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Saturday, 06/09/2012, 01:08 pm

Bigfoot Silva On Velasquez : “If he didn’t want to stand-up with me he’s not going to do it with Cigano, I see Cigano winning again." | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in an interview with TATAME.

Bigfoot was recently defeated by Velasquez at UFC 146 and this marked his second defeat on the bounce moving Silva to (16-4) overall.

However fresh off his defeat Bigfoot does not think Velasquez has what it takes to contend with UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos. Bigfoot also predicts the same outcome as the first bout with Dos Santos coming out on top again.

“If he didn’t want to stand-up with me he’s not going to do it with Cigano. I guess Cigano will also be very alert to Velasquez’s takedowns. From where I’m standing, I see Cigano winning again.”

When questioned by TATAME about a potential bout with Frank Mir who also lost at UFC 146 Bigfoot says he would not think twice about accepting the bout.

“It would be great. He’s a tough guy, a submitter and at a great position on the rank. Mir is a big name in the UFC, but I’m up to whatever UFC decides for me. After my fight I talked to Dana White and said I would fight whoever they thought that was best.”


60 Responses to “Bigfoot Silva On Velasquez : “If he didn’t want to stand-up with me he’s not going to do it with Cigano, I see Cigano winning again." | UFC News”

  1. Faaris Sheikh says:

    Most retard comment i’ve ever seen a UFC fighter make
    Its not like Cain NEVERwanted to stand up with him… He had a chance to take him down and he did. Bigfoot should look at the outcome of the fight when cain takes you down

    • danielrchargers says:

      HAHAHAHHA PLUS ONE MILLION! what a stupid fucking comment! he thew the dumbest most telegraphed body kick and cain capitalized. mabye you’re big foot ass shouldnt pull the same kick in the first 3 seconds of everyfight.

    • dan says:

      haha he barely lasted in that fight how could he know if cain didnt want to stand with him

    • mmaislandjunkie says:

      cain is petrified of the stand up. hes gonna hug thighs from here on out just like gsp after matt serra.

      • lopresti420 says:

        as long as he demolishes them like he did bigfoot he can hug thighs all he wants

      • Mike cannon jr. says:

        Perfectly..said…no chin…no chance..banging… chin…..or lack there of……jds..put it in the 5th row….cain is..and always was..a wrestler….its his only chance….i just…hate people calling themselves fighters…if they are one dementional…they guys that couldnt was by accident…..every guy like that gets exposed.sooner or later…..i think its funny when they land.. And get a ko….the shocked look on their faces… Is larger than the one on the face of who they just kod….ahahahaha……i relish…those momments….of complete..suprise….pathetic….

        • Trent Hilker says:

          You are an idiot! Kongo exposed CAins chin???? how so??? IF anything Kongo showed that cain can take a punch and still f u up. Please tell me how cain is one demensional? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. He’s a wrestler, a striker, a ground and pound machine. Cain has been KO’d once, by the best striker in the division. He’s one of the smartest fighters in the game, would you stand with cigano if you could take him down and beat him to a bloody pulp like he did bigfoot???? Your comment makes you look stupid.

        • TIkler says:

          Well said! We will not see a repeat of their first fight. We will all see that Cig CAN be taken down @ 152.

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Cain will never stand with JDS until he has no choice. Cain’s going down in 2 rounds if he stays on his horse and runs away. I would like to see Cain fight Nelson before he gets another title shot

    • El Chingon says:

      Why?? So poor Roy Nelson can get his ass demolished?

      • cntybollax says:

        since when does nelso ever get his ass demolished?

        • andy says:

          Well… JDS fucked him up pretty good. Hell, even Mir did. Just because Roy Nelson is literally the manliest man on the planet and apparently went through the Weapon X program and now has adamantium on his bones doesn’t mean he didn’t get beat like a redheaded step-child.

          But damn, Roy is a fuckin badass for sure.

        • danno says:

          plus one to that!

        • ed says:

          Its Cain who doesnt he demolish besides Jds

        • Mike cannon jr. says:

          I know styles make fights….but cain isnt a banger….big country…is…..if cain cant tackle u…. He looses…….get used to it….your gonna see it more and more…no chin / means no chance…if he cant tackle u….based on their performances….against…the champ….alone….big country was throwin bombs….at the final bell…….cain got his bell rung….nuff said.

        • ed says:

          nuff said what a tool. Cain boxing is far superior than Roy your delusional if you think this fat fuck will beat Cain

        • Bjm says:

          True big contry is as tough as they come

    • IamURfather says:

      Ya ur a fag

  3. u mad bro? says:

    This fuckin abomination of a human being is the biggest sore loser in mma he wants to say anything to belittle Cains destruction of him. He wasn’t avoiding your shitty standup tumor boy he just happened to catch your slow halfass legkick take you down and end you in less than 3 min. This retarded oafs manager even tried to go as far as having elbows banned from mma hahaha get real. Getting elbowed and cut up has always been part of the game it was his fault for having shit ground defense. Cain would beat Sasquatch 10 out of 10.

