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Friday, 07/19/2013, 09:31 am

Bendo: I’m going to beat Pettis up

The UFC lightweight title will be on the line this August at UFC 164, as current champ Benson “Smooth” Henderson (19-2 MMA, 7-0 UFC) will square off with challenger and hometown favorite Anthony “Showtime” Pettis (16-2 MMA, 3-1 UFC) in the evenings main event.

Henderson and Pettis, of course, have a history together, as “Showtime” scored a unanimous decision win over “Smooth” back in 2010 to claim the WEC 155-strap in the promotions final show. Pettis was able to land the now-infamous “Showtime Kick” on Bendo during the bouts final round, securing him the judges decision.

Since then, Benson Henderson has been on a tear inside the UFC’s octagon. “Smooth” has gone 7-0 under the Zuffa banner and in doing so, has become the UFC lightweight champion.

Pettis, of course, is no long shot. Oddsmakers have pegged the challenger, who’s fighting in his hometown, as the slight favorite in the title fight. 

Now, Henderson is anxious to erase the ‘Pettis loss’ and solidify his title by beating the only man he’s lost to in the past six years:

“It doesn’t matter to me where it’s at, who’s it against, what hometown,” Henderson said. “Bump all that noise. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m going to beat him up. At the end of the night I’m going to get my hand raised.”

Henderson sees the scenario in front of him as typical, which means there’s no such thing as a perfect situation in MMA. The switch from Grant to Pettis is a “curveball,” Henderson said, but nothing he hasn’t dealt with in the past.

UFC 164 goes down August 31st live from the The Bradley Center in Pettis’ home of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Who do you see winning the nights main event Pettis or Henderson? Let’s hear it Penn nation!


29 Responses to “Bendo: I’m going to beat Pettis up”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Oh yah he is! Bendo will be mauling this kid. He needs more seasoning before he’s ready to play with the champions. Pettis seems like he is injury prone as well.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      Do you even watch the fights? You say and claim stuff coming from nowhere. Needs more seasoning before he’s ready to play with the champions? He was a champion after beating Bendo. Sometimes you really need to snap out of it and come back to reality dude.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        I don’t watch them all but I do watch the ones I comment on, usually a few time. (btw: who can watch all these shitty fights?). That’s your problem Xaninho, who are predictable in your thoughts because you see everything through your rosse colored bias’. First, him beating (gift from the judges)Bendo in WEC is a joke and NOT the UFC. So that championship that he NEVER defended DOES NOT give him seasoning. Bendo has proved to be the real champion by what he has done in the UFC. Undefeated and multiple defense 55 champ. Let’s see here, what has Pettis done since being in the UFC? Should I mention Guida and Stephens(he lost that one, you disagree), he’s hurt all the time, therefore, not very resilient. And now doesn’t want to fight Aldo. Yah, I would say he is UNSEASONED and needs to go back in the pack before he tries calling out Champions. I think and I think Pettis thought that Aldo was going to fukc him up. So now that I have lifted the veil on The Wizard of Oz for you, who needs to get back to reality, bro?

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          It’s funny how you conveniently leave out Pettis demolishing Cerrone. Just because you purposely left that out makes your whole statement pretty much worthless already. But I’ll humor you and give my 50 cents. First, He beat Bendo fair and square, no gifts nothing, because he was already ahead on points and only solidified a great performance with that headkick.
          So WEC is a joke?
          Let’s see…Aldo is ex-WEC, Bendo is ex-WEC, Renan Barao is ex-WEC, Demetrious Johnson is ex-WEC…4 champs reigning their division in the UFC, not bad for guys coming from a ‘joke’ fighting organization.
          That fight against Guida was horrible refereeing once again by Mazzaggati, apparently he doesn’t know that inactivity means getting them up. He tore his LCL so he won’t be ready on time for Aldo. Shit happens and so do injuries.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Getting old but your response deserves a correction in case some of the noobs on this site reads any of this. Let’s talk Cerrone. So you feel that Pettis kicks him in the liver early on that that creates seasoning for him?? So you think Cerrone is a champion? Hell no, Cerrone is good but have a little intellectual honesty here, he ain’t no Edgar or Melendez.
          Yes WEC at 55 is joke EXCEPT for Bendo! What has any of the other 55ers done as of yet? That’s right getting seasoning. Did the UFC have the baby divisions prior to merge? let’s just drop that line you just brought up. Like I said, a little intellectual honesty please.
          Guida and Stephens dominated that kid and thinking the the judges screwed him is crazy. I’ll school you on another occasion why we DON’T have Ultimate K-1, or Ultimate-Muay Thai or Ultimate-Boxing at a later time when you need it.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          It’s not the Ultimate Dryhump Fest either, but that’s clearly your cup of tea.
          I like a good groundfight, when it goes to the ground and they continue fighting, delivering ground n pound and going for submissions the fight is still exciting in my opinion.
          But just a few wrestlers can deliver that. Most wrestlers are boring as shit when it gets to the ground only lay n praying ’til the end of the round, that kind of fight avoiding faggotry is what I dislike very much.

