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Thursday, 01/10/2013, 10:56 am

Bisping: Belfort’s A Cheat Who Wins With Punches Behind The Head | UFC NEWS

“I was disappointed Vitor Belfort started talking in tongues when asked about TRT recently. He had a little more to say on Monday when he was asked directly about my concerns that all his recent UFC fights were won by illegal punches to the back of the head. In between lengthy references to the New Testament, Belfort basically said he doesn’t care if he hits opponents behind the head. How he’s gotten away with this in his career is a mystery to me, and I hope we have a strong referee who has the balls to do something about it – if it happens – with thousands of Belfort supporters screaming in the stands. And of course it is down to me to make sure I’m not put in a position where he can unload these kinds of shots. Vitor has one or two rounds to beat me – or try to hit me behind the head – and then his gas tank will be empty and the fight will look like that Rocky vs. that dead cow.”

– Michael Bisping via YahooSports!


8 Responses to “Bisping: Belfort’s A Cheat Who Wins With Punches Behind The Head | UFC NEWS”

  1. HardCore says:

    Lol and Bisping wins with illegal knees to the head of a downed opponent

  2. james says:

    Shut up Bisping… we dont like you and cant wait for the next Knockout of the night against your soft chin..

  3. deez nuts says:

    Fuck bisping he’s a second tier fighter at best

  4. Jake says:

    Im a British guy, so no bias towards Belfort, the only two times I can think of Belfort hitting to the back of the head were the Akiyama and the Franklin fight and in the Akiyama fight he was well past done before that single punch was thrown. The Franklin fight I feel was also over before any back of the head punches were thrown. I guess at the same time people have received serious warnings for single blows to the back of the head so fair is fair. Still feel all these fights were over, regardless of the punches to the back of the head.

  5. 757 says:

    Bisping loses when he fights top fighters. Belfort got stopped 4 times but if you look at who he fought they were far better competition overall than Bisping…..goodnight Mike

  6. carcassgrinder says:

    tko and ko are different. vitor’s only been knocked out once… by the pound for pound king. hendo fought vitor in pride. hendo won but he won by taking vitor down and not trading with him. pride 33 go watch it frazzle dazzle!

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