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Saturday, 09/08/2012, 11:09 am

Bisping: I will beat Brian Stann at UFC 152 and I will fight Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

It is no secret that UFC middleweight contender Michael Bisping is wanting a title shot.

“The Count” has notched his place amongst the UFC’s elite, however whenever he is close to obtaining a shot at gold he has fallen short in rising to that coveted number one contender seat.

This time however, he plans on destroying Brian Stann at this month’s UFC 152 and claiming his rightful place to challenge Anderson Silva.

“This isn’t U.K. vs. America. This is Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann. It’s an individual sport and come the 22nd of September, I’m going to individually kick the crap out of Brian Stann. When he was in basic training shining his boots, I was in the UFC kicking (bleep). I’m getting better and better with every fight, I’m maturing as a fighter, I feel I’m in my prime, and I’m ready to beat Brian Stann and then take that title. … I want my shot. People have had their shot. Others have had their shot, stepped in their and fallen over with a little slap. I won’t do that, I’ll turn up to fight. Anderson Silva will be in the fight of his life when we fight, and we will fight. I will beat Brian Stann and I will fight Anderson Silva.”

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31 Responses to “Bisping: I will beat Brian Stann at UFC 152 and I will fight Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I think Bisping is gonna circle around and out point stann

  2. T.DADDY says:

    Win or lose Anderson will murder you

  3. Big J says:

    Someone needs to tell Bisping that Dana has already been quoted that the winner of Bisping and Stann will probably face Chris Weidman.

  4. Jpeech says:

    and someone should tell you weidman is fighting boetsch….

    • Big J says:

      I just noticed that, dang, things happen fast….I guess it would be fair if the winner of Bisping vs Stann faces the winner of Weidman vs Boetsch, for the number one contender….

      • Calvin says:

        i agree with you that it would be fair but its just like both weidman and boetsch dont carry big names i feel if boetsch beats weidman that would be a bigger statement and lead to a title shot than the opposite these guys need to start talking mad shit like boestch should just start screaming “BARBARIAN!” in the middle of his matches and entrance then people would like him and notice him more and for weidman come out to a rave or something idk he really has no personality so maybe come out with ricky martin to sexy and i know it xD that will get some looks

  5. Tapitout21 says:

    Not a bisping fan at all but he’s right…I hope he buries stann and then he should be next up to lose to silva

  6. stephen riddle says:

    Stann is gonna knock that accent out of him!

  7. ballsackface says:

    is it me or does bisping look like ricky hatton on that picture?

  8. Yeahrightman says:

    Haha. That is classic. “When he was shining his shoes in basic training I was in the UFC kicking C#UNT’s!” HAHAHA

  9. John Holmes says:

    Bisbing should do some porn with Bones

  10. Don frye says:

    Stann will beat bisping.

  11. FunkyMonkey says:

    Stann gets the G&P TKO rd 2

  12. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Sonnen had Bisping on the defensive 90%of the fight. only offense Bisping had was holding Sonnen gainst the fence.

    Who has Bisping ever beat in tp 10? How does a fighter who hasn’t beat a top 10 fighter even get mentioned for a title shot?

    Wow he beatn Rivera washed up retired, he beat Mayham miler washed up retired, wow he beat Dan Millera WW now, WOW he neat Akiyama who should be winless in UFC and now is a WW.

    Bisping is the most OVERHYPED fighter in UFC and we will all see him run away from Stann and get beat up like he did in Hamil fight but we all know no matter how bad Stann beat Bisping up unless he gets a KO Bisping will steal decision. somehow if Bisping just survives that he is given a BULLSHIT win each time.

  13. Fuzzy says:

    Just another tuf guy over hyped should of been kicked out with the bs he pulled on Jorge Rivera bisping=Paul Daley punk ass bitch also to make any disrespectful remarks about military remark this guy has no class!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ya herd says:

    when he beat chris leben over 3 years ago he was top 10 akiyamma was top 10 when he beat him!!!!! and hes only been beat by the best and only been beat 1 time realy, out of the sonnen , rashad, and wanderlie fight he should of got the W for atleast 1 of those fights TRUST ME WHEN SILVA RETIRES BISPING WILL BE CHAMP NOT SAYING HES GOING TO HOLD THE BELT LONG BUT I COULD PUT MONEY ON IT THAT HE WILL HOLD THE BELT

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      are you serious Akiyama top 10? not in a million years. Leben has never been top 10. Bisping hasn’t beat any top fighter to justify being in top 10

  15. Mug says:

    Stann hype, Bisping deserve more respect than he gets, but hey maybe that’s just me because I’m British, I’ll just go back to drinking tea and eating scones.

  16. truedat says:

    I can’t believe it, but I actually want Bisping to win. The hell is going on?

  17. itsallnonsense says:

    Bisping’s loss to Sonnen threw him out of contention. He needs to get a a solid win. Hes going to have to KO or submit Stann in spectacular fashion to be next in line. Otherwise he’s got a few more tough fights ahead of him.

  18. ya herd says:

    you are seriously stupid!!!!!!!! even tho he got a loss against sonnen dana white, joe rogan, and many other people think bisping got the win, bisping is the only guy apart from anderson silva to give the number 2 ranked middleweight in the world a good fight so that would mean bisping is still up there and dana white said that himself, it would be diffrent if sonnen destroyed him, then yeah i would agree but he didnt.. if bisping beats stan he will fight for the title

    • Will says:

      Umm… incase you forgot… Chael’s first fight back in the UFC was against a guy named Damien Maia, who submitted him by doing an double overhook trip into a triangle chokehold. Pretty amazing if you ask me….

    • itsallnonsense says:

      I do think Bisping will get the win but he needs to be dominant. Considering how Dana gets flaky if he isn’t aw-struck, I could see Bisping vs.Weidman happening. After the 151 fiasco they’ll be looking to fill the fight cards with names. So a decisive win in my opinion is a must. That way he’ll have his shot secure and can wait for his title match.

  19. Tommygunzz says:

    Bisbing got this one.hes gonna use his punches in bunches and keep stann at bay.people sleep on mikes wrestling,he’s got pretty good wrestling.hes gonna use that in this fight for sure and beat stann by decision.

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