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Saturday, 09/15/2012, 10:26 am

Bisping Goes After Team Alpha Male | UFC NEWS

As we all have learned over the past several years, British middleweight Michael “The Count” Bisping rarely has a filter.

As such, while in attendance at the UFC 152 pre-fight press-conference, “The Count” told onlookers that he felt his fight with Brain Stann should be placed higher than the flyweight title fight between Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson.

Later on, caught up with Benavidez where he was quoted in saying, “I definitely hit harder than Bisping.”

What happened next was taken straight from the pages of check it out –

Bisping @bisping
@ufc urijah favour,Joseph benavidez and the rest of the munchkin crew talk s— cos theyre stuck in the body’s of pre pubescent boys
and I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with smug faced little shit any time.

Faber then responded:

Urijah Faber @UrijahFaber
Thought we were buddies @bisping I know u can dish it out but can’t take it back @ufc ur like a spoiled 3rd grader. Grow up.


61 Responses to “Bisping Goes After Team Alpha Male | UFC NEWS”

  1. magoo says:

    What a buffoon… Urijahs right grow up you wanker!

  2. ya herd says:

    its his personality hate it or love it, least hes got one!!

  3. Shadleigh says:

    It’s funny shit though! Hahahaha

  4. B-rad says:

    Benavidez is dumb for saying he hits harder than Bisping. Yeah Michael doesnt have the punching power to knock a house over, but he’s a big middleweight and probably hits 2x as hard as Jobi one or whatever dumb nickname he has. Mighty Mouse is gonna take it anyway

      • B-rad says:

        How so? because i said a guy that walks around at 210 hits harder than someone who probbably walks around at 160? Elaborate

        • Mike b says:

          U know what tho I’ve trained with some small guys and the few I’ve trained with got some not saying smaller guys got more power but ether u have power or u don’t.look at jens pulver,kid yamamoto,Melvin,Garcia, I saying joseph hits harder than mike…NO!but Melvin has more power than mike.sometimes it dosent matter the size of a guy,it’s a matter of what guys u are talking about.

        • Ironfist says:

          Can’t forget about Aldo,Swanson,stout.those guys pack some power for being smaller fighters.but in actuality bigger guys are more powerful than these smaller guys.but I understood what u meant,good post.

        • B-rad says:

          Thats a good point, it depends on who your talking about.. But when a guy has good size and skill then hes obvioulsy gonna hit much harder than someone of equal skill but less size.

  5. Dick Diaz says:

    Faber got titles and his boys got title shots… what do you have Bisping?

  6. 123 says:

    michael bisping has a personality & isnt fake like alot of theese idiots.

  7. Bisping always has to open his mouth, man… He’s probably the noisiest contender in the UFC who hasn’t gotten a title shot yet. Why, I have no idea.
    This kinda upsets me, though. Resorting to short jokes because some smug 125er says he can hit harder than you(and lets be real–that’s a ridiculous accusation), you feel the need to insult his entire camp? I mean…why even dignify that comment? Benavidez was obviously talking out his ass. So let em talk. He only sounds silly…I really hope he doesn’t actually think that his body can generate more force than a man over 60lbs heavier than him. That’s like the worst case of little-man’s syndrome I’ve ever heard of if he actually believes that.

    • B-rad says:

      Im sure he does hit harder than the average joe that weights 200. But Mike Bisping was a pro kickboxer before he fought MMA, so yeah no way in hell does Benavidez have more punching power

  8. 123 says:

    its different when chael sonnen insults a whole country with his planned jokes, michael bisping says something to another fighter & u wankers start talking shit like he’s done something wrong.

  9. General P says:

    Joseph benavidez would destroy BSking. He’s a British slug he’s not even that good. Faber would beat him too. British people are not tough.

  10. maurice says:

    Best thing bout bisping is he keeps it real. Everythin he said was true. He has a lil “diaz” swag. Talks shit during fights while he boxes u up. Hes one of the best mws ever and constantly improves. Bisping destroyed the thought of chael actually having any chance in beating silva. After stann he should fight winner of weidman vs boetsch for true contender fight.

  11. braden says:

    Let’s see it catch weight bisping vs benavidez says he hits harder let’s see I bet we would see him shat himself when he sees bisping in the ring waste of time somebody must of played keep away today

  12. dastuka says:

    Sports Science showed that female boxer Lucia Rijker punching in the same range as Houston Alexander…so who knows if lil man can punch harder than ghey boy Bisping.

  13. Nate says:

    I respect Bisping, but Faber is right, he is acting like a spoiled third-grader.

  14. oak cliff tx says:

    Faber vs Bisping!

  15. gee says:

    Bisping gets his ass beat by a 17 yr old when he trains @ my gym

  16. Q says:

    It’s okay when chael goes ham on brazil but bisping says something to another fighter and he’s the biggest asshole ever

  17. Sasquatch says:

    Who gives a sh!t… what is this “Days of our live” or “Young and the restless”, do your talking in the octagon and it’s pretty obvious that’s not going to happen so…

  18. Christian says:

    Man, I remember the days when there were no weight limits in the ufc, it was just style against style, i’d love to see benavidez/faber dish it out with bisping, who knows, maybe a fly/bantamweight can take out a contending middleweight.

  19. Brend0magic says:

    I swear, Bisping always finds a way to lose fans before a fight. He’ll be doing well, and I was actually starting to agree with him and like him in this fight, but not after this. WAR STANN! Don’t let this punk brit get a title shot!

