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Monday, 02/27/2012, 03:39 pm

Best Ever Silva vs. Sonnen II Hype Video

Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II coming to a pay-per-view event sometime soon.

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71 Responses to “Best Ever Silva vs. Sonnen II Hype Video”

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Just amazes me anyone can even count that fight with Sonnen and silva. Sonnen had enough steroids in his system to jump over the damn moon. Yes Sonne will be able to train almost the entire time with massive elavated levels of testosterone in hi system which is ILLEGAL but as he has donw all his life Sonnen has found a way to take shorcuts and is TRULY CHEATING but noone seems to care. This all won’t matter because A. silva is going to knock Sonnen out so bad he will have to retire. IMO Sonnen is the biggest discrace to not only a human being but more of a discrae to all MMA fighters in general. Sonnen represents the exact opposite of the vlaues of what martials arts teach. The man is a lifelong steroid abuser, Federall convicted FELON and everything that comes out of his mouth is an outright lie. how could anyone root for such a friggen scumbag. If and WHEN the athletic commiosns close the rediculous loophole CHEATING which TRT is giving fighters who abuse it Sonnen will go away. All they have to do is show up to test Sonnen randomally and he would get busted fro having massive amounts of JUICE in his system. The other thing I don’t understand is TESTOSTERONE is regulated by the DRUG Enforcement agency as it is considered a controlled substance so its obvious Sonnen is getting massive amounts from multiple doctors which is a Federal offense and since Sonnen is already a FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELON why isn’t someone doing something about this.

      • Sweet game plan says:

        Huh!!!!! How much for the novel bro?

      • JKDbum says:

        I do agree with your name Get Rid of Fitch, your comment is a little off. Chael got busted for incomplete documentation to the commission for synthetic testosterone. It was and I’m sure it is still prescribed (so not illegal in the states). He learned that (alleged) verbal disclosure is not enough for a TUE for TRT (Yes we are all sure knew better). Yet post Silva v Sonnen 1. Sonnen did test elevated…to say the least:
        “Drug tests conducted at the time of his match with Anderson Silva showed that Sonnen had an elevated testosterone/epitestosterone (or T/E) ratio which fell outside the allowable range. Specifically, Sonnen’s urinalysis showed that his T/E ratio was 16.9:1. By comparison, an average man has a T/E ratio of 1:1, and testing bodies such as CSAC may allow for a variance as high as 4:1 for athletes—meaning Sonnen’s T/E ratio was nearly 17 times that of a normal man and more than four times higher than the allowed maximum for an athlete.[19] Sonnen was fined $2,500 and suspended for one year (until September 2, 2011) by CSAC.[20] Sonnen’s scheduled rematch with Silva was cancelled in light of the suspension.” Source Wikipedia
        Anyhow, He is a convicted felon and if his doctor says he needs TRT we cant question his doctor, but the commission can before handing out and renewing a TUE. And they do verify the need, and dosage through testing. Dont believe me ask the Nate “The Great”. His TUE was denied, an argument can be made weather he was gaming the system or he had a incompetent doctor . Of course most believe (as do I) he was gaming the system, TRT is a very suspect TUE as no athlete at this level would need it if they had not abused Test in the pass. After all if they had low Test they probably never would have made it to this level. Of course Test levels drop as us males age TRT does not adjust for that under a TUE. This means Dan Henderson can fight with the Test levels of a 20 year old and the skills of the veteran he is. He is old enough where Test levels (even for a athlete) may have dropped to a point where a amount of TRT is justifiable from nature.
        Sorry for rambling. I guess my point is, Sonnen is a Felon because of real estate not from TRT. He appears to have taken many extra doses prior to his fight with Silva. He misused a prescription and tried hiding behind TUE (which he did not have, thought he could get one after the fact like Nick Diaz will prob try for his pot) which is probably why he got 12 months vs 6. These are the issues of our sport TRT (abused now need it to be normal and use it to keep fighting well past the age of retirement) and of course the second issue if not more important weight cutting in today’s environment

  1. Ly-er says:

    This guy does it again! Just recharge my interest for this fight again, June is too damn long now!!! LOL

  2. phael sonnen says:

    i predict anderson “the champ” silvia wins by ktfo early 2nd round.

  3. learntoread says:

    Arguably Nick’s best work to date. Cheers man.

  4. Bovice Warren says:

    Sonnen by Steroid

  5. Nick says:

    Can’t wait. I’d love to see Chael win.

  6. Josh T says:

    Nick makes the most epic promos hands down.
    Dope as hell.
    I can’t wait for this.

    Anderson Silva is gonna crush him in the most anticipated rematch ever!

  7. Dante Niro says:

    sick vid! anderson’s gonna ko chael!

