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Monday, 07/09/2012, 02:00 am

Bisping Confident If Given The Chance He Could Perform Better vs. Anderson Than Sonnen Did At UFC 148 | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Middleweight Michael Bisping comments while appearing on the UFC 148 post-event show on FUEL TV.

Bisping comments on the UFC 148 main event and is certain he could put in a better performance against Anderson Silva.

“It’s easy to say, ‘take Anderson Silva down.’ Chael is an amazing wrestler — he went to the Olympics I think. Not everybody can do that. I’m not that level of wrestler. I can wrestle a little bit, but I’m not Chael Sonnen. But, I can kickbox [much] better than Chael Sonnen can. I won’t get knocked out in the second round like Chael Sonnen did. That’s a fact…. You’re a fool to bet against Anderson. He’s amazing. For me, personally, I want to fight the guy because I want to see how I can do against him. I’ve beat a lot of guys, but I want to fight that guy. I think I can do better. And I’m never going to know that until I get in there with him. Yes, I want to fight him. Yes, I want to get paid for a title shot. Yes, I want the main event. I want all that. For me, personally, for my mind and soul, I want to fight the guy just to know how I would do. I think I can do better than Chael Sonnen did. In fact, I know I can do better than what Chael Sonnen


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  1. “I won’t get knocked out in the second round like Chael Sonnen did”.Thats correct Bisping.You would get knocked out in the 1st round.

    • dogfart says:

      to be fair hes only ever been knocked out by hendo and he knocks everyone out.
      chael couldnt take bisping down.

      bisping cant beat anderson however he could do much better than chael on 148.
      he couldnt do better than chaels 1st attempt but lets face it, chael couldnt beat that performance now either

  2. “I won’t get knocked out in the 2nd round like Chael Sonnen did”.Thats correct Bisping.You would get knocked out in 1st round.

  3. jbeamazing says:

    the guy has good take downs D and good kick boxing but he can’t knock out a 7th grader with 10 concussions he has nothing for the champ but a waste of our time we need someone that has a chance we only have like 4 fights left of the spider this would be a waste but good marketing at the same time for the U K fans that have like 4 fighters with skill

  4. “I won’t get knocked out in the 2nd round like Chael Sonnen”.Thats because you would get knocked out in 1st round.

  5. fist says:

    no you cant beat him bisping!! silva is d king in middle weight div he need to move up and fight jones,the only man that have a big chance to beat him

    • Chris says:

      da would b dumb, silva in his late 30’s and jones is still 24 and getting stronger. bad match up

      • Yo Daddy says:

        It’s not a bad matchup everyone wants to see it. Silva is just scared

        • Xaninho says:

          You should tell him that to his face.

          There’s no reason for Silva to go up in weight at this time of his career. He’s 38, Jones is 24 and not only a 205-er, but compared to the rest of the 205-ers he’s already huge.

          They are a different generation of fighters. If Silva was 10 years younger this whole stupid discussion could make some sense.

          Now not so much.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          @Xanindo – Here is what everybody reads when they read your commentary: “Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, oh and MORE Excuses……” Hendo is smaller, shorter, and not as long armed as Silva is and he is fighting him, Oh yah and he is older too. What 40-41 and Silva supposedly the GOAT by his delusional fans WON’T fight Jones??? What GOAT says no to a good matchup with a chance to win in 2 weight divisions?? That’s right someone who IS NOT A GOAT!! EXCUSES!!!!! No??????

        • Xaninho says:

          No, a GOAT who refuses to juice up with testosterone.

          Henderson knows even on TRT his chances of winning that fight aren’t big. He’s just going to fight for a big titlefight payday. Maybe, just maybe land one good shot and cause an upset, but basically just for the check.

        • lol says:

          Xaninho please tell me you’re rashad Evans or something trolling everyone cuz you talk like you know so much about MMA. I have a feeling though that you’re just a fat kid and the closest MMA to MMA traing that you received is gsps workout videos sitting on your refridgerator. Oh wait you mean to tell me over the internet that you bench 300 lbs and have slept with over 100 women?

        • dogfart says:

          if you are not scared of someone bigger, stronger, younger than you that also should really be fighting at heavy weight when you walk around at 205 then you are stupid

          watch the post fight press conference and look at AS face when they mention jones. he said no. he blatently knows thats too much for him. there are divisions for a reason

  6. Chael Sonnen threw the fight says:

    Sonnen lost purposely in 2010 and also this past weekend. He is a convicted criminal and was paid for losing. This fight ended questionably as Sonnen dropped to the ground from a phantom punch. Just a thought. No evidence, but the fight(s) ended suspiciously.

