch and then the winner of Brian stann or lombard then he should deserve it bisping is getting really good

  4. safs says:

    sonnen who is the number 2 contender but he got robbed did you not read the article?

  5. pepito de la O says:

    Bisping is a pussy, he lost vs sonnen and he definetly lost vs silva, always makin xcuses n shit, he fights weak ass ppl, okami, munoz, palhares, n Franklin wud wax that ass

  6. Zack says:

    So to condense this story down to one sentence. ” Michael bisping is not getting a title shot”

    • MMA FAN says:

      LOL! If Bisping couldn’t put away miller in that state he doesn’t deserve anything! He will always be a mediocre middleweight comparable to rich franklin or a vandy. Win a fight, lose a fight, maybe win two fights, then lose three and leave the ufc.

      • 11bangbang says:

        I love how you call Franklin Mediore. Let’s not forget he was at one point the most dominant MW in the world. I know he’s a gatekeeper of sorts now but that’s not because he’s mediocre it’s because he’s old. Lol Franklin mediocre very good!

  7. Train the trainer says:

    What is the this crap all about? Close fights are close because you did nothing to set yourself apart in that fight to prove to the judges you are the clear winner. If you can start making your fights not even close than you can fight for the title.

  8. Xaninho says:

    Irrelevant speculation. Silva is going to keep his belt.

  9. CanILive says:

    Bisping couldn’t finish a cup of tea if he tried

  10. Nick says:

    He lost against Chael and Wanderlei. He’s delusional.

  11. Paul lfc says:

    Hate bisping he would not fight any 1 in the top 5 cos he knows they would kick his ass fuck off with you bad attitude an join bamma you horrible cunt

    • Magpie says:

      Bisping wouldn’t fight anyone in the top 5? He’s just fought Chael Sonnen, widely regarded as being the no2 middleweight in the world. You’re a smart one!

  12. Paul lfc says:

    Hate bisping he would not fight any 1 in the top 5 cos he knows they would kick his ass fuck off with you bad attitude an join bamma you horrible cun&

  13. Paul lfc says:

    Hate bisping he would not fight any 1 in the top 5 cos he knows they would kick his ass fuck off with you bad attitude an join bamma

  14. ya herd says:

    lol bisping would beat munoz and belcher, why? jason day beat belcher in round 1 bisping destroyed jason day in round 1 and kendall grove beat belcher lol, and munoz go on and look at his history who has he beat? his biggest win is over chris leben witch bisping beat over 3 years ago, bisping has fought better fighters than munoz, oh yeah lol that guy matt hamil knocked munoz out, before u start saying who has bisping fought go look up who the other so called top middles have fought!

    • Zack says:

      Bisping got beat by hamil too thanks for reminding me

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Biggest FIXED fight in UFC history, Hamill beat the hell out of Bisping. That fightw asn’t even close. While Bisping was getting pounded on by Hamill Goldie asked Rogan “what do you think Bisping is thinking about right now” Rogan said moving down to 185lb weight class. Bisping is nowhere even close to being #1 contender PERIOD

      • Rodriguez says:

        Ummm…Bisping won that fight by unanimous decision…

    • WrestlingRules says:

      You make real good points about pedigrees, But I argue that Munoz has gotten much better since those fights. Belcher good but yah over-rated. He just seems like he should be better than he is. End of the day, your right Spitsping beats them all.

      • STEVEN SEAGULL says:

        I think Belcher is one of the most under-rated guys in the division. People may be talking about him after the Palhares win but before that he was just the guy with the shitty tattoo. Palhares is over-rated, noone that one-dimensional should be in the UFC.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I was a big fan of Belcher a few years back and he seemed so damn good, but he has not performed consistently enough and then with his eye injury he just kind a dropped out until Palhares. I agree with you that Palhares is WAY over-rated and VERY one dimensional. He could be a beast if he would quit that offensive bjj bullshit and worked on wrestling and boxing and only use jitz when he has beaten his opponent up for awhile, ala BJ.

          Belcher needs to show that he can wrestle more or he won’t get past top 5. I think Bisping bispings him and wins fairly easily unless Belcher can tag him like Hendo did.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Belcher would KO Bisping inside one round but its a waste of time to talk about it because the UFC will continue to PROTECT Bisping from all the TOP MW strikers. If you happen to have watched the Middleweights on Brazil TUF EVERYONE of them would KO Bisping or tear a limb off of him. Thye were all killers that would chase Bisping down at lay waste to him

      • BowtieAssassin says:

        Lol, cus Bisping has such a suspect chin and Belcher
        is a knockout artist, I’m not even a Bisping fan but your
        hate is clearly affecting your judgement.

  15. STEVEN SEAGULL says:

    Bisping – “if you take out my losses ive never lost”

    Bisping cant seriously think he will get a title shot. If Silva loses, and Silva wants a rematch he will get a rematch.

  16. Jb says:

    Belcher….he would end silva

  17. Shawn says:

    Let’s just say Sonnen beats Silva. Bisping is fighting Boetch, who is also making a very strong case for title contention. What if Bisping loses? Will he still deserve a title shot? But the real scenario is, Sonnen loses to Silva, and Boetch beats Bisping. Sonnen stops crying, and Bisping has no more reason to.

