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Wednesday, 10/17/2012, 10:02 am

Betting Odds: Jones Opens Up As Favorite Over Sonnen | UFC NEWS

Yesterday the UFC announced “The Ultimate Fighter” season 17 coaching assignments as Jon Jones versus Chael Sonnen.

Instantly the MMA world took note and fans and the media started buzzing about the upcoming match up.

It’s taken just one day for oddsmakers to weigh in on the fight and put out betting odds for the April 17th light-heavyweight title fight and as expected the champion, Jon Jones, is heavily favored.

The guys over at released the following odds, which are better for Sonnen than that of Vitor and equivalent to the Evans vs. Jones line.

Check it out:

Jones -600
Sonnen +400


9 Responses to “Betting Odds: Jones Opens Up As Favorite Over Sonnen | UFC NEWS”

  1. Roberto says:

    I think Sonnen will upset Jones, upsets happen to everyone, even great fighters. It’s MMA and anything can happen in a fight.

    • KingRon84 says:

      Usually upsets happen when one person has a punchers chance, and we all know from his fights that Chael has pillow hands.

      Only way for Chael to win this fight is to take Jon down and I seriously doubt he can do it, and I wouldn’t be suprised is Jones throws him around ala Bader.

  2. macheetah says:

    wow people are giving Sonnen the credit he deserves. I’m shocked! These betting odds were alot closer than Belfort and Belfort almost snapped Jones arm!

  3. Unknown says:

    If this fight even happens, Dont bet with your heart….Get ur money in now. How can sonnen win other than a luck punch? He didn’t beat silva, twice now people think he can beat jones. Interesting. I gues if those that think sonnen can get the W, they will look like “heros” if that happens. Keep hating jones and you’ll be disappointed for years to come.

  4. Ghost of evan tanner says:

    Hey jon you should be training instead of making posts on

  5. Ghost of evan tanner says:

    P.s I hate you

  6. Joseph says:

    Rofl. Sonnen is a joke.

    A cheat, a felon & a snitch.

    Jones is going to wreck him in quick order.

  7. cloud says:

    RIP sonnen have no chance against jbj

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