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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 07:30 am

Big Problems Await Sonnen In Brazil Says Anderson Silva

“A fight is a fight, Chael is good, Bisping is good but a fight is a fight, but I don’t like this fight. The Chael Sonnen and Bisping [fight] I don’t like. Bisping is good but Chael talk too much and not working. Michael Bisping is good he did a good job but Chael needs to train, no more talk just train. Going to Brazil, big problem… I don’t care to talk about Chael Sonnen [anymore].”

UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, tells the guys over on FUEL TV exactly what he thinks about his next opponent, Chael Sonnen.

Chael Sonnen earned his shot at a rematch against Silva by outpointing Michael Bisping in last month’s UFC on FOX 2 co-main event. The two have a heated rivalry and Sonnen has picked a fight with the entire country of Brazil all while trying to get Anderson Silva to commit to a fight.

UFC president Dana White announced last week that the fight has been agreed upon and the two will meet this summer in Brazil, and while Silva usually stays silent on his thoughts of matchups, when asked he didn’t hold his tongue about the outspoken and controversial Chael Sonnen.

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93 Responses to “Big Problems Await Sonnen In Brazil Says Anderson Silva”

  1. Jarrett says:

    Silva by KO first or second round…can’t wait to see it!

  2. Jb says:

    A pissed off silva is not good Chael, your screwed

  3. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen is gonna get hurt.

    Silva will punish him like Ali punished Ernie Terrell and Floyd Patterson, only instead of “What’s my name?”, Silva will ask :” Who’s the champ?” while beating him senseless.

  4. Nat says:

    Chael can’t think this fight is going down like last time….I agree with Silva he’d better shut up and just train….

  5. Tim says:

    Really hoping anderson makes him look foolish in the stand up.

    • zoeldog27 says:

      what like he did last time you Sonnen haters make me laugh at least he’ll fight anyone anywhere, who else would step up and fight Silva in Brazil its pretty ballsy really and should be a great fight regardless of the result but last time was no fluke and if u all believe Silvas bullshit about a sore rib then your as dumb as he is this fight will be the same as the last one Sonnen will take whatever punishment he has too to get silva to the ground I swear if Sonnen wins youll all be shutting up so quickly it will be hillarious, why knock back a fight four times cause he dont want the fight if Silva smashes him(which he should of done already) then Sonnen is done gone finshed he will never get another shot while Silva is the champ so I dont gte why Silva hasnt already taken this fight smsashed him like you all seem to think he will even though last time he had to win by a hail mary triangle in the 5th, come onj guys what do you think Sonnen would have been working on all this time “submission defence” and he’s gonna need it but to say Sonnen will get wiped out is a joke Silva is just a man but i swear on this site youall make him out to be a god or some shit, look up u tube and watch him get tapped by a Jap guy cant remember his name but he’s been beat to in this sport if you havent been beaten you just havent fought the right guy yet.

      • Anomie says:

        Okami fought him in Brazil….

      • T-Dub says:

        Ask Mark Munoz if he’d fight Silva in Brazil…or Bisping…or Henderson. It’s only brave to fight Anderson in Brazil if all you’ve been doing is running your mouth about Brazil. As far as being a Chael hater…nah. I’m not even a Silva fan. In fact, I always hope to see a champion as dominant as Silva get beat, mainly because it usually signals an evolution in the sport and a raising of the bar, in terms of talent. I will say this, if Sonnen fights like he did against Bisping, he ain’t gonna get the chance to get tapped in the 5th. He’s gonna wake up with a brand new Brazillian wax job!

  6. dante040 says:

    Chael has everything going against him in this fight. An extremely hostile crowd. The fact he has to travel to a location he may not be comfortable in and will not be able to get his normal food. And of course the thought of being shanked

    • DevonAK86 says:

      Normal food will be the last thing on his mind! You can find a cheese burger, Tofu, Meats, vegetables, fruits, pasta all in Brazil .He needs Heavily armed body guards around him at all time from when he lands till he leaves!

    • Xaninho says:

      That’s what Silva has to undergo every time he has to fight in the US…Morons chanting”USA!! USA!!”, not a decent piece of picanha anywhere.

      Sonnen had home advantage first time, now it’s only fair Silva can fight on HIS home turf.

      • BX81 says:

        Home turf? Silva lives in the U.S.

      • MJ says:

        Silva lives in California jackass, and the Brazilians yell not only for there country, but who ever is fighting a Brazilian they chant stuff about wanting them to die or if the Brazilian fighter loses they throw chairs. Just keep it real and don’t act like the Americans are the only ones who are patriotic, and if Silva where to bash the U.S. and talk mad smack, he still would be in danger of being booed, not in danger of being killed for his words, so don’t get it twisted.