  4. A.James says:

    Bigfoot is a joke.

  5. mitchell says:

    Big foots a Big pussy.. What a sore loser. Got completely dominated.

  6. jbeamazing says:

    Bigfoot is retarded if he was a real mixed martial artist he would know not to throw leg kicks at a division 1 wrestler

  7. e says:

    hopefully in his next fight bigfoot will get his jaw wired up and both his hands and all his fingers broken so he wont be able to to spew the bullshit hes been talkin bout lately..

  8. maurice says:

    lol. oh theres a few cain fans i see. let me ask u cain fans this? where were u after jds knocked his ass clean out?? u guys been extremely quiet until cain got a win over an absolute scrub in big foot. big foot does suck, and would lose to cain more times then he would win. with that said, big foot is only making his opinion of the jds/cain rematch. cain will get knocked out again, making it twice in less then 1 year, and u cain fans will once again disappear.

    • RFK says:

      Lol your are completely right and so was bigfoot Cain is getting knocked out again and Bigfoot will most likey get beat out of the UFC in his next few fights

    • t says:

      i was sitting right saying dang cain got caugut and jds got a good win

    • IamURfather says:

      Ya I have faith in Cain he will be champion again one day and I have respect JDS I liked him ever since he knocked out werdum and so on and all I can say is I hope Cain learns from his mistakes

    • aser says:

      We didnt disappear its that Cain first fight since JDS was BF and Cain Blitzed BF and now BF trying to say Cain didnt want to stand with him??? hahaha!!! Dont forget Cain’s “wrestling” coach KTFO of BF!!!! Its Game plan!!! Luckily for BF he didnt survive long enough for part 2 of the game plan!!!

    • 11thhour says:

      Haha it’s going to be sweet when Cain gets JDS done, then we wont have to listen to fags like you. Junior’s head is going to be real big going into this second fight but it will look like a smashed punmkin after it. Can’t wait.

  9. WrestlingRules says:

    So you guys are fighters and know that once beaten than , that’s its , “Like that’s it I’m done not gonna get better I’ll just lose again”!! Is that what you warriors think?

    Losses make the Champion boys. You really don’t think Cain is going to learn from this loss and adjust and get better?? If not, then you must be REAL fighter’s…..yah right…Matter of fact, winning too much makes you weaker. JDS may think that hell I knocked him out once, I;ll do it again. He won;t be as motivated and hungry as Cain is.

    Cain was too tentative the first time and won’t make that mistake again. He will respect JDS’ boxing but he won’t be tentative with his gameplan and that is too get close. You neutralize striking by the clinch, from there JDS better have a ground game or it’s over. Cain has a bigger heart than JDS and will win by r3 tko.

    Oh yah and big foot is a cry baby bitch…

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      Fact of the matter is Cain got tko so how much heart did he have then he wasn’t clean out he rolled over and turtled up how do u know how much heart jds has Cain wasn’t good enough to push him that far

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Once again, you’re looking back. I’m talking what happens to a champion once they get beat. They are either mentally broken or get stronger. JDS was the winner so he may feel like he doesn’t need to change much where Cain needs to find out how to grow and improve on what he did wrong. I just think Cain is a champion and will come out more aggressive to get jds down to see if he has a ground game. My guess is he doesn;t compared to Cain. Most pure strikers don’t like to be on the ground. That is where Cain needs to take him. If Cain fights like he did the first time then yah he’ll lose and he is probably done. Cain r3 tko.

        • WrestlingRules(bringmencloser) says:

          We all know what cain can do on the ground…….he can lay on it ktfo….

  10. GRT 3000 says:

    This dude is clearly bitter about the massive ass paddling he took from Cain. Face it big man, you stepped in with the former champ and got fuckin’ owned.

  11. Bem says:

    This faggot is retarded. Hes handicaps super hero! On top of that he beat fedors dry ass. He will have 2 more fights in the ufc before hes sent to bellatorebor bellawhorw or what the fuck ever you call it. Our kids will never know what this mr excuses dumb ass looking face is. I guess when you have a big ass face you have a big ass head!

    • Bem{likespenis} says: much smaller..than bigfoot…and took all the big mans best strikes…infact..bigfoot..was reaching for the much smaller mans legs…..if your not a fedor fan….your new…and showing ur ignorance…fool

  12. Nando says:

    Bigfoot is butthurt

  13. Mike Suleski says:

    I love how dudes talk so much trash about a man who destroyed the oh so unbeatable Fador, the truth is yes big foot shouldnt of thrown that leg kick against a div.1 wrestler but with that being said cain shot the first chance he had and wanted nothing to do with the stand up and lets not forget bigfoot has over 18 knock outs not tko’s or sub’s but straight up put mother fuckers to sleep and big foot is right cain will imply the same tactics on JDS if they fight and after watching frank mir take the biggest ass whoopin in the world I do not see JDS losing he hand speed is second to none and lets not forget Cain got droped in under a min, and to the fag that said winning makes you weaker your an idiot, anderson silva has looked stronger and stronger in every fight he has had