  18. Leo From New Jersey says:

    Wandy won In my pov and bisping beat chael in my pov so i think he is 1 fight away from a shot

  19. Jigga says:

    Jeez people this is mma anything can happen look what happend this weekend no1 gave kampman or chiesa a chance or look what happened at the Varner fight

  20. r4j4 says:

    I agree with GROFF, bisping dnt deserve no title shot, they guys he’s beat like Rivera, Mayhem and Dan Miller, Leben, Sinosic etc they all washed up or mid card level fighters. Whenever u put him against a top level fighter or a former champ i.e Hendo, Wanderlei, Evans he gets his ass handed to him.

    Personally I think unless Anderson retires, there’s no chance in hell bispings ever gonna get a UFC title. He couldn’t beat Rashad at Light Heavyweight so Jon Jones would kill him and I don’t see him cutting down to Welterweight either.

  21. Q says:

    Damn we got a lot of bisping haters You guys are talking out of your asses. Everyone’s quick to call bisping a grade B fighter because they don’t like his personality pretty sure bisping just arguably beat the clear #2 contender yet you retards are saying he’d get stomped by anyone top 5. Grow the fuck up and accept that bisping belongs top 5.

    • Alex Daas says:


      Bisping is legit,,, i doubt he would trouble Silva but none the less he deserves a title shot as much as any other guy out there. Hes only really been beaten once In 16 fight in the ufc, and that was because he underestimated Hendo. Rashad, wandy and especially sonnen DID NOT own their Fights with bisping, they just barely slid by,, well that says sOmething about Bisping.. And if you ask
      Me, he clearly won against Rashad and Sonnen, 2 guys who have fought for the title multiple times.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Q – you are right, I used to be a big Bisping opponent and mostly because of his shitty attitude and ego, but seperating that from his fighting, I see how good he is. Even though he was on defensive most of the Sonnen fight, I think these fighters like Bisping get a bit delusional thinking they won fighting Sonnen because he didn’t allow Sonnen to pound on him like he did to Silva. Sonnen is the BEST wrestler bar none mma. So Bisping in that fight feels he won. Which he didn’t but it shows he can be close to Sonnen and perhaps beat him if he were a bit more ellusive and actually try and take Sonnen down. (BY the way, that is the secret to great wrestlers, take em down and hold’em down) Oops did i say that out load to all the wrestling haters on this forum? Oh well knowing you need to do it and being able to do it is a whole new world.

      But you’re right I think Bisping deserves a shot at Sonnen or God forbid he should still be champ, Silva.

  22. Clay says:

    THE WHOLE MIDDLE WEIGHT CLASS IS WEAK AS FUCK. Except Anderson is the best in the world. I just wish they would get some more beasts in there. Maybe some LHW will drop down. Especially if chael wins

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah right MW is weak, Vitor is a destroyer, Lombard is going crush overrated fighters like Bisping, belcher is baddass, Weidman will be champ someday, Franklin is back to show all YOU Brits how overrated spitsping really is. Munoz is a much much better fighter than he gets credit for.

  23. Ken Kaniff says:

    losing a close fight means you lost.

    Lost vs Wandy, lost vs Chael. Close fights, sure, but definitely losses.

  24. DMAC says:

    Yeah Bisping!! He should be next in line BUT he did lose to Chael P so I think it’s only right to get one more W.

  25. Sick Brah says:

    Ummm… did you people actually see the Sonnen fight, and the interviews… Sonnen even says that he thought Bisping had it…

  26. Leo From New Jersey says:

    Belcher idk man i just don’t think he’s top tier material yes he beat Palhares but the only big name palhares has been is dan miller… no belcher is not top tier, TOP FOR ME IS munoz, bisping, weidman, chael,and to take the top 5 we ll see from lombard vs stann

  27. Youlame says:

    Sorry bisping but its not happening…

  28. LaieBoy eats good poi with laulau lomi salmon and poke says:

    I think Bisping should fight more top fighters to get a title shot. Theres tons of top fighters like boesch, stann, munoz, belcher, palhares etc… but the guy has balls, he called out henderson for a rematch! Silva will destroyed sonnen im sure hahahaha alright shoots bros

  29. Chris says:

    A loss is a loss. Have him fight Munoz after Munoz wins. I also think that the UFC would love for Chael to win because that would mean another fight in Brazil.

  30. Paul says:

    He needs to fight twice more maybe franklin after he beats silva or depending we’re munuz is to put the 2 of them together then see what happens he can’t say apart from the losses I’ve had I haven’t lost that’s stupid what do you guys think ?

  31. monkey juice says:

    Biding is a pos. Lombard is a pos. make them fight each other for pos title. You guys keep believing the hype promoters give you. you cock suckers. Grow some nuts and form your own opinion.

  32. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I know this suggestion goes against this thread or touch upon Bisping’s comments, but I really wouldn’t mind seeing Bisping vs. Koscheck in a catchweight bout. Everyone seems to hate them, so maybe one would knock the hell out of the other.

  33. Chris says:

    i cant believe he still thinks he beat Wandy lmao. Definitely a close fight but I’ve seen the fight like 20 time he did not win rds 2 or 3 was lucky to escape either one

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      When I watched that fight my initial thought was it was Bispings win all day long. I thought he was robbed. I hope he gets a shot but I would rather it was against Silva.

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