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Saturday, 02/09/2013, 12:58 pm

Benson Henderson Ready To Face Any Mentally Weak Steroid Users And Knows He Can Whoop Them | UFC NEWS

UFC lightweight champion, Benson Henderson, believes that the mentally weak take steroids and that it’s because of their weak frame of mind that he will break them over a five-round period.

Here is what the champ said at the UFC 156 Q&A:

“My thing with the whole steroid thing and whatnot — like I understand part of a competitors nature is to take whatever edge, whatever advantage you can get to be the best. To that I just say if I’m facing a person – it happened in college wrestling, sadly it shouldn’t, but it happened in college wrestling people on steroids and whatnot. But if I know someone is mentally weak enough to take steroids, ‘Oh, I need the extra edge, I need to do this’, and they know it’s illegal, they know it’s wrong and they do it. If you’re so mentally weak that you have to take steroids, me five-rounds in the cage with you, I will destroy you. Cause you are mentally weak. So I’m all for it, if you want to take drugs go ahead and take drugs I don’t really care but I’m going to whoop your butt because you are mentally weak and that’s where you win fights in the mental stage. If you’re weak enough to break down, I’m going to kill you.”


11 Responses to “Benson Henderson Ready To Face Any Mentally Weak Steroid Users And Knows He Can Whoop Them | UFC NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Benson is a beast.
    Dudes wearing Frankies Belt though…

    • David says:

      i agreee he did not beat the champion to be the champion the first time and def lost the second time being dropped, Taken Down, out scored, etc. i feel u have to beat the champ decisively to take the belt. just like the 1st time frankie def didnt do enuf to take the belt from BJ but the second time around he def won. im not the biggest bendo fan but i am a fan of his stance here and respect that. i think he overestimates himself always talking about how he always fnishes but hasnt finished one UFC fight yet. i dont feel he will reign as champ too long..anderson silva’s record is certainly not a possibility for him in that loaded LW division either but he’s a good dude and works hard and that commands resepect. i was shocked he beat Nate as bad as he did. styles make fights but i thought it would be closer then that. im not too sure about GIL. i enjoy Gil’s style more then BENDO but i think GIL is seriously over rated bc he has notttt fought any high rnaked opponents at all compared to any one of the top ten ranked fighters in the UFC LW division. he always talks about being the best in the world but he fought josh thompson 3 times and i feel that was the hardest opponent he’s really had who is a great fighter but maybe cracking the 10 spot in the UFC. i just think he hasnt proven himself as much as he’s convinced ppl he has. maybe im wrong though. just my opinion…i think he’s goin to have ag reat fight w bendo tho

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  3. The natural says:

    Maybe ur coaches haven’t been tellin u what they been giving u since u joined the UFC but its juice u foney u only tripled in size since then that’s real natural ur a grown man doubling in size every fight u don’t have too fail a drug test it’s an eye test and u can stop taking the juice a month out from fight and it never show up specially wen u do nothing but have to cut thirty pounds before each fight riding a bike. Yes ur right Danielcharger u are walking around with Frankie’s belt or shld I say Aldo’s now but everything bout u is a fake.

  4. 123 says:

    ben henderson is right

  5. Aaron Wright says:

    I dont use but I will be more than happy to take Ben up on his offer.

  6. Aaron Wright says:

    I dont use but i will take him up on his offer. I dont have a big name but maybe he should not have opened the challenge and I hope he dont expect to leave with that belt!

  7. Nuitari X says:

    Henderson would be a great champ if he didn’t go the distance so much. Other than that he’s a pretty solid guy.

  8. GRT 3000 says:

    well said Bendo and totally true.

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