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Saturday, 02/18/2012, 05:32 pm

Big Foot Silva On Overeem | Alistair Becomes A Kitty Once He’s Hit

“A fight is a fight and anything can happen. [Dos Santos and Overeem are] two very strong fighters, they’re at the top of their division but I don’t see how Overeem can beat Junior dos Santos. Overeem is (beating a lot of people), he’s a lion, but when (he gets hit) he becomes a kitty. When Junior first connects, Overeem’s spirit of a fighter will go to the dress room. I think it will be Junior with another knockout in his career.”

Speaking to Brazilian media outlet, Portal do Vale Tudo, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva discussed the upcoming heavyweight title fight between Alistair Overeem and Junior Dos Santos.

Overeem will go from Lion to Kitty is his prediction for the match, but what is yours?

Sound off Penn Nation.


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61 Responses to “Big Foot Silva On Overeem | Alistair Becomes A Kitty Once He’s Hit”

  1. TrigenicKin says:

    Dos Santos will knock his clock off.

    • B says:

      Brazilian fighter backing another Brazilian fighter. Go figure…

      • stone cold says:

        that is his teammate.

        • Sweet game plan says:

          They ain’t teammates…I don’t think, Bigfoot is a blackzillian and I never herd of JDS being part of them..

        • stone cold says:

          big foot joined team nogiera. overeem is blackzillian u stupid fool

        • stone cold says:

          big foot joined team nogiera. overeem is blackzillian u stupid fool u dont know what you’re talking about and act like u do

        • danriverapvNICKSSMART says:

          um stone cold. super cool kid stone cold. rashad evens said that big foot silva now trains at imperial athletics in boca raton with the other blackzillians including alistair overeem but since there in the same division they dont personal train together. have fun being a smart ass.

        • stone cold says:

          @danriverapvNICKSSMART -he did train with nogiera.. he probably left now cuz he is joining ufc soon.. fuck your mother dumb ass.

        • Ryan M says:

          All you retarded trollers. Sweet Game Plan said “I don’t think” anyway. He was just trying to add his input without being an ass. Why you gotta be so harsh for no reason. Not intended at you Nicksmart.

        • DewYouKnow8 says:

          @danriverapvNICKSSMART is an ass hole.

        • Robert says:

          prick big foot silva is the one who came up with the name for blackzillians..jeesh. overeem recently joined but this was probably before that. that happened late last month this was before that i beleive. if not its just silva being honest or he has left blackzillians since. one thing is for sure though he was part of blackzillians at some point which overeem recently joined. so don’t knock the guy he knew his shit you didn’t

    • frankie's mother says:

      TrigenicKin is such a dumb faggot. rape this faggot’s mother stupid fucking fag

      • david says:

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        • Tom Ryan says:

          How about you both shut the fuck up!! This is a family website! Take your incredibly vulgar flame war elsewhere.

        • frankie's mother says:

          @david – u must be his boyfriend or just a dumb faggot. fuck your mother dickless fag piece of shit.

        • david says:

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    • Hostile Hunter says:

      JDS will eat Knees in the clinch and Nitty Nite. JDS has a slight chance of knocking him out but little to none in my eyes.

      • Peopleareretarded says:

        Wow it is funny that ur stupid brain can really think that way. JDS will win by tko, hate all these new MMA fans who think out to loud you all need to shut ur mouth.

  2. Koshchek Swallows says:

    I think he means JDS will become a pussy when he gets knee’d into oblivion.

  3. stone cold says:

    jds is the best p4p fighter right now

      • stone cold says:

        that is my opinion. he is def 1 of the best p4p fighters now with silva, aldo. umm yeah… oh yeah u mean knock his block off. (clock sounds gay)

        • TrigenicKin says:

          He is not the best p4p. How any heavyweight could be called number one p4p is idiotic. Block sounds gayer.

        • frankie's mother says:

          no clock sounds gay.. block is the gangsta term.. gangstas say it u stupid fag. he always try to knock people out or beat them up bad. your a stupid idiot. dumb fool

        • stone cold says:

          shut up u fool. it is called knock your block off. lol “knock your clock off” u stupid herb. anyone who has good striking and knock out is a p4p fighter. bet u gsp is the best p4p fighter to u u stupid fag

  4. Nick says:

    I think JDS will knock Overeem out. Overeem got KO’d by Chuck. JDS hits a lot harder than Chuck. Overeem has the same jaw. I don’t see how JDS loses.

  5. Rowe says:

    I dunno, Overeem looked aggressive when he fought through the k-1 Grand Prix. He runs when he’s getting trounced (Rua/Kharitonov 2). I WOULD like to hear the opinion of someone who fought Overeem (unlike Silva). Shit, ask Cro Cop what he felt about the two of them.

