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Wednesday, 05/02/2012, 10:24 am

Ben Rothwell | I Will Beat Overeem’s “F’ing A$$” | UFC NEWS

“I’m willing to fight anyone the UFC wants me to fight in August. I’m going to beat whoever that is. I don’t care. Whoever it is, whoever you guys want to see me beat, I’m going to beat them in August. After that, I believe Alistair Overeem will be issued his license back December 27. That makes a perfect time for me to fight him New Year’s Eve, making me the number one contender after I beat his f—ing ass. I’m going to beat him and then I’m going to fight whoever the champion is after that. That is my plan. We’re going to see something that none of you thought was going to happen: Ben Rothwell become a contender and win the UFC belt and become the champion that this sport deserves. That’s what you’re going to see happen.”

After a resurgent Ben Rothwell took out Brendan Schaub at UFC 145 near a week ago, he took to sherdog radio to talk about his reinvigorated career and plans for the future.

However, is the big man biting off more than he can chew?

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52 Responses to “Ben Rothwell | I Will Beat Overeem’s “F’ing A$$” | UFC NEWS”

  1. danieljonesfan says:

    Haha has he been in overeem’s drugs cabinet? This guy Is lucky to be in the UFC and has had his backside handed back to him on every occasion he’s fought someone half decent haha I’m still laughing

    • danielrchargers says:

      id like to see it. The dudes got Heart and sometimes that is all you need. seriously.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I Rothwell has been punched in head too many times because he obviously has forgotten that pitiful display of lack of cardio in the Mark Hunt fight where he got his ass kicked. WOW!!! Rothwell puts down the donuts for one training camp and gets a win off a lucky punch after getting beat on against the cage now he is superman. Rothwell will never be a contender and he looks like he is 34 going on 64. Rothwell should have been released after Hunt fight for embaressing himself and the UFC.

  2. TrigenicKin says:

    It’s good he has that confidence, he definitely seems more serious now too.

  3. bigben says:

    i would agree in the fact he is biting off a bit more then i think he can chew, definitly with a couple more win i would think title contenion but not yet

  4. James says:

    It’s funny how when a top level dude gets suspended you suddenly get all these lower level guys coming out of the woodwork to talk shit and issue challenges.

    • danielrchargers says:

      the only low level HW in the UFC right is Kongo.
      What the fuck has he done lately except for watching JDS KO Cain then Tweet’ed to the world after the KO that he could have done that to Cain, he just wasnt feeling well that night, then after that he fought MARCUS HUNT!!! and got Knocked the FUCK OUT. had a boring fight with Meat Head before, and did nothing until getting KO’ed 3 times by Pat, and threw two solid “queer street” punches. Kongo blows. literary, the last time he was able to find his balls was when he was running off of instinct from Pat when he got KO’ed 3 times. CHOKE

      • Reality says:

        Kongo is rated higher than a lot of fighters at heavyweight. His loss to Hunt(who beat Rothwell too) was his first in his last 5 fights at heavyweight in the UFC. Rothwell beating Schwaub doesn’t quite put him in the top tier. Schwaub hasn’t broken into the upper echelon of the heavyweight division as yet. Fighters should show ambitions to be champion and there’s nothing wrong with Rothwell seeing himself as champion. Calling out suspended fighters (Overeem) though is kind of weird. There are other fighters not suspended and available that he can call out.

        • danielrchargers says:

          he said, Overeems suspension should be up in December, id like to fight him then.
          in December.

        • Reality says:

          His suspension will be up but there are no guarantees about his status, licensing, etc. Not to mention that he’s no longer the #1 contender based on his suspension and reason for the suspension. It’s a waste of time to call out ineligible fighters in my opinion.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        You got to admit that was an awesome comeback though. Pat Barry has the worst luck….

  5. drew says:

    JDS can’t be touched, only cain has a chance…jds was going to put a whole in the reems face anyway would of been nate diaz vs cerrone all over again but heavyweight version.

  6. brett says:

    Easy there Big Ben. Schaub was winning that fight against Rothwell until Ben caught him. Hes got some power and looked in good shape against Schaub, but I dont know if he will beat Browne! Time will tell!

    • joshuah says:

      How was schaub winning? Just cause schaub thought Ben was hurt, and he wasn’t doesnt mean he was winning.

      Rothwell has been a ‘top level’ heavyweight for about 5 years now he catches shit cuz of gettin out wrestled by Cain, and the high altitude in Denver destroyed him and hunt.

      Rothwell would be a bad matchup for reem, he’s very experienced and wouldn’t just trade with reem, he has an iron chin and he’s not a lazy fat shit now.

      Obviously smart $ is on reem, but I wouldn’t count rothwell out! Overeem couldn’t finish him. ESPECIALLY without some sort of illegal drug use.

      Look @ Silva after he came back, also Sherk … your body isnt the same after u get popped and are forced to clean up your act

      • DJ says:

        He was clearly winning, watch the fight.

        • joshuah says:

          The fight lasted 70 seconds, schaub threw flying knee, tried to swarm a Guy that wasn’t hurt missed 5 or 6 punches and got put away.

