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Friday, 02/15/2013, 10:36 am

Bigfoot Awarded $126,000 Maserati Following Overeem Win | UFC NEWS

In the wake of an impressive come from behind knockout against Alistair Overeem at UFC 156, Antonio Silva has been given a brand new 2013 Maserati GranTurismo. Apparently after resigning with sponsor Sienna Motors of South Florida, Bigfoot was gifted the $126,000 sports car. (Not bad for slapping a logo on your trunks!) Silva dispatched the heavy favorite Alistair Overeem with a series of vicious punches 25 seconds into the third round. The former EliteXC champ is now scheduled to rematch Cain Velasquez at UFC 160 in an attempt to win UFC gold.


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  1. danielrchargers says:

    Fucking proud of Bigfoot. Dude has gotten nothing but disrespect, and been laughed at since he got into the UFC… hes KO’ed a big Up-n-comer in Travis Browne and just KTFO of Overeem. Shit.

    Cain’s gonna SMASH tho :]

  2. kevin says:

    Good job silva. Well deserved car for taking down the “over” confident “reem”

  3. kevin says:

    Good job silva. Well deserved car for taking down the “Over” confident “Reem”.

  4. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Awesome!!! Good for Bigfoot about time someone showed the Giant some respect. How many fighters can say they have beaten Overeem and Fedor in last few years? Too bad the UFC doesn’t have a deep enough roster to come up with a fight other than a rematch. Why not let Bigfoot beat up that broken down old man who spent his entire adult life all ROIDED UP Carwin. Why not let Bigfoot dispose of another ROIDER. Everyone knows Cain is just going hold Bigfoot down and elbow him again. Why not at least give Bigfoot someone else untill JDS and Overeem winner is sorted out then have them fight Bigfoot. Big Nog vs Werdum is a waste of time. why not have Werdum fight Bigfoot or Cain. TIRED of constant REMATCHES

  5. boss says:

    How the fuck did this get rid of fitch troll manage to creep his way back on this website?

  6. jbeamazing says:

    Got to love it I almost had a heart attack when he was doing it good for you bigfoot

  7. The natural says:

    Why is that a sponsorship? Why do they wanna support this guy Allistar was making him look bad the whole fight. Slipping and sticking his chin out fighting with his hands dwn it was Allistar that made the ametuer mistake? Yes it’s awesome that he knocked him out but it wasn’t like he showed any skill in doin so Allistar is still the better fighter. But a Maserati it’s not like he won a title or would have won if the antics from his opponent were being dissredpectful and ametuer

  8. confucius says:

    obviously there are no car lovers on these boards. that is not a 2013 maserati tourismo. its a maserati quattroporte. least they got the maserati part correct



  10. korean jesus says:

    congratulations bigfoot now you rollin like a pimp.

  11. korean jesus says:

    that ko was fkn beautiful. i cant stop watching it!

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