  8. mmaislandjunkie says:

    cant wait for sonnen to get murked in brazil, ole ole ole ole!

  9. Troll Guy says:

    I really love the trash talking

  10. Jason N says:

    Not really interested in this match. Hate Sonnan.

  11. dubs says:

    can’t wait for Chael to Own Silva for 5 more rounds. I hope Anderson taps to strikes.

    • mrburnz84 says:

      sonnens strikes lol u hav to be kidding anderson doesnt even try to block sonnens strikes simply because they dont hurt him lol sort ur nappa out anderson r1 jab ko

  12. Shawn says:

    I just wonder what Sonnen is gonna do after he gets his ass decisively handed to him. He shud av left some of his antics for later. Guess he’s gotta find another nemisis. Lol Whatchu gonna do brudah, when d Spidermaniacs run wild on you!

  13. jdubx says:

    if bisbing can stop sonnens takedowns, silva can. the sonnen silva rematch will be as one sided as the rest of silvas fights, anyone that says different is retarded.

  14. DBKlein69 says:

    silva will back out with another “injury”. if he doesn’t, he’s gonna get his ass kicked worse than he did the first time. chael sonnen new middleweight champ 2012

  15. Mike says:

    Silva by KO round 2.

    Sonnen will do NOTHING like he could the first time and he will quickly realize that in round 1

  16. USA says:

    Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva II in Brazil

    its going to be a classic U.S.A vs Brazil

  17. Chael is a master of building himself up, the only thing is, he actually swallows his own Kool-aide. That first Sonnen press footage was BIZARRE. He’s delusional.

    He got beat. Yeah, he pounded on guy for 4.7 rounds but he could not knock him out or TKO him. Then he fell prey to a submission that he ALWAYS falls for.

  18. Ray says:

    “He wraps his legs around your head for 8 secs, and they call him the winner”, Yes he won, u tapped bitch!

  19. Sweet game plan says:

    I don’t know who wins this fight, i here you spider fans say his ribs were injured last time so will see this time. Anyways all this fight means is who Chris Weidman takes the belt from..

    • wayuk says:

      i like weidman but im not sold to his style yet, he’s good but he has cardio issues even if he accepted the fight with maia with a short notice.. if the ufc finds chris weidman as a contender in the middleweight, they should build him first and not rush him so he gets more experience, develops new tricks, improves his cardio before they bring him in the title picture.. i suggest they give him like 2 more fights with the likes of tim boetsch or munoz to see if he really is a threat to the title

  20. wayuk says:

    silva’s game plan like their 1st fight will win against anderson but, an anderson silva with no injuries & is motivated & angry fighting chael especially in front of his home country had me think twice if chael can do the same domination again.. i can see the best anderson silva coming out on June for their championship fight, manhandling sonnen in a dominant fashion in the standup and defending chael’s takedowns multiple times in their upcoming fight.. silva via ko/tko (hope the ref gives silva few more seconds before the fight ends until chael is unconscious)

  21. NickDiazwas here says:

    Chael will prevail!! Get off Silvas nuts!! He’s done with!!

  22. Logan says:

    Sonnen has a pretty good chin…either going to decision or Silva will sub Sonnen

  23. USA! says:

    if you’re from the USA then you need to pull for the American! which is Sonnen….he’s going to war in hostile territory! God Bless Chael Sonnen and God Bless America!

  24. BobO says:

    That was a great video. I had great seats and witnessed Chael pound Anderson for 4 1/2 rounds out here in Oakland. He completely dominated him like nobody ever has. However, He got submitted afterwards. That’s mixed martial arts.

    Make no mistake about it though. Chael Sonnen has the skills to defeat Anderson Silva. Gonna be harder though attempting to do it on Silva’s home ground. ~BobO

  25. Ricky fatton says:

    Hope they make primetime show for this fight

  26. Ben Nusbaum says:

    It amazes me that they’re going to let him fight for the title again. This is the perfect example of someone who took all the shortcuts in the world and almost got away with it. Not only was Sonnen taking steroids, but Anderson’s ribs were broken, and the guy still managed to lose.

    The UFC doesn’t talk about Sonnen’s steroid use when they talk about how close he came. Put someone like a Michael Bisping in there on enhancing steroids and see what happens. The bottom line is that Anderson SIlva has overcome all the odds, from steroids to injuries to doubts. Come Summer, let’s hope that Silva puts Sonner out and he’ll never get a rematch.

  27. slacker says:

    Thought of a re – match was compelling until his Bisping performance. I’m sure Sonnen will have the heart and effort, but I will be surprised if his body can do what his mind is telling him. I don’t care about either of these guys, personally. I wouldn’t be surprised if Silva just kicks him in the face goodnight, since he knows Sonnen is just going to come charging in. This could be the most embarassing night of Sonnen’s life!