        • zoeldog27 says:

          exactly isnt it funny how these so called brazillians live in LA send there kids to a private school in LA then WHEN it suits them they claim Brazil & you all make out like he’s god or some shit when does Silva do anything to promote fights when does he ever attend UFC fan expo’s? not often Silva is only in it for the money and your all fools if u think otherwise he dont care about MMA or the UFC just his next paycheck and a easy fight or he would of taken the Sonnen fight , look at GSP fight anyone anytime id love to see Silva fight GSP or Jones he’d be destroyed.

        • Xaninho says:

          You said it right, he LIVES in California, he isn’t American you dumbass, and the American ‘fans’ let him know that real well.

          So Silva gets booed and insulted by Americans when he fights in the USA, next time in Brazil Sonnen will be booed and insulted.

          You’re dumb if you think they would actually kill Sonnen for smack talking….Really try to stick with reality..

        • MJ says:

          Xaninduche you said the American fans are morons for chanting USA,USA,USA, so are the Brazilians morons for chanting Brazil? You said Anderson fighting on his home turf in Brazil, he lives in CALIFORNIA in the USA, you stupid fuck.

        • Xaninho says:

          If the Brazilians chant BRAZIL they’re just as moronic as the Americans chanting USA. People should just cheer for their favorite fighter.

          For the rest I’m done with you…You’re proving my point all by yourself.

    • asdf says:

      Body has to adjust to climate. I got sick the first time I went to a super tropical area, way more humid and hot than Hawaii. You’re body is in new territory and has to adjust. If I were him, I’d train there, but he’d probably get stabbed in the bank buying an orange at the local market.

  7. If anyone still wants to outlaw MMA, they’ll actually have an argument after thiis fight bc Anderson is going to KILL his stupid ass. Chael is going to wake up to a broken arm, jaw and whatever the hell the champ else wants to do. Anderson should not respect his tapping out, like a little bitch AGAIN- so he’ll remember for the rest of his life what it means to fuck with BRAZIL!

  8. Mike says:

    I hope silva punishes his face for 4 rounds and knocks him out in the 5th.

    Silva speaks the truth, train, don’t talk cause Sonnen looked like a bar fighter against bis.

  9. Anderson Silva sucks Ed's balls says:

    Fuck Brazil! after Chael gets it right this time, those Uneducated jungle rats will be ready to kill Sonnen…Bunch of premative monkey’s … Pet the Bus, Pet the Bus, Bitches

  10. BobbyLemons says:

    I’m a huge Sonnen fan, but he better have something planned, because I imagine Silva will have trained little else than takedown defence in preparation for this fight. I don’t see it going down anything like last time…

  11. CanILive says:

    dana will have a Heli ready to pick him up in the center of the octagon….

  12. magoo says:

    Get that 12lbs of gold Sonnen,back up all that shit you been talking…..its time!

  13. Josh says:

    I hope Anderson clowns him like he did Maia the 1st 3 rounds. Then get down to business and break his face!

    • zoeldog27 says:

      really youd wanna see Silva jumping round like a monkey like he did against maia shows how much respect you have for MMA

      • Buddha says:

        yeah, that clowning lost anderson silva a ton of respect and fans. I thought he was a like a Bruce Lee / Michael Jordan hybrid, but then he had to act like a jackass. can’t say i don’t like his fighting style though. he is an artist.
        if he’s healthy and 100%, phael is in for it. phael calls himself an oregon gangster. wtf? there aren’t any gangsters in the north west. i’m surprised the LA bloods &/or crips haven’t capped his ass.
        what am i saying. this is not very Buddhist. let me try this again… we are all connected. everything is an illusion. this shared existence we call ‘reality’ is simply a culmination of our paths unfolding. these two warriors will put on quite a performance.

    • magoo says:

      yea right! he didn’t want anything to do with Maia in the 5th he pussed out,hope Chael does it right this time,,,,no mercy truly make his old lady cook you a porterhouse medium rare…..kick his ass Chael for real!!

  14. Jody A. says:

    Anderson’s wife better have Chael’s steak ready when he gets there! Wouldn’t want to see Chael kill Anderson, just take home his title!

  15. Chartmonster says:

    Should be a great fight..hope Andy is healthy bc Chael is going to waste his stupid ass in front of his own!

  16. Shawn says:

    Lol. If d Sonnen that fought Bisping shows up, he’s in for a long fight that will last about 2 rounds. Lol Enough talk, just fight.

  17. Bas Rutten Wants Money! Money! Money! says:

    100,000 people booing you can break you mentally.
    It is scientifically proven!!
    Holy shit………

  18. 2toy says:

    Chael Sonnen. Hate him or Love him. All his trash talk about Silva and Brazil =D He’s going to make this the BIGGEST UFC event ever. That being said…There’s absolutely no way the 2nd fight is going to be like the 1st. It’s going to be the total opposite. I see Silva slowly torturing Sonnen to near death. WAR VITOR BELFORT!