  14. Trey says:

    For all you fags cain is going to smash jds this time he ain’t take the fight to him last time this time he’ll be all over jds

  15. FamilyGuy says:

    why do the brazilians make the dumbest fucking excuses. bigfoot said he would have won if cain didnt take him down and caused that cut, now he says this bullshit?! its just like when Nogueira claimed that he beat frank mir but lost because frank got lucky on the kimura lock… fucking frank beat nog 2x and nog is still delusional and so are all these brazilian fighters. wtf is wrong with them, they all have a case of the chael sonnen ” i beat you even though you in reality, beat me”

  16. joe mama says:

    Ya, Bigfoot has no business at this level. Plain and simple, so his assessment as if Cain would not trade is a weak one at best.

    • Mike Suleski says:

      How Do you figure he has no business in the UFC? he lost to the former champ so now he’s garbage? he wasn’t even slated to fight cain in the first place he was slated to fight roy nelson cain is a top 3 fighter and I love how every body forgets that big foot was destroying dudes in the strikeforce before losing to roid rage reem. I do beleave that if you put him in there with struve or pat barry or matt mitrione(I know its spelled wrong) he would wreck fools fador looked like a chump and the dude has 18 knockouts, so no he shouldnt have faught Cain but the entire MMA world knew cain would wreck him just dont trash the dude cause he lost to the former champ, he trains like a beast and would knockout half the heavy wieght div. cain is a beast plain and simple that is why he won not because big foot cant fight

      • Mike suleski(suxcok) says:

        Fedor…chump?…….says Lots about u . Like when a big man fights a smaller man…you cheer for the big guy…your trash talking skills…sound like u learned them on xbox live….fool

        • Mike Suleski says:

          if fedor is so small why fight in the HW div? and JDS is the champ and fights at about the same weight so your point makes no sense the man had a 30 fight win streak at one point I really dont see size being a factor and no where did I talk shit and learn grammer you welfare ass mother fucker i hate that my checks pay for your food

        • Mike Suleski says:

          your a dumb ass you cant even spell cock maybe instead of dropping out of school to be a welfare baby you should of stayed and learned english you dumb fuck and jsut as a little reminder for the next time you want to run your mouth it SUCKS COCK and if you really want to talk trash I live in adams mass bitch ask around people will point you in my direction fag

  17. 11thhour says:

    All i can say about all this shit is that i hope JDS has been training off his back because we all know that Cain isn’t going to stand with him and is most likely going to have JDS down in the first round… And probably pound him out within 2 or 3 rounds. Then all us Cain fans will have to deal with all you fuckin gay ass JDS fans complaining about how Cain was too scared to stand up but at the end of the day it wont matter because Cain will have his title back :)

  18. ChecoMania says:

    For the ones who think JDS is going to knock Cain out, you mothufuckers are wrong. Mirs takedowns are weak. If you noticed that he usually gets take down and then he goes for submission. That’s why dos santos was able to get away from his take downs. Don’t forget Cain is strong and he knows how to take people down. He said he was gonna come back and he did by kicking one of his people. JDS better watch out, just cuz he was able to defend a takedown from mir doesn’t mean he could from Cain. Cain is a whole different person. I see Cain winning first round, ground and pound.

  19. Frost Dragon says:

    I would love to know how Big Foot thinks that Cain didn’t want to stand with him. Really?!? He was the one who put his “Big Foot” out there to be caught for the takedown. Did Silva think that Velasquez was supposed to be intimidated by his size or fear his jiujitsu to keep the fight standing? Isn’t Silva trained to handle a ground assault and change the tide in his favor? This sounds like the cries of a Big Baby, instead of a “Big Foot.”
    This shmuck got rewarded with a high profile fight after a vicious loss. I saw that fight with Cormier. The whole audience and me at home said, “Oh!!!” when he cracked Silva in the jaw and sent him over like a tree. How he was the best candidate to face Cain, I don’t know. You could almost perceive it as a fix in favor of Velasquez because he was able to get some pointers on Silva from Cormier. LOL
    Bottom line: Silva had expectations of the fight and they were all bloodily crushed. Everyone and their mother pretty much knew how the fight was going to end. Just not in the manner we saw. Maybe he hasn’t regained all that blood yet and that’s why he’s saying these delirious things. LOL Yeah, that’s it.

  20. mike maydon says:

    Silva says ” i see cigano winning it again” to that i say i see silva losing again.. the guy got beat like he was a amateur. Cain man handled him.. silva do us all a favor go away!

  21. mayhem says:

    @wrestlingrules winning to much makes you weaker ya that’s what Anderson Silva thinks to ya winning is so horrible

  22. Matt says:

    Cain can stand and bang! Knocked out big nog,knocked out Ben Rothwell. Obviously he does have a chin Kongo rocked up but he got right back up like 3 times any other fighter woul have been out if those shots landed on them.

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