    • im batman says:

      Which punch? He threw a spinning back fist missed it then got beat up!

      • You're correct says:

        but Chael got back to his feet, continued fighting. Silva had Sonnen against the fence holding Sonnen with his left hand. Silva threw a short right and Sonnen dropped. What? Was he still hurt from the barrage just moments before? Because right after the fight was stopped, Sonnen got up and walked by Silva like nothing was wrong. Sonnen even told one of the commissioners that he was fine. What?

        And speaking about the spinning back fist. Sonnen made no attempt to stand up quickly or even go after Silva at that point. Sonnen just waited for Silva to pounce on him. What?

        Sonnen made a lot of money on this fight. Conspiracy theory, yeah, but this fight ended wierdly just like the first one. Makes no sense in the first fight that Sonnen would keep his body straight up to allow the triangle to happen when for 4.5 rounds he kept his body close to Anderson’s and just so happened to stay straight up towards the end.

        • Eating says:

          The triangle was very nicely set up… Silva had wrist control while sonnen was up then started hitting him to make him come down threw up his legs and the rest is done son!!

        • GRT 3000 says:

          then Forest threw his fight with Anderson too…my point being, Anderson’s shots put you on your ass…that plus Chael is a one dimensional wrestler that can’t fight for shit.

    • Xaninho says:

      Did you even watch the fight? Sonnen threw a desperate spinning backfist and Silva ducked under it. Silva’s head wasn’t where Sonnen thought it was so he lost balance and fell.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      You fucking Phael disciples are ridiculous. Really. Had he won, that stupid shit that you are talking right now, would be a whole different pile of stupid shit coming out of your mouth. Either way, get a grip and face reality. Phael suckered you into actually thinking he could beat the greatest, and now you’re all butt hurt, searching for more excuses, to justify why Mr. Mouth Almighty Phaeled you again.

      • You're wrong says:

        I thought Chael threw the first fight too. It didn’t matter who won this fight to me (I was going for Chael, but didn’t care that he lost). Not a hater of Anderson, and Anderson is the best fighter ever.

        But do you think this theory is totally impossible? Or do you think if anyone would do this, it would be Chael Sonnen? Wasn’t he convicted for money laundering in Oregon? Wasn’t he suspended for 6 months by the CSAC? Just a thought.

        • Bo Rasco says:

          There’s no way. The only reason boxing failed… was simply because of all the different bullshit and illegal crooked shit that went on… Dana knows better and if chael had any intentions of that shit he’s done with the UFC and his name would be tainted… All of these guys use the UFC to set their lives up to get comfortable but NONE of them can retire after fighting. They don’t make that much money. They still alllll have to open gyms and run camps and have current fighters train with them and take a cut… There’s an ESPN report on what fighters actually make… it’s dirt.

        • Yeahrightman says:

          Seriously man put down the crack pipe and have a think about what you are saying. Throwing the fight is only really worth it if you ate the favorite. The odds arent worth the risk otherwise. Especially the first fight you’d have has to put like a million on Anderson to get like 50k, which is stupid better to put the money in a bank. Chael fought with everything he had, and even tried to pretend he didn’t tap. Second fight, he just got beat up. I was hoping he’d win but seriously, that was no thrown fight. If you were going to throw a fight youd give up your back for a choke and then tap immediately, not eat a knee to the solar plexus. Think about it

    • YeahRightMan says:

      Throwing a fight only really works when you are the favorite dumbass. They would have had to bet like 1 million on Anderson to get like 50k or something. Hardly worth it.

  7. Xaninho says:

    Bisping is a better fighter than a lot of people give him credit for. Still Silva would send him face first into the canvas.

  8. Shonan says:

    I think he should get the winner of the Lombard fight. Im not knocking Bisping as a fighter, but i dont see the fight withquite him and Andy going well. And that seriously is not a fanboy for Silva comment.

  9. CombatRusse says:

    This is so EMBARASSING!!!
    Chael at least believed in his victory
    How would this Bisping go to a fight “just to try”!!!!
    Never once did he say that he can win the fight
    Fuck this coward

    • Xaninho says:

      He knows this could end badly for him and still he wants to get in there to at least try…..I don’t think you could qualify that as being a coward.

      It’s easy to get in there if you’re certain you’ll beat the other guy up, it’s an act of bravery when you go in there with a possible beating ahead of you.