  19. steve dobson says:

    Im all about Anderson, love him, but Sonnen dominates this fight, like last time. Every athlete, fighter, etc, has a nemesis. SONNEN IS andersons. Sad but true. Should be great fight. All pressure is on Anderson.

    • 2toy says:

      Great points but Sonnen’s not gonna mimic his last performance with Silva. Silva is the “Ultimate Warrior” in this situation. IF and that’s a big if, Silva gets into a dangerous position. He has the whole Country of Brazil motivating him. No way Silva goes down in he’s homeland! 😉

      • zoeldog27 says:

        In his homeland????? he lives in LA fuckwit in a big mansion sends his kids to a private college in LA and then claims Brazil when it suits him and a lot of brazillians dont like the guy anyway the crowd wont be as hostile as your all thinkin this will be fight of the year AGAIN!

  20. mj says:

    BOPE, BPCHOQE, GOE, COE and maybe even GRUMEC will be there. All have no problem shooting a fellow brazilian who steps out of line. Im american and live here in brazil and think chael has nothing to worry about…people know now that he is just a talker. Everyone knows i want him to win…. they just want him to lose, not die.

  21. cody says:

    im not gonna get into alot of shit talk about this dudes gonna get killed all that but i will say chael is going to lose this fight and hes going to get stopped it just is what it is

  22. Robby says:

    Silva is the one who’d better be ready.

  23. slacker says:

    IMO, this is Silva’s way of saying, off steroids, Sonnen didn’t look good against Bisping. I agree. He looked very average. Silva is going to destroy him.

  24. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

    I’m predicting Chael Sonnen leaving the octagon immediately after losing without giving any sort of interview

  25. B-Wes says:

    A healthy Silva vs. a Sonnen not jacked up on roids. does not bode well for our fake-papper champ. Silva’s gonna make Sonnen his bitch, early round(s) KO. Sonnen is going to find it difficult to take down this man without broken ribs.

  26. kevin9999 says:

    I am a huge Sonnen fan but I have a feeling that we are going to see an amazing performance from Andy. He will defend the takedowns and frustrate sonnen and punish him on the feet.

  27. zoeldog27 says:

    look up the facts Sonnen wasnt juiced up he disclosed properly and its a medical condition this is all you fuckwits keep sayin about Sonnen its the best u have u all cant handle the fact that someone took it to Silva for once and almost won but because he god he must of had a broken rib fuck off Dana would never have let him fight if he was hurt and Sonnen wouldnt be in the UFC if he cheated its a technicality hense the suspension if he really cheated like u all say he did he’d be outta the UFC like Nate Marquart he was juiced for sure and did u see what sonnen did to him???

    • Xaninho says:

      The facts: “CSAC executive officer George Dodd said Sonnen’s drug test revealed an abnormally high testosterone-to-estrogen level, an indicator of steroid use. A second test showed similar results.”

      Nothing wrong with getting the testosterone to normal levels by doing TRT if you have tiny balls. Sonnen did no such thing, he went overboard and had abnormally high levels of testosterone.

      Oh and another fact you’re so dumb, you would lose a debate with a doorknob.

  28. neil thomson says:

    Sonnon to pound on that fake again

  29. cav says:

    Like I said before, Silva’s definitely been training wrestling and when he’s pissed…. well look what happened to Forrest

  30. mmaislandjunkie says:

    chael without excessive trt barely got by bisping! lmao @ him v anderson.

  31. Richard Brannigan says:

    Sonnen won’t make it thru the first round, he’ll be a bloody mess on the canvas with the ref saving his life.

  32. Trey says:

    For all you dumbass numbnuts thats saying silva by k.o. in the first round your stupid as fuck go watch the last fight and say that the quilter time your watching silva get the brakes beat off his bandwagon stfu up with that stupid shit I like silva but I’m not going to act like he’s gonna destroy chael sonnen cause he’s not I don’t doubt he can win and win by ko but he’s not going to dominate I don’t believe and for people to say that is stupid o won’t be surprised if chael wins I know he’s not ko silva but he can win and dominate he’s dominated anderson before but I feel it will be much more competitive this time around and anderson ain’t bisping if chael can’t leo anderson down then out will be the long night everybody wants to see chael go through but thats what happend last time people thought chael had no chance but look what he did not saying the same gonna happen but remember people every dog has his day

  33. ryan says:

    chaels a roider. anderson by tko 1st round as it should have been last time

  34. dante040 says:

    Silva will win via chael being shanked on his way to the octagon.

  35. Bla DeBla says:

    The biggest problem Sonnen will face is getting outa there alive after he knocks Silva out inside 3 rounds …. the Brazilians will go nuts !

  36. Nom Nom Nom says:

    I’m agreeing with Bla DeBla. Sonnen wins there will be a riot in that stadium. I read in the news yesterday that a guy was brain dead after a riot in a Brazillian soccer game. So think if Silva lost, think if any Brazillian lost it would go crazy.

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