    • Gargoyles Crack Dealer says:

      Whoah kid! I know my shits good but DAMN! You musta got dat uncut rock. Shhheeeeiiittt

  2. JiuJitsuHeyZues says:

    I like both of these guys but I kinda think Benson is the 155 LB GSP wins fights but not exciting enough IMO. 7-0 in the UFC and not one finish…Come on man. I realize being exciting is risky and Wins is really what it comes down to, but he was an exciting fighter in the WEC against some of the top guys as well. However- I see this being a 5 rd Hump-a-thon and Pettis is going to be on the wrong end of it. Should he be able to keep it standing, could be a different story, then I say pettis can take a Decision, maybe amped by the hometown crowd a T/KO. I sure hope they got Sergio on this card, that kids a stud!

  3. 757 says:

    Bendo lost in the first match when I thought he was actually more dominant fighting than he is now. He actually used to knock people out in WEC He is going to get beat again by Pettis. Kick off the cage oh yeah that was awesome!! I can’t wait to see it.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I respectfully disagree with you. Here is why. Bendo has been fighting the best in world and has squeaked by, but definitely has won. Where as Aldo has been schooled by lower level fighters in Guida and Stephens. The TKO of Lauzon and Cerrone are impressive and these two guys are not slouches BUT they definitely are NOT the caliber that Bendo has been fighting AND beating. So until Pettis can show he can beat Bendo or some other top fighter, I don’t see where he can win at a championship level. I like reading all your posts. I can also tell which ones are fake….This one is real right???!!!

  4. Dddddddd says:

    Bensons a great fighter and there would be no shame in losing to him,but he gets on my nerves. He’s gotta be the most debatable champion in UFC history. He’s lost half of the fights he’s had as champion and most people I think would agree. He’s a pretty good performer and uses it to his advantage(wipes his foot off after being takin down or prances around the ring like he won a close round when he didn’t). I want to see his eyes rolled back deep and his crab claw out preferably seizuring a bit. This dude needs to get finished so his fights aren’t based on not getting finished.
    Pettis is the man in my opinion but has a tough weight class to be pullin his sweet moves in. I hope he can stay on top being as risky and creative as he is but he’s got a rough group of dudes waiting in line if he does win this fight.
    Kick his funkin as$ Pettis! Please!

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      WOW, that’s some real hate I read here!!! Benson has not lost one of those fights. Close, yes but he won all of them. There is no way he would have lucked out in all those fights. I don’t see anything special in Pettis. He has alot of holes in his game and Bendo has few. That usually spells a loss for the less skilled. Of course, I could be wrong. I see you would be very happy to see Pettis as champ. Good Luck to Pettis, he’ll need it.

      • Lol says:

        STFU you are a retard. I can tell that your version of a complete fighter is Mark Coleman. Take your boring wrestling crap that noone wants to watch out of here.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          No it’s more like Chris Weidman, GSP, Rory McDonald, Johnny Hendricks and on and on and on. And please, don’t be so mean you are making me feel bad!!!! WFT.

  5. VALE TUDO101 says:

    Gaygoyle, you are one dumb mthfkr! I’ve seen some dumbshits on here, but you take the cake. I seen your lil wager you got going on with KIdd433. I got one better for you, Pettis-Bendo fight. If Pettis wins, you leave this website forever, If Bendo wins, I’ll leave forever.No new names either. Wrestler to wrestler, are you man enough boy?

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Who are you? You haven’t earned the right to challenge me bitch. At least @KUNT433 has some balls and is passionate about what he believes and debates. But you cocksucker are a pimple on his dick. Show me you got chops by debating people on here and then you might earn the right to talk me. Until then nutlicker, go pop yourself and DON’T EVER POST HERE AGAIN.WFT

      • VALE TUDO101 says:

        I didn’t think so. Little bitch. Just because you like watching WWE, doesn’t make you a wrestler. Your just a trolling little fraud.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          If you only really knew…Hell yah I love WWE, don’t you cocksucker?? I have one for you wrestler, Let’s just fight, you up to that dick pimple. Where you at?

  6. How many times has Benson's opponents been finished??? says:

    go do your research. difficult to finish tough fighters, AND Benson’s only faced tough fighters in the UFC. The UFC isn’t the WEC, fellas…
    Someone said that Benson’s lost half his fights as champion???? nahhh, wrong.
    non-bias speaking, he beat Frankie clearly for the title. I do think Benson lost the rematch—-BUT sh** happens. That fight was close, but yeah Frankie should’ve been given the nod. BJ clearly beat Frankie in Abu Dhabi (strike stats don’t lie), but the judges gifted the belt to Frankie (yes, BJ clearly lost the rematch…) Benson beat Nate without a doubt. And I thought he beat Melendez, although it was close. I don’t think the Melendez fight “could’ve gone either way” like most people say. The fight was close, but Benson won.
    Pettis has his chance now. Can we get the excuses out of the way, Pettis fans, just in case Pettis loses??? Start posting the excuses now to ensure that there really was a reason for his loss. I don’t wanna hear it after the fight.

