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Thursday, 01/17/2013, 02:25 pm

Bisping Blasts Belfort With Steroid And Penis Insults Following Today’s Intense Staredown | UFC NEWS

Hit play above and check out what Michael Bisping had to say about Vitor Belfort following today’s UFC on FX 7 presser.


16 Responses to “Bisping Blasts Belfort With Steroid And Penis Insults Following Today’s Intense Staredown | UFC NEWS”

  1. ballsackface says:

    does he have a penis? he is a penis!!!

    bisping you are a twat but a funny twat

  2. toto says:

    funny bisping is not even talking shit that much and saying non sense shit lol vitor did a good job

  3. adan76201 says:

    I bet Bisbing hits him behind the head at least once.

  4. BX81 says:

    Bisping is gonna get face fucked!

  5. GRT 3000 says:

    hahaha. that’s funny shit.

  6. PilaMikala says:

    …just like a Brit, always looking at some other guys penis.

  7. james says:

    All I can say is ” I hope to see Bisping get Hendo’d again.. hahaha

  8. Sean says:

    I’m not a Vitor fan, but I would love to see him break Bisping’s jaw so Bisping would shut his mouth.

  9. 757 says:

    Bisping is the same big mouth asshole he always was. He will get knocked out

  10. CD says:

    Bisping wants the D

  11. Donovan says:

    Bisping is so childish. Bring your mouth piece bitch

  12. Donovan says:

    ON TOP OF THAT; Bisping wants Vitor to control himself, huh? About as much control as he had when he fought Rivera? That phuck stick was winding up for a 2nd illegal knee before the ref stopped him. PSSHH! Self control.

  13. Dennis Perdigon says:

    Remember Bisping Vs Dan Henderson
    Trash talk is all about media lovers but in the octagon you cant talk to much Bisping! I cant wait to watch! Vito Belfort is the man!

  14. David says:

    haha hooligan roid rage he is a penis wierd line of insults

  15. L says:

    The question here is, How does he know his penis size? now Bisping makes me wonder.

  16. Sta says:

    If there was no banter in UFC then it would make all the shows that lead up to the fight boring. These men are paid to talk trash as well as fight.

    At the end of the fight they will shake hands and be respectful towards each other. It’s just funny to see ya’ll react in the typical way as usual.

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