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Friday, 05/25/2012, 12:04 pm

Big Country Eyeing WWE Opportunities Against Brock Lesnar | UFC NEWS

“I think [King Mo opened] a lot of doors for a lot of different fighters, and it actually opens up a lot of fighter’s eyes that there’s other ways to make a living, that you can actually do both sports. It’s like it’s okay to be a Deion Sanders playing football and baseball, or like a Bo Jackson playing football and baseball. It’s good that athletes can do that. After I beat Pee Wee, I might just have to call out Brock Lesnar. I might just have to go to WWE because I might just have to call him out, go to WWE, and whoop his ass.”

Surprise surprise!

“Big Country” is looking for multi-sport opportunities; at least he is putting the prospect of such out there to the world in his recent interview with MMAWeekly.

Following in the footsteps of King-Mo is probably not an option for the ZUFFA signed fighter because they keep a pretty tight leash on their talent, but let’s face it, Roy has half a foot out the door already and if he doesn’t pick up a victory this weekend he might be able to make the crossover.



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