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Tuesday, 10/16/2012, 01:08 pm

Benson Henderson Defends Words About Trying To Surpass Silva’s UFC Records | UFC NEWS

“I think it’s good to have goals. For some reason I caught a lot of slack when I said I wanted to break Anderson Silva’s record and people were saying, ‘Oh, you’re ridiculous for thinking that. You can’t beat Anderson Silva’s record. You haven’t defended your belt one time. You’re silly. What are you talking like that for?” It’s like wow guys, you guys are really mad at me for having longterm goals? I want to be the best ever and one of my goals is to break Anderson’s record for title defenses. I’m sorry, I apologize if I offended you somehow, but I do have longterm goals, I like to set my goals high and then go out and get them done. If you want to be a Mundial champion, if you want to be a black belt and win the Pan-Ams, you want to win the worlds, win the Europeans, then you should bust your butt and train like it,” Henderson said.

While a guest on MMA Weekly Radio, UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson went on the record to defend his comments pertaining to beating Anderson Silva’s win streak and title defense records so that he can be considered the greatest of all-time.

Apparently some of the MMA community and fans took his words as offensive, but the champ states he just has big goals!

Nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, right?

Check out the full audio from the interview in the player below.


23 Responses to “Benson Henderson Defends Words About Trying To Surpass Silva’s UFC Records | UFC NEWS”

  1. korean jesus says:

    no doubt nothin wrong with shootin for the stars. nigaz just hating..

    • The natural says:

      This is the problem with that you only had too go thru Edgar to get the belt. The smallest lw and your the biggest lw and your talking bout pound 4 pound being the best better then AS by 1 U controversly lost both fights or won and what your talking bout and what your doing are too diff things. U haven’t done anything in the UFC yet to prove ur great u didn’t finish anyone and they all were pretty boring to me.. Nobody what’s too see it.

      • Irie Nation says:

        I guess wins over miller and guida arent worthy?? and although in WEC but 2 wins over cowboy….your just a noob to mma….its ok we were all there at one point in our life…and if frankie edgar is so downplayed by you why was he the champ? why did he only have one loss on his record before fighting henderson? he rose to the top of an elite caliber weight class…that size bullshit is out the door because he was still beating fools….youre just a shit talker

  2. JJ all day day says:

    The most impressive thing abt Silva’s record that I don’t hear talked abt is the fact that 14 of his 16 UFC wins are all finishes via sub, TKO or KO.
    If Bendo or any fighter wants to be the greatest u gotta have finishes in your win streak. Decision wins are arbitrary in importance and w/o a finish u u are boring, generate no entertainment value and might as well change your name to GSP

  3. Thom says:

    Finish a fight before talking about Anderson.

  4. mean170 says:

    You are right Benson, these computer warriors are mad at you for having goals. They are even more mad at Anderson for being the best. They want him to fight Jon Jones, GSP, JDS, Overeem, Royce Gracie in his prime, Dan Henderson, Shogun, all in one night.

  5. Kingsforge says:

    Nothing offensive about wanting to be the best, however Anderson isn’t just the best because of his record, it’s because he’s made great fighters look like complete amateurs in the process.

  6. Sugar Ponybear says:

    See I’m not offended he set high goals. I set high goals and hold myself to a higher standard also, it’s commendable. He just faces the same problem everyone else does, doubters. I don’t condemn him for his goals, I just doubt they’ll come to fruition. I could be wrong, but hey, that’s the point of doubters, to prove them wrong. Win your fights, finish them decisively, and win long enough and you will be considered the best.

  7. halfway says:

    Nothing wrong with that. Do your thing Ben.

  8. Jase says:

    Haha i agree its good to have goals, but your fighting Diaz next.. bout to lose your belt homie!

  9. NoDoubtNOut says:

    Hahaha people are mad retarded, I wanna be a UFC Champ too and be 3 weight class champ. Fuck you haters. If you ain’t got your eyes set for the stars, then go eat dirt. Bitcheeeeeees. Diaz will get his ass whooped by him. Just watch.

  10. 123 says:

    He’s talented but with the likes of… Nate Diaz, Donald Cerrone, Anthony pettis, Gray Maynard, Joe Louzon & Jim Miller coming for you it’s going to be tough.

    • Irie Nation says:

      check off miller and cerrone on that list…oh and i dont think maynard should be getting a shot anytime soon…i like lauzon a lot actually just cuz i feel he is one of the most underrated fighters, however henderson is just on another level than most lightweights…nate has strong submission skills however, ben henderson does not get tapped out…henderson is going to control the fight wherever it goes…i dont expect a finish at all because both guys are tough dudes and are hard to put away…but i got bendo by decision to retain the belt and prove once more why he is the best lightweight in the world

  11. Josiah says:

    if you have a goal keep it to yourself!
    that’s what you get for reading too much magazine. you’re unreal!
    goals are different from fantasy..

  12. mike odwyer says:

    i think bendo should focuz more on actually finishing a fight. he is one of the most boring champs out there in my honest opinion. i hope to god that nate destroys him. i miss the days of a real lightweight champ with bj penn laying everybody out and licking blood off his gloves.

  13. Yogurt slinger says:

    Too bad edgar beat your ass already and the judges must of forgot their glasses or the ufc really really wanted edgar at 45. Defend Edgar’s belt a few times before you make these claims.

  14. gee says:

    I aint a big fan of ben. but i think there’s nothing wrong of having big goals and being positive. but the problem is, to beat AS’s record means to finish fights. so, go for it and make it happen ben

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