  6. NickDiazwas here says:

    Overeem by 1st rd Knockout!!

  7. lvmma says:

    Big foot talking after what happened to him against undersized cormier. The reem will win the title via kicks

  8. Gimi MMA says:

    JDS will feel 1 knee and one straight from overeem and than he is going KO and Big Foot is just knocked out by someone who is new in the sport haha LOL

  9. NickDiazwas here says:

    People look at Overeem losing at LHW the guy is unstoppable at HW. He got hit by brock and didn’t budge. U guys r idiots

    • sideasoundlab says:

      Yeah like Lesnar is known for his striking power… who’s the idiot ?
      Reem might land a fews knees or kicks, but it won’t be long before his chin gets tested by JDS power.
      JDS will take Overeem’s dick out of all your mouthes when He knocks him the fuck out. Mark my words

  10. Josh T says:

    lol coming from the same douche who got KTFO by Cormier.
    I give both fighters an even chance at winning.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the betting odds were damn near even as well.
    JDS has got the technical boxing and KO power to put Reem away.
    However, Reem could just as well put JDS away.
    It seems people are more inclined to side with JDS because no none has ever seen him hurt or out-struck. Reem utilizes many more weapons than JDS does. Very technical kickboxer ie: punches, kicks, knees, elbows. JDS can do the same, however he prefers to just use his boxing. Reem is also a K-1 lvl striker and Champ, that counts for alot. & Reem also has tremendous KO power as JDS does. Ever since Reem became a HW he’s been a BEAST. Regardless of the result, this is gonna be a f*ckn FIGHT.

    Reem or JDS via KO…lol I’d be happy either way.
    No way in hell is this going to a decision.

  11. Chartmonster says:

    If Overeem is a kitty cat, then Bigfoot is a big PUSSY, especially after Cromier cracked his fat face! Can’t wait for this fight so it’ll shut all these dumbfuks up!

  12. Serg says:

    If you are a true mma fan then you would know that the heavyweight division in strike force was more staked than UFC, not to take away from the talent that exist in the UFC but strike force had a lot more well rounded heavyweight I mean come on when you have leaner on the top after two wins. Anyway it’s good to see real skilled fighters competing kongo, velazquez, mir, JDS and with the addition of both overeem and weirdum. It’s about to become a lot more exiting in the UFC

  13. slacker says:

    Reemmeister will squash him.

  14. FRED says:

    Why the hell americans are sucking OVEROIDS BALLS, JDS is so humble and nice person, OVEROTTEN IS SO ARROGANT but everyone hates brazilians for rednecks reasons!

    Shame ON YOU guys, Brazil is the FORTH economy in the world so far, we have oil, best and healthy food, we have beautiful girls, bigger dicks and better fighters. And I came to US to steal your jobs that you guys doesn’t have skills to fill in!

  15. Night-Wind says:


    If you want to see big dicks, come here where i live.


  16. jpeters says:

    This is VERY odd with Overeem recently joining the team that Big foot Silva is actually gave a name to “blackzillians”. Don’t know if Silva is still connected there but very wierd either wiay.

  17. Magoo says:

    Gotta root for one of the humblest dudes out there JR. I think Overeem will get some licks in and maybe even some knees, but if JR lands one good shot its gonna be the beginning of the end,anyway its def an anticipated match all mma fans are pumped to watch!

  18. Dan says:

    ** FAO workers** please clear up the crap you see above in the comments – its ridiculous coming on and seeing keyboard warriors all over this.

    Guys….everyone can share an opinion, we don’t need to start talking about raping each others mothers or how koscheck swallows now do we?!

    Voice your opinions and talk MMA only please!!

    My opinion on the fight….I love the Reem but I think JDS hands are just too good, he’ll win by TKO in the 1st, in similar fashion to the Velasquez fight.

  19. GreenTeaBagger says:

    What did you expect him to say; that JDS will lose? They are on the same team ffs. Of course he wont say anything negative towards JDS. How is this even news?

  20. Pijan says:

    It’s gonna be a good fight no doubt, JDS by TKO, Rd. 3.

  21. david says:

    ive bet £200 on overeem. junior will really need to pull out some magic if he is even to stand a chance.

  22. jdog says:

    He is a K1 Champion, Strikeforce Champion, Dream Champion yet when he gets hit he becomes a kitty??? Is it just me or is this guy an idiot or he is just trying to reassure his training partner. Either way I am sure no one truly believes that nonsense coming from his mouth. This should be an interesting fight, you have two good strikers (not going to debate who is better)

  23. Chartmonster says:

    Jds is a good striker, Overeem is the best striker..period! You’ll see..Jds era OVER!

  24. Edgar says:

    Fuck big pussy silva and JDS dick lovers.. I hope Overeem chops JDS legs off

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