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Sunday, 06/08/2014, 01:51 pm

‘Bendo’ Fed Up With Media Games, Does His Talking In The Cage

“I do my talking inside the octagon. A lot of times, your guys’ job is to tell a story and say this and say that, and you want us to say this and say that. … ‘Hey, Piotr Hallman, say this.’ You give your questions a certain way.

“I’m on to your guys’ tricks. Don’t doubt. We’re fighters – we’re smart guys, too. We’re not all neanderthals. So I’m on to your guys’ tricks, trying to get us to say this and say that, and I just want to reiterate, I do my talking inside the octagon. So if any story you want to write, anything you want to say, judge it off my time inside the octagon.”

During last night’s post-fight press conference, former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson discussed his problems with today’s MMA Media and how he wants to been portrayed.

Benson won his main event in Albuquerque against Rustam Khabilov, notching his first stoppage win in nearly five-years. (Replay HERE)


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