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Monday, 11/05/2012, 07:18 am

Bisping “Frustrated” With Sonnen Title Shots | UFC NEWS

“I can understand it from a business perspective because Chael sells,” Bisping said.

“But it’s frustrating because I’ve been waiting my whole career for a title shot, and the guy’s had three out of his last five fights be title fights.

“But I do understand and it’ll be a great season of The Ultimate Fighter.”

(via ESPN)


17 Responses to “Bisping “Frustrated” With Sonnen Title Shots | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ash G says:

    Hahahahaha random ppls email on my phone hahahaha

    • magoo says:

      And you gotta be a dirty rat bastard and post it…kinda cunty wouldn’t u say!!

      • The Dentist says:

        It was me that done it. And i did’nt post it to be ‘cunty’ i done it just to show the ppl who run the site and the ppl who use it that BJPENN.COM says it wont share your email but yet when i went to comment on this article on a mobile device i have never used to comment on here before tht there was some poor lads email address and username there :/

  2. Yuri says:

    Bisping is absolutely right. I know they have to make money with fights and Sonnen is the proper guy to do it but for God’s sake this is a fighting busyness. He doesn’t stand a chance against Jones and people who thinks otherwise should get back to the reality!!!!

  3. Infamous D says:

    Bisping has an extremely valid point…and he’s definitely not out of line by stating it. Although I can’t wait to see Jon vs. Chael….there are a lot of other guys winning fights, and in all fairness it is sort of fucked up that a guy loses 2 title fights and then a quick nod for a belt in another weight class.

  4. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    maybe if Bisping ever beats anyone in the top 10 he to will get atitle shot.
    Add Jacere, Rockhold, to top 10 and Bisping would get clowned and Stann would not be considered a top 10 fighter.

    Hopefuly Vitor just KO’s Bisping and shuts his mouth for a few months. I think we didn’t hear anything out of his mouth for like 3-4 months after Hendo took about 10 years off his life

    • The Dentist says:

      the funniest thing is tho, is that bisping will more and likely beat rockhold

    • infamous D says:

      That’s not the point he’s making though. He didn’t say he deserved one, he said he wanted one. He’s not saying he deserves to be where Chael is….he just stating that Chael should not be the guy in that spot. I’m not a Bisping fan at all, I like Chael wayyyy better than I do Bisping…..but regardless the man makes a point.

    • Infamous D says:

      All that being said….I all about getting rid of Fitch forever! Without argument the worst fighter to watch EVER!!! I would rather watch a fucking Tyler Perry movie marathon than a Fitch fight….unless of course a replay of the Hendricks fight!

      • The Dentist says:

        The thing with fitch though is if you dnt want to be sat on for 3 rounds learn how to get him the Fu*k off you haha

      • Mike b says:

        Agree to a certain extent,his fights with thiago,Saunders,alves and so on…..were not that great at all,BUT he gave the fans an exciting fight with gsp,gsp’s title defenses with alves,shields,hardy weren’t that great.and his recent fight with Eric silva was a sick fight.beleive it or not I think there are a lot more boring fighters than fitch…COUGH shields…COUGH okami….

    • Steve buffalo says:

      I’m pretty sure Michael bisping is currently ranked 3 or 4th in the world right now for middleweights bud

    • Power says:

      Fucking hell a guy gets1flat out convincing
      Defeat and that’s all they ever talk about.

  5. 123 says:

    @get rid of fitch… you say the same thing about michael bisping all the time & half the time i bet you dont know what your even talking about, its just pure hatred from retarded idiotic idiots like you.. get a grip.. & michael bisping is right, chael sonnen is just money for the ufc.

    • The Dentist says:

      Fuc* that get rid of fitch guy we should get rid of him not fitch the bleeding idiot. Chael is more boring than him but chael chats shi* gets everyone to buy hes fight then its poop. get rid of fitch mate you should respect fighters abit more. i would love to see you climb in the cage and see if u can last 20 seconds nevermind 1 round

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    Bisping beat Chael and should’ve got the shot then…and he deserves it now.

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