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Tuesday, 01/15/2013, 05:00 am

Bisping Calls Belfort The Perfect Tune-Up Fight For Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

“The good thing is Vitor Belfort is the perfect warm-up for Anderson Silva. He’s a southpaw, Anderson’s a southpaw, and they’re both incredible strikers. My skills against a southpaw have definitely improved a lot in this training camp. At the start of the camp I was struggling because things do change due to the stance. But now I’m over those problems. Fingers crossed I get the business done, and then I’ve had the perfect tune-up for Anderson Silva.”

UFC middleweight fighter, Michael Bisping, has basically downgraded Vitor Belforts Elite status to nothing more than a tune-up for the promised title shot a victory will get him this Saturday.

Is it just pre-fight hype or is Bisping underestimating “The Phenom”?

(quote via ESPN)


7 Responses to “Bisping Calls Belfort The Perfect Tune-Up Fight For Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS”

  1. DuluthBoa says:

    I really, REALLY, hope Vitor destoys Bisping. They are both good fighters. They both have skills. Just to get in the UFC, you’ve got to have skills. But, Vitor has also has class, Bisping just has a big mouth. I don’t like trash talkers. even ones with skill.

  2. David A says:

    The problem with these supposed “Tune Up Fights” for Anderson Silva, is that Bisping seems to always lose them. He lost to Chael, and he lost to Wanderlei in supposed “Tune up fights” for Anderson Silva. Maybe he should stop looking at these fights as “Tune ups” and start looking at them as the final hurdle he needs to clear before facing Anderson. Because more so in the MMA world, there are very few “Tune up” fights, and Bisping hasn’t arrived at that level where he should be considering anyone a “Tune up”.

  3. Inuk says:

    I really,REALLY hope Bisping destroys Vitor.Just to see Silva vs Bisping.Bisping has been hanging around the top 10 for too long.It’s due. But yikes, Vitor lasted 4 rounds with Jones and almost pulled of the sub. which I could never imagine Bisping doing.We’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. Robbie says:

    Another loud mouth pom. If he had the skills to back his mouth it would be ok. No title shot for you wanker

  5. 11thhour says:

    Bisping is a deadman im afraid..

  6. unknown says:

    Bisping will murder vitor in every way…

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