  20. stephen riddle says:

    Had to be a bully huh bisping! Boo this man!

  21. Ddddddd says:

    People like Bisping make you glad theirs people like Stan to kick their ass. Bisping
    trashing a whole weight class that every fighter in is more entertaining than he”ll
    ever be is asinine. Please get the joke
    Bisping doesn’t finish fights!Benavides does!
    Period. Although Benivides probably does
    punch harder than Bisping that’s not his point.
    If the bigger you are the better the fights than
    Bisping needs to start carrying Juniors gear.
    I think the lighter weight fighters have been providing better, more exciting fights than 85.
    Bisping is limited by his illusions.

  22. Dan Jenkins says:

    Haha munchkin crew nice one I think Team Alpha Midget bit off more than they can chew there

  23. punchkick says:

    munchkin crew!

  24. Bd says:

    Lmao …. David vs Goliath.. I’ll pay to see it

  25. reckz_flyweight says:

    lol bisbing is a bitch who runs his mouth too much and can’t back it up with his fighting what so ever, a seriously pathetic middleweight who will never be in title contention he’s gonna get his ass knocked out tomorrow by stann, bisbing has no power in his hands what so ever because he’s too scared to commit to his punches, especially after hendo laid his pussy ass out, guaranteed stann is gonna put him to sleep tomorrow!

  26. Cabbage says:

    You’re all crying like little bitches! Its just talk, besides he’s right. Mard-arses…

  27. ya herd says:

    all use fags in here saying bisping is a shit fighter, dosent finish fights… well if use fools think that, use must of walked into your mommys room and caught her fingering her pussy with a picture of bisping cause hes finished most of his fights and alot of people including dana white joe rogan and many more think he beat the number 2 ranked middleweight in the world hes a top 5 middleweight FACT!!!! dont get mad bisping will be champ when silva retires

    • Quinn says:

      “all use fags” “well if use fools” <–Speak English and you might gain some credibility to what you're trying to say instead of having sh!tty grammar. Unbelievable that you actually spell the way you speak?

  28. ya herd says:

    And he would be a top 10 light heavyweight if he moved up FACT!!!! bisping could beat all u mupets on here 5 at 1 time show respect or get fucked

    • Quinn says:

      @ya herd…go back to school or go visit a library to get your spelling in order!
      You sir, have terrible grammar and you cannot spell the simplest words to hold up your arguments! Go buy a book and learn how to spell!

  29. ya herd says:

    general p.. what a wanker u are.

  30. ya herd says:

    @ Quinn this isnt a spelling contest its bj, just because your a geek and dont get know pussy, dont take your anger out wit me geek!!! the only nipple u have sucked is your fat stinky mothers

    • Quinn says:

      @ya herd…You obviously have mother issues !
      So you’re saying it’s a stretch for you to comment using English on a site?
      Yikes, it might be you who has neglected English classes to stay home to perform the lip to nip configuration with the one who bore you. :)

  31. Ryan Prieur says:

    I believe the bisping Stan fight should be co main event! Bisping was stating a true fact that they are bigger stars and should have co main event.

  32. RowdyRodd says:

    Bisping wants to be the Chael Sonnen in England. He should’ve made sure that he won the fight first, and hope to God that it is a much more exciting fight, compared to the Benavidez/Johnson fight.
    Semper Fi

  33. KIDD433 says:

    Bitchping is a loud mouthed shit talikng punk.with a padded record,and deserves a punch in the mouth.His opinion on the Flyweights is bullshit,and Benavidez and Johnson are more fighters than hes ever been.
    But I will say at least Bitchping knows that he’s a scumbag,and doesn’t try to play boyscout like Jon Jones gay ass does.

  34. kill greg the sport killer!!! says:

    bisping fought the nuber 2 ranked middleweight in thw world! alot of people think bisping won that fight if it was 5 rounds bisping would of tkod him in the 4th, chael could hardly stand at the end of the fight after bisping elbowed his face 2 times, enough said bisping is the only guy apart from silva in the middleweight division to give chael a good fight that would mean he right up there in the division top 4 fighter in the world, hes only been knocked out 1 time and it was by 1 of the best fighters ever in mma, hes only been beat by the best, and out of sonnen,rashad, and silva he should of got a win for atleast 1 of those fights… if u think bisping isnt a very good fighter your not telling the truth, your just a hater!!!!

  35. 757 says:

    Bisping shouldn’t hate on Faber. He is trying the Sonnen talk shit and make yourself attractive for fights tactic. He isn’t funny. He has gotten his ass knocked out talking shit. Hendo knocked his ass out. If you watch the fight with Wandy he was about to get stopped at the horn because he got knocked out …check that one out. He lost to Hammil early in his career. He beat Miller who can’t hit and Sonnen who can’t hit. At least Faber and that camp have all fought and held championships….Don’t worry Bisping fans he will choke again

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      Bispings a legit fighter. It’s only words mate its not like he chinned him (there’s a joke there) if Faber and Benavidez can talk smack then I wouldn’t expect Bisping to cop it from them. If its alright for Sonnen to talk **** and lose horribly and still nearly talk his way into another title fight then why can’t Bisping ruffle some feathers.

  36. wobblybob says:

    The ufc is no place for trash talk and lets hope bisbing gets shitmixed

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