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Wednesday, 11/21/2012, 09:59 am

Betting Odds: Anderson Silva Opens Up As Favorite Over GSP | UFC NEWS

The proposed “Super Fight” between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre isn’t even booked yet.

True, it is on the UFC’s radar, but according to UFC President Dana White it hasn’t even hit the negotiations phase yet.

With so much talk of the fight happening next year odds makers have set a betting line for the super fight and have put UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, as the favorite.

Here is the line via


7 Responses to “Betting Odds: Anderson Silva Opens Up As Favorite Over GSP | UFC NEWS”

  1. i love fighting says:

    Had a crazy idea with all this talk of a super fight and who is the best p4p in the world.

    Like with every devision in the UFC there is a champion and a belt imagine if there was a p4p devision and champion and belt within the UFC?

    Then there would never really be an argument as to who is the best p4p in the world and we would get to see super fights at least once a year.

    Now i know there are a lot of bugs to work out here because i think it would be obvious what would happen if mighty mouse fought JDS, but like i said it was an idea and im sure it could be worked out.

    For instance halve the ufc weight devisions and have light and heavy p4p, either way watching two champions fight each other when they have thinned out a devision is better then watching an illegitimate challenger get destroyed.

    I think it would also give a champion who has held a belt for a while a new goal, to hold a devision belt as well as p4p belt.

    i think its win win win for the fans and fighters. They all say they want to fight the best and test themselves against the best so what better way.

    Another idea was that the p4p is not like a devision belt and its just something that they earn for winning the fight,, make it prestigious maybe by only allowing a super fight to go down if you have defended the belt at least 5 times or more.

    Im sure some of you who read this will shit on my idea and call me stupid but really when i think about fights i want to see there would be no better then watching gsp vs silva, or silva vs jones, or jones vs jds, even aldo vs hendo.

    Just a thought

  2. Drew says:

    Honestly dude I think that’s a awesome idea a few adjustments would have to be made but that sounds great to me!!

  3. 123 says:

    anderson silva is a bully, go & fight jon jones, chris weidman, michael bisping or vitor belfort.. every1 wants him to fight jon jones but now he wants gsp all of a sudden.

  4. Toolman says:

    Yeah, cool idea bro. Maybe a lightweight p4p which includes flyweight through lightweight. Middleweight p4p (welter+middleweight) And of course heavyweight p4p which is lhw and hw fighters.

  5. Nunya says:

    I hope GSP fights Hendricks first. Then make Anderson come down to welterweight to fight GSP, thats is GSP can get passed Johny Hendricks.

  6. Sasquatch says:

    Those odds look about right. My $$ on GSP, should make for a good payday!

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