    • Ddddddddd says:

      It’s not the WEC? Have you noticed who’s on top? The WEC took over two weight classes and the fighters that migrated have done well. You probably shouldn’t preach about research. If Benson wins,you won’t see me lookin for excuses. If Benson robs someone else with an Oscar performance you’ll see me hate on him more. Benson is a huge 55 pounder that fights like he’s small and I think that’s what’s so annoying about him. Benson definitely beat the cocky out of Nate and I started to respect him and then once again he stole from Gil. Bensons gotta go

      • again, Ddddddddd says:

        did you do the research? how often has Henderson’s opponents been finished? Address that. And the “WEC took over two weight classes?” What weight classes would that be? Flyweight? Bantamweight? Featherweight? Lightweight? The UFC didn’t even HAVE three of the four weight classes listed here!!! Strikeforce didn’t even have them either! So it’s NOT “taking them over” when there were no UFC fighters prior to the merger less than 155 lbs!
        Benson is here to stay. At least for one more fight. Pettis will lose this time.

        • Ddddddddd says:

          Obviously the weight classes didn’t exist. They do now and have been challenged by UFC fighters and they didn’t win.
          See my point? I’m not sure if you want to adress how often his opponents have been finished because lately it’s not often. Actually it’s been seven fights without a finish and that’s how many fights he has in the UFC. See my other point? Ha hasn’t finished anyone sinse Pettis kicked his face off.

        • again, Dddddddddummy says:

          What fighters are you referring to when you say “have been challenged by UFC fighters?” Edgar and Guida in the FW division? Aldo is one of the best of ALL-TIME. But let’s see him move up to LW and win. Edgar is no. 2 in FW–not bad for a UFC LW fighter. Guida will not be taken seriously for a title ever again (and he shouldn’t have been for the LW belt coupl years back). Stop talking nonsense with your non-factual bullsh*t.
          And, Mental, the queston was: How many times has Benson’s OPPONENTS been finished in their careers??? Comprende? How many times has Melendez been finished? ZERO. Diaz was finished just twice and has a reputation of being difficult to finish. Frankie? ZERO. Caveman? Several, but you gotta catch ’em first. Jim Miller? ONCE. Bocek? TWICE. Point is, like the one on your dunce cap, is that Henderson’s fought fighters that are difficult to finish. Hate the man for your personal, selfish, racist reasons. But respect the fighter.

      • Dddddddd says:

        If you actually were a passionate observer of fights and not just an insecure,childish race sensitive bitch you would realize that Boceck,Miller,Guida and Diaz have all been finished. Just not by the so called champion of their division.
        Even if they weren’t fighting for the belt they did fight and Henderson couldn’t get one finish on any of them.
        Why don’t you tell my wife I’m a racist? Your observations about people are as correct as your observations of fighters.

        • I knew the word RACIST would send you over the edge says:

          That’s why I threw it in there. To give you a reason not to address the issue. And I knew you would be distracted by it. Mental games, that’s all.
          And I know those fighters were finished, moron. I am the one who gave you the stats. But THEY ARE ALL FIGHTERS DIFFICULT TO FINISH! There are no cans when you’re the champion (don’t say Anderson vs. Bonnar, because the belt wasn’t on the line…) You hate Benson so much that you don’t want to recognize him as being the UFC LW champion. And your reason is that he hasn’t “finished” a fighter since the WEC. GSP, and I can’t stand his style, is one of the best fighters ever. You don’t recognize him as being the WW champ?
          Who are the LW and WW champs, in your opinion?

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      The excuses are going to be his knee, he was robbed by the judges and took a fight on short notice. These tools are crystal clear on here.

  7. VALE TUDO101 says:

    I’m no where near Texas queer bait. It’s not like your little punk ass has a car or even know how to drive for that matter.Your a punk and a disgrace to anyone that’s every hit the matts. Making all real wrestlers look bad on this website. Useless juvenile shit stain!

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Hey Dick Pimple, just playing around dude, Don’t get your panties all in a wad over this. Tell you what, you might have some game, so I will challenge you to some debates on this site and if you can show me you know some things then I will take your challenge on leaving this site. Fair Enough? btw: I travel around so where how at? Hardly ever in Texas these days, (just left Albuquerque and heading to Fresno) we could fool around on the mat or cage and I can show you my trademark gargoyle wrestling style. Do you really know how to wrestle?

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