      • CombatRusse says:

        Yes, I was excessive, one must be really brave to go in a closed cage with Anderson Silva.
        All those guys are tough, really courageous, because they are training and competing in a dangerous sport. But I think that an experienced, proud, skilled fighter like Bisping, should go to the fight while believing in victory. And that he shouldn’t be ashamed to say it loud.

    • Jimminy says:

      What the hell are you smoking? Nothing he said implies cowardice.

      Bisping acknowledges Silva’s skill, and avoids making Chael-esque promises that he may not be able to keep. That’s smart, not cowardly.

  10. CombatRusse says:

    Yes I was excessive, one must be really brave to go in a closed cage with Anderson Silva.
    All those guys are tough, really courageous, because they are training and competing in a dangerous sport. But I think that an experienced, proud, skilled fighter like Bisping, should go to the fight while believing in victory. And that he shouldn’t be ashamed to say it loud.

  11. Jay says:

    1st of all Chael got a flying knee to the chest, thats what ended the fight.
    2nd, The Count just wants to see how he will match up against silva, never said anything about beating him.
    And 3rd, who honestly posses any threat to silva in the middleweiht division?! Only person i want to see him fight is Mark munoz in prime fighting condition. Hes beat everyone and anyone with more than ease, it just amazes me how unbelievably good of striker he is. Like..can he be that fast and that unorthodox?! That you dont move to the side or you freeze up?! Lol just amazing..that is all.

    • stevo the great says:

      Watch it again buddy. The knee DID NOT end the fight…Chael got up after that and Silva dismantled him in the stand up, then it was a right hand that dropped Sonnen to the mat and it was 8 punches that were unanswered that called for the ref stoppage. Not the controversial knee. And Munoz and Silva are actually good friends. Not saying they won’t fight…..but it will not be a war because they care for each other deep down. So I see Silva taking Munoz easy.

  12. mean170 says:

    Sorry Bisping, you would be forced into a standup fight and there isn’t a man alive that can hang with Anderson standing. You would get knocked down and knocked out.

  13. DanHendoFan says:

    Bisping knows he doesn’t compare to Silva in any way but if you look at the world and how it runs people want money. Bisping wants that pay check over everything and is willing to step in the ring with Silva in order to do so. Yes it’s fighting and there’s a chance he’d get lucky and win. A very small chance. He wants the money and a tiny chance of victory. I wouldn’t give him the fight. Seems like a waste of Silva’s legacy to fight him but if he’s the number one contender he earned the title fight fair and square.

  14. Freddie says:

    He has a point… He’d get TKO’d towards the end of the first. Bisping strong point plays right into what Anderson is most confident at plus i don’t think Anderson thinks Bisping’s stand up game pose enough of a treat for him to be as cautious as he was when he fought Vitor.

  15. GRT 3000 says:

    I think he’d do better than Chael; when you consider that he actually beat Chael, the logic adds up. I say feed Chael to Vitor for one last go b4 he packs up his steroids and heads off to the WWE. & give Bisping his shot he earned it.

  16. Dog king says:

    No need for someone to fight anderson who wants to just “see how good they do against him” most of silvas competitors have gone in with the same mindset as this right here and they get fucking dominated fans want people who are confident and who are gonna go in with a strong mind and go after Anderson because they wanna win and get the title not because they wanna test themselves see how long they last

  17. Geebee says:

    I would personally love to see Bisping fight Anderson Silva, and I think he’d do well, I don’t think he’d beat him but I think he’d give him a run for his money and you never know, remember no one gave him a chance against Sonnen and it was closer than any fight I’ve seen, had it been 5 rounds I think Bisping would have taken it easily. . Bisping is hated by most of the thicker Americans and so I’m not surprised to read all these uneducated sweeping comments, but I would definitely like to see Bisping have a crack at Anderson Silva, would be a good fight!!

  18. Yeahrightman says:

    I agree with DanHendoFan’s last comment. I’ll just add one thing tho, a fighter always gives himself more chance than a fight fan. He will believe he can win this, as well as the obvious monetary advantages that a main event title shot would bring. He’s a true fighter is Bisping, and although I agree he’ll most likely get KTFO, I believe he will think he can win.

  19. Patrick says:

    Bisping, i do recall Hendo knockin’ you stiff and out cold in the second round. Since Anderson IS Anderson, I’m pretty sure you could and would get knocked out before the end of the 2nd, and probably in the first.

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