  28. Hightower says:

    You people saying Sonnen uses steroids just sound dumb. Marquardt got caught with steroids, their is a difference. get your facts straight before you comment in public places and make yourself look like an idiot. That being said i just hope its a competitive fight.

    • jonsey says:

      you idiot buddy..nate got cut for same as cheal but he did not imform the comission like cheal befor hand and he got caught many times…u dont know shit..cheal was getting testosterone enethtate which is what guys use for steroids also an was exact same thig nate took….u should get u shit right befor open u stupid face…

  29. Judge_Dreadz says:

    sonnen’s BUTT dudes a cheat he only “dominated” because he was “SUPER” Sonnen we all saw how he did against Bisping without his TRT

  30. Whatever says:

    Come one chael needs to fight belfort first before he gets another shot. Im so tired of guys talking shit to get title shots. Hey maybe the Rock should talk shit and get a title shot.

  31. Steven says:

    3:52 of cold chills!!!

  32. InternetToughGuy says:

    It’s funny after the Silva v. Sonnen fight, Silva looked like he went for a jog while Sonnen looked like he got hit with the ugly stick. Time to shut Sonnen The Clown up for good. Hopefully he goes away this time. He’s an absolute joke and an embarrassment to the UFC on multiple levels. Notice how much scrawnier Sonnen is now compared to the video. Must be tough trying to emulate what he was before without the help of steroids…

  33. kill the clown says:

    silva via 1st round flying knee on that fucking clowns 1st takedown attempt

  34. Zack says:

    I can’t wait. Sonnen knows he’s got a ass whoopin waiting. He’s literally gunna get fuckin annihilated

  35. drew says:

    I’m not taking sides, but anderson knows how to speak english fluently he shouldnt be talking like hes from brazil and just learned english, he lives here for christ sake

  36. In what “Parallel Universe” does Chael live in, where a man can wrap his legs around your head so tight, that it makes you beg for your life, and then you can stand there and talk shit, like you didn’t just try to beat him and got your ass choked out in the process?!?!?! Tell me that Chael!!! I can’t wait for Anderson to finish you in the 1st round like he had the chance to in the 1st fight.

  37. Xaninho says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Sonnen pulls out of the fight, faking an injury.

  38. i just hate silva says:

    ok, ok,….. I mean yea chael talks alot of shit and yea, he’s a clown sometimes, but uhhh, u guys forget how much of a douche bag and clown SILVA was towards MAIA and the last guy he fought? THE FUCKING GUY WAS DANCING IN THE RING AND ACTING LIKE A MONKEY in front of an audience that was completely new to MMA , he was a fucking disgrace, if he WASNT the champ when he did that, you would have never heard from him again, DANA had to fukin SON that clown ass anderson and make him ACT the way he does now… i still think SIlva is an asshole and cocky at that….lol and i hope and pray chael cripples him in the re-match..

  39. Michael says:

    I just hope it last longer then one round. We havent gotten to see much of Anderson in the past couple years and i would like to see him in the ring for atleast 15 mins.

  40. JP says:

    Can’t wait I think Sonnan will not make the same mistake again… Stay postered up and out of Silva’s guard and just keep raining punches.

  41. Yeas says:

    I always love that comment: “I punched him 300 times and they call him the champion.”

    If you punch a guy 300x and you couldn’t put him away, you don’t really have business calling those punches or calling yourself a fighter.

  42. I surmise that Silva has learned from the past and anticipate more effective striking from him. I think he will be looking for the take downs and will meet them with a knee. Chael Achilles heels have always been submission. I would like to see Silva knock his ass out this time. Silva is an example of what a martial artist should reflect. Cheal will not get another shot after this one. I feel he does not even deserve to fight after the use of steroids that alone suggest that he felt that he was not complete enough to defeat Silva. It akin to not being capable of hitting a home run then you get the juice like A-Rod

  43. Wilkov says:

    That clip of the Anderson and Forrest fight… Jesus God I’d forgotten how good Anderson is in a striking exchange…

  44. MartelW says:

    Silva vs Sonnen II’s Primetime is going to be sick!

  45. Scarface923 says:

    The first fight was a barnburner!!! Sonnen lost by tap out, then I watched the press conference and he acted like HE didnt just tap out proclaiming he did this he did that. But what you did was TAP OUT. I can see your frustration for dominating the best fighter in UFC history but at the end of the day you TAPPED OUT!!!! now you have really pissed the Spider off now he is going to catch a charge for attempted murder for beating you near death. I cant wait until July 7. It will honestly be a complete massacre

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