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Wednesday, 09/12/2012, 11:51 am

Bisping Breaks Down The Entire Middleweight Division, Makes Case For Title Shot | UFC NEWS

“There’s Alan Belcher, who’s a decent talent, no pun intended. He’s decent, but I think I match-up very well with him and I think I take him apart pretty easily. I don’t really see him vying for the title, or doing very well at all.

You’ve got Mark Munoz – Mark Munoz who I never really thought was that good anyways. He was a wrestler with a very suspect chin, terrible boxing, and a style he refers to as ‘Donkey Kong’. I think anyone that refers to themselves as Donkey Kong needs to take a good look at themselves, and he was exposed when he fought Chris Weidman. I never thought he was that good to start with.

Is he a nice guy? Yeah, he’s a (expletive) ace guy, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Do I think he’s all that? No, I thought he was overhyped all the time.

Chris Weidman, I think he’s overhyped as well. Up until the point when he fought Demian Maia I had never heard of Chris Weidman before in my life because he had been fighting bums on the undercard. Then he fights Demian Maia and I had to turn the TV off in my dressing room because it was the most boring fight I’ve ever seen in my life.

Upon that he fights Mark Munoz, and yeah he beats him, but if I remember right the crowd booed unbelievably throughout the first round because he just laid on him. Then he knocked him out with an elbow, but that’s due to the fact that Mark Munoz came in out of shape, unfocused, and looking like he was at a rock concert and not a UFC fight.

Brian Stann, obviously I’m fighting him in 10 days, so we’ll see what’s up with that. I’m confident in beating him so we don’t really need to talk about that.

So who does that leave? Oh yeah, that leaves me.

I’ve been here for a long, long time and I’m ready to (expletive) take the title off of Anderson Silva. I don’t just want a title shot, I want to win the title. I’m a fighter, I don’t want a payday, I want to be the champ and I believe I can be.”

UFC middleweight fighter Michael Bisping recently sat down with radio and discussed the state of the UFC’s middleweight division and his place amongst the division elite.

Is he spot on with his assessment?


26 Responses to “Bisping Breaks Down The Entire Middleweight Division, Makes Case For Title Shot | UFC NEWS”

  1. mean170 says:

    Sadly I agree. 185lb division is awful.

  2. Bob'O says:

    Mike does deserve a shot if he beats Stann. ~Bob’O

  3. 123 says:

    if he beats brian stann he should get a title shot, he’s 1 of the few top middleweights not to fight anderson silva, he deserves it he will be retired soon.

  4. d-squad says:

    i know this is a far shot but if bisping beats stann with no injuries then he faces anderson at 153

  5. Mug says:

    Unlikely, the next time we will see silva will probably be late 2013

  6. Pepper says:

    Anyone agree Where the 185 and 205 lb contenders? damn UFC is slacking !
    2 weakest divisions in the company IMO.

    • Rob says:

      Are you kidding me? LHW? There’s tons of competition at 205 but just because the champ dominates the rest doesn’t mean they aren’t great fighters. MW is really weak though. 185 only has one great fighter: Anderson Silva, and about 3-4 (if Chael came back to 185) decent fighters: Michael Bisping, Alan Belcher, Chris Weidman, Chael Sonnen.

  7. Brend0magic says:

    I don’t really like Bisping personally, but I do agree with all of that and he would be a good ppv draw.

  8. Ironfist says:

    He talks all this shit about these top contenders at MW,but yet he hasent beaten any of them.Lol

  9. Secludedly says:

    Weidman is hands down the best middleweight under Anderson and Chael, but Chael is LHW now so Weidman needs the push imo. Bisping never proved much. His only skill is he is difficult to take down, and no one has really ever taken him down and kept him there. Reminds me a lot of Chuck Liddell in that aspect. Sonnen though took Bisping down on multiple occasions, which people have to realize is a shocking feat. Should Bisping ever get a shot at Silva? Yeah, sure. He’s been around long enough, and the division is pretty thin so he is technically one of the top guys because of it, but he’s not going to stand a chance. When it comes to Silva, Weidman right now poses the greatest threat. Well, technically Chael does, but he had his shot already and he absolutely fucked up and fell like an idiot after a spinning back fist of all things. Still can’t get over how he blew that fight when he was controlling it. Anderson is not getting touched though by anyone, even in a superfight. He’s going down as an undefeated octagon champion. So really, who cares who you throw at Silva? He’ll wipe them out anyway.

  10. jbroce says:

    this guy talks so much stuff for never winning a major fight. Any time he faces a decent fighter he loses. I’m willing to bet Brian Stann KO’s him too. If he gets shut down again, is he still going to say he deserves a shot just from being around a long time? he couldn’t do anything significant against any of the guys Silva has demolished, so why do we want to see that fight? The only reason i want to see it is to see him get humiliated badly. But i think Stann, Belcher, Wiedman, and possibly even Munoz could do the same to him.

  11. Adam says:

    I’m all for watching Silva knockout a loudmouth Brit. Of course, he is right, he does deserve the shot, and 100% deserves it if he beats Stann.

  12. Xaninho says:

    I agree with most he said, but taking the title from Anderson? That’ll never happen.

  13. Chump says:

    Even if he does beat Stann, why should Bisping get a shot based on that? Who the hell has Stann beaten? I’d like to see Bisping face Belcher or Weidman 1st, then the winner gets a shot. Hell, at least Belcher has a 4 fight win streak going. Bisping might have one if he can beat Stann, which I anticipate him doing.

  14. rasta says:

    Alan belcher would rip this fool apart no questions asked

  15. R4J4 says:

    What about tim boetsch??

    Also I think jake shields is a better middleweight than welterweight, boring ass fighter but one u can put in the mix there, he did beat hendo at middleweight after all

  16. eselockster says:

    Weidman is as overhyped as they come, all u that jumped on that train are in for a rude awakening lol, weidmans a joke

  17. Ddddddd says:

    Yah I’m gonna miss Vitor in the mix because
    now he’s gonna be assessed coming off
    the bones fight. I would have liked to see
    Bisping face him or Wiedman. There’s a
    couple other fresh faces I’m gonna give a fair
    chance before running my mouth. To bad
    Belcher is so injury prone that guy could
    whip an ass if he ever got some momentum.
    I think the devision looks more interesting
    than it has in a minute.

  18. bisping still thinks that he is the #1 Boetsch has a win over okami(#3 at the time) and a win over Lombard…Weidman has a win over Maia(#8@ the time) and a win over munoz(#3@ the time)…Stann should be ahead of bisping, he has a win since his loss to Chael…Bisping has none since he lost to Chael. Alan belcher has better wins than Bisping I think…palhares is fringe top 10 in most ppls minds.

  19. JEF12 says:

    Who the eff has BIS BING beaten that was ever a real title contender. This BRITT talks sooo much shit but never produces…….If he did, he woulda had his title shot already.
    Stann runs through BING like a hot knife through butta. End of story !!

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