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Wednesday, 09/12/2012, 06:12 pm

Big Nog vs. Dave Herman set for UFC 153; Sonnen vs. Silva not happening; Edgar out | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

Rumors have been swirling regarding potential replacement fights for next month’s UFC 153 event. This after both the main event and co-main event were lost due to injuries on Tuesday.

Early rumors that Wanderlei Silva would meet Chael Sonnen in a catchweight fight of 195lbs have been put to rest, as Ariel Helwani reported that Sonnen’s manager has refuted the rumor, and says the bout will not be happening.

It has also been reported that former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, who was supposed to fight Jose Aldo for the featherweight title in the main event, will no longer be participating at UFC 153.

The one bit of positive news that was announced regarded a newly found fight for the UFC 153 event. That fight will feature heavyweights Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (33-7-1 MMA, 4-3 UFC) and Dave “Pee-Wee” Herman (21-4 MMA, 1-2 UFC).

Rodrigo Nogueira returns to action for the first time since having his arm broken by Frank Mir last December. He was initially slated to return in July at UFC 149, but his healing process took longer than expected debunking a bout with Cheick Kongo.

Now Big Nog meets “Pee Wee” Herman, who is in desperate need of a win following back-to-back losses to Stefan Struve and Roy Nelson.

No word yet on what the new main event of the UFC 153 card will be. Stay tuned to for all your updates.


14 Responses to “Big Nog vs. Dave Herman set for UFC 153; Sonnen vs. Silva not happening; Edgar out | UFC News”

  1. ... says:

    UFC 153 Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar!!

  2. Clay says:

    Why not Diaz vs silva? Dana said that fight didn’t make sense.. But none of these do.. LET FANS VOTE ON THE MATCHUPS! At least some of them..

    • RobV says:

      How does Silva vs Bonnar not make sense..its an exciting matchup if you ask me…way more exciting than Silva vs Diaz would be…Bonnar is on a 3 fight win streak..where as Diaz lost his last fight and quit the sport…Bonnar is a legit threat..maybe not on the feet..but def on the ground his wrestling &BJJ are no joke..I hope Silva dosent look past Bonnar could be a tough fight

  3. Mike b says:

    Big nog is gonna run thru pee wee.i mean anything can happen in this sport but nog got this one.

  4. Wsheets says:

    I’m deleting this app as soon as I’m done writing this. Get news before or at least at the same time the other MMA websites get it,

  5. Mike b says:

    Bonnar is a black belt in Taekwondo and a BJJ black belt.and he comes to bang every time.hes a skilled fighter but against silva,I don’t know man????

  6. if bonnar stands HD will get redrum’d. If he some how gets it to the ground, that is his world…Stephan has some nasty BJJ skills and can finish anyone from a dominant position…I very highly doubt he will get one though.

  7. Ddddddd says:

    It’s interesting considering John didn’t get
    the finish on Bonnar. If Anderson finishes
    him he can do something John couldn’t and
    still avoid the fight with John.

  8. I know an 12 year old thats a blackbelt in Taekwondo its like having the high score on Tekken.A.Silva 1st round KO this will be quick and painfull.I know Bonnar can take a punch but so can Leben…

  9. Dan Rod says:

    People don’t realize how tough this fight really is. Bonnar is bigger and heavier Silva has never been hit at 205, so this will be like his first real fight at 205. Also Bonnar has loss due to cuts, but never stopped or submitted. He’s hard to be beat. Bonnar is a big guy who will be like a larger version of Chael Sonnen.

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