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Tuesday, 06/12/2012, 04:49 am

Bibiano Fernandes Out Of UFC 149 Bout With Delorme Due To Injury | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
On June 4, Bibiano Fernandes signed for his first fight with the UFC however now he is out of his UFC 149 bout with Roland Delorme.

The former Dream Champion will now wait till later in the year to make his UFC Debut.

Fernandes suffered the injury in training and the news was released by UFC Officials on Monday.

As of late the UFC has had to adapt a number of bouts due to injuries suffered by fighters. The injury list includes high profile fighters such as Thiago Silva, Michael Bisping, Jose Aldo, Thiago Alves, Brian Stann, Dominick Cruz, Mark Hunt, Vitor Belfort, Jon Fitch.


14 Responses to “Bibiano Fernandes Out Of UFC 149 Bout With Delorme Due To Injury | UFC News”

  1. dogfart says:

    oh ffs

  2. Mach00man says:

    Question…Is it possible that the use of TRT is causing all of these injuries? I don’t really know enough about the stuff to say yes or no but is it at all possible that it makes these fighters over-train and exert themselves way too hard? So hard that they injure themselves and/or each other?

    Maybe? Maybe not? Thoughts?

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      Smh…. No, just no.

    • Chris says:

      No, and do u even know for sure he’s on TRT. if u do please link this info

    • Thom says:

      no, and 80% of these injured guys dont even use TRT to my knowledge… how the hell would TRT hurt your knee, hand, arm etc… think before you post.

      • Semtex says:

        80% of the injured guys? I would like to inform you that there are only 4 people in the UFC that are officially on TRT. So 100% of the injured guys are NOT on TRT.

      • Mach00man says:

        @ Thom if you actually take the time and read the post (that is if you can)…I’m only asking if the use of the treatment is making the fighters work too hard. I didn’t say or ask if the TRT is hurting their knee, hand, arm etc…read before you respond.

    • Clay says:

      I believe that the use of Teatosterone Replacement Theropy would actually prevent injuries instead of cause them. When in use your body heals faster, etc. so maybe the answer is to get everyone on PEDs to “prevent injuries”

  3. @joshuahchalfant says:

    Lol zuffa busted again, babiano never signed a zuffa contract, maybe they assumed it would get done, but he has stated “I’m STILL the dream champion, we never agreed to the terms on the table” ….. now he’s “”injured”” c’mon zuffa tryin to tarnish yet another champions Rep.

    The story is on … I’d post it but I dunno if it would get flagged?

  4. Chris says:

    Dream is no more, this statement may have been a past statement, or not. Theses days der not alot of reliable sources

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