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Tuesday, 09/03/2013, 12:01 pm

Benson Henderson will be back with a vengeance; Malki Kawa gives his thoughts on his client’s loss

Saturday night in the main event of UFC 164 Benson Henderson was set to defend his title against Anthony Pettis. For Henderson though, it was also a chance to avenge his loss to Pettis and also get him in the UFC record book. If Henderson would have beat Pettis he would have broken the lightweight title defense record that he shares with our own BJ Penn.

The fight ended in the first round in dramatic fashion as Pettis was able to lock in an armbar and finish Henderson in the first round via verbal tapout. This was Henderson’s first loss in 8 fights and his only loss inside the UFC. Winning has been something Henderson and his manager Malki Kawa got use to which made this loss heartbreaking for them both.

Malki Kawa appeared on The MMA Hour on Monday and discussed his client’s first loss in the UFC:

“I think he handled it as best as he could. He definitely had his moment backstage. I sat there, and I watched it, and that was probably one of the things that got me because I never really felt so helpless as a manager before. I’ve always been able to do something about it. This was the one time where I kind of sat there and watched him and didn’t know what to do. Do you say ‘great job, better luck next time? Do you say, Hey, not your night? It broke my heart.”

“At the same time I watched a guy kind of say, ‘okay, this happened, it’s time to move on from this and I’m going to come back with a vengeance.’ He did this once before, and you saw what happened to (Mark) Bocek and Jim Miller, he dominated those guys. I kind of feel sorry for whomever he’s going to fight next because I know this guy is going to take it all out on whoever is next. He’s going to prove a point, and he’s going to make a run for it again.”


29 Responses to “Benson Henderson will be back with a vengeance; Malki Kawa gives his thoughts on his client’s loss”

  1. squid says:

    benson will be back. he’s got the heart of a champion. respect to both he and anthony pettis. both excellent fighters.

  2. John M says:

    I couldn’t agree with this anymore. Bendo will come back stronger than ever.

  3. Thesire says:

    Definitely interested in who they match him up with next, if the ufc sets up the aldo fight then tj grant would make sense. I’d really like to see Henderson vs Thompson seeng as Thompson had a close fight with Melendez and beat Diaz.

  4. Bob'O says:

    While I respect Henderson, all he tried to do was take (not butt hump, cause wrestling is a part of MMA) Pettis Down in the first round. I still must respect Ben because of their first battle, which is what the UFC is all about. There first title fight in the WEC was one of the best MMA fights in history, Yes go watch it FNGs. I am not saying that cause of Anthony’s timeless kick off the fence finish either. If you’re a fan of MMA, And you have never seen it, go find it and watch it because that is two true warriors going to battle. One of the best fights ever. Anyway off to the present. Pettis started slow, only cause he was getting adjusted. Henderson dominated the 1st round by keeping up the forward attack. However, Anthony broke Ben down with brutal kicks to the body in the 2nd. If Anthony did not submit him, he surely would have knocked him the fuck out, or maybe even Ben would have quit like Cowboy did. Ben was obviously hurt and you could see it in his face. A human being can’t take a lot of rib or over all body shots like Ben did in the 2nd. Nothing but respect for both of those guys. Anyone talking shit should just shut your fucking mouths or nut up and put it all on the line like these two athletes do all the time. ~Bob’O

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