          This wasn’t Marcus Davis vs Jeremy Stephens, rothwell noticed schaub’s mistakes and had a gameplan to beat him. NO ONE was winning the fight it was 70 seconds in

  7. Umi says:

    OMG! Is he for real? Seriously he must be on crack! Who in da hell has he fought to be in the top heavy weight class??? Or to even think he’s up there… I mean come on who did he fight to brag about being top dog!… Nogera? Browne? Struve? Kongo? WTF dude… Lay Off The Crack!!!

  8. Scotty says:

    Gets a big finish over a semi known name in Brendan Schaub now all of sudden he thinks he is in title contention and is calling out Overeem?! hahaha Only calling out Overeem cause he cant fight but he wasnt saying his name when he was fighting.. Im not sure if he remembers that Schaub had him back peddling with some big shots, never mind what Overeem would do or JDS! And we seen what Cain Velaquez did to him!

    • danielrchargers says:

      he said that if he can fight Overeem in December, then he wins that fight, Bing Bang Boom hes a title contender after beating the Reem. but thats an If.

  9. I Never Asked For This... says:

    No. You fucking won’t Ben. Go work on your Cardio.

  10. papi frita says:

    i’mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm suuuuureeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Brandon says:

    I think Frank Mir has a good chance against JDS. Frank has taken down some stand up guys with submissions before, so don’t underestimate him.

  12. Brendan says:

    Overeem would murder jds

  13. Klas R. Larsson says:

    I dont think Ben Rothwell is a top 10 hw. The winner of JDS/Mir should face Travis Brown. He is a badass.

  14. gazza says:

    This guy has been injecting his brain with roids the fucking dumbass overeem would be put in court killing him and JDS would destroy him….he only has a chance against the guys who are still in strikeforce

  15. jbeamazing says:

    he must of thought he just beat someone special lol

  16. Ifukurmother says:

    hes only talking shit now cause he knows everyone will forget about what he sai once overeem can fight. Thats the funniest shit ive ever heard. Ben sucks cock brendan was beating his ass then he threw a lucky shot with his eyes closed. Overeem would face fuck the motherfucking shit outta ben. Hes nothing but a fat ass who thinks hes top shit cause he threw a lucky punch. NEWS FLASH ANYONE CAN THROW A LUCKY KO PUNCH A FUCKING LIGHTWEIGHT CAN ONE PUNCH A HEAVYWEIGHT IF HE HITS ON THE BUTTON

  17. Numba1Ghani says:

    hahahaha don’t make me laugh. anyone who has any sense of understanding about the sport of mma knows ben fatfuck tittyboy rothwell aint no fucking top10er. this fat hairy redneck hasn’t beaten any big names in the sport let alone a top 10 heavyweight. If you think brenden shaub counts you’re on fucking drugs. And btw shaub was destroying rothwell he spinning back elbowed him in the eye and got caught with the luckiest one punch ko since kongo on barry. This fool needs to learn his place and know when to shut his cheeseburger eating mouth. Don’t call out overeem and the champ when you got assraped by cain and didn’t this fool just lose to mark hunt the k1 kickboxer whose ground game is so bad he got tapped by sean mccorkles pathetic ass. Travis browne ftw he’s gona ko rothwell to bellator

    • BowtieAssassin says:

      Damn, your record must be incredible since you call all these pro fighter’s pussy’s and pathetic, weird that I’ve never heard of you.

  18. Michael Bisping says:

    Hey guys, I just thought id let bj penn dot com no that I, Michael Bisping, am a scared lil bitch boy who runs away more than fights. Have a blessed day and rothwell sucks to, literally. He’s a true lady which means he doesn’t spit, he swallows. That’s why he’s still in the ufc.

  19. Jimmy says:

    No, u will not.

  20. Ganymede says:

    I like Ben, but I think he’s punch-drunk from his fight with Cain if he thinks he’s capable or deserving of a top contender’s match. Him vs. Overeem (or any top 5 HW) would be a snuff film.

  21. TEVARUA says:


  22. Not You says:

    Let’s see you get past Browne before you talk about being the champ.

  23. MARV3L0US says:

    Big ben wait till you fight travis browne cause he is going to kick YOUR ass buddy.

  24. pat says:

    Travis browne wont be ad ez as stare into space Schaub

  25. Aaron says:

    Who knows… he looked like he was in fantastic shape for that Schaub fight. I’ve never seen him that determined either. Maybe he’s realized he needs to nut up or shut up. The man weighs freakin 263. I don’t care who you are, a solid punch from a 260 pounder and it’s lights the fuck out.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Big Country should get with Big Ben’s coaches so he can get in shape too. Nelson is one of my favorite hw fighters but it’s so strange that his chin is in better athletic shape than he is.

  26. Jacob K says:

    He’s fresh off a big win after taking his career more seriously, of course he believes he can conquer the HW division. Hell, Brock was gonna retire after getting beat by Overeem either way. If he beats Browne for some reason it’d be nice to see someone seeing themselves beating Overeem besides JDS

  27. Lol says:

    Lmao he beat a brandon schaubs weak ass by luck amd now calling out reem? Mark Hunt soes not approve of his measage. Hes far from a title ahot and browns going to rape wm

  28. fortyb4five says:

    Reem would wreck this guy.

  29. Donnybrook says:

    Can’t bash the man for thinking positive and believing in himself, I wish him the best of luck… all you haters should smarten the fuck up!.

  30. Haha says:

    I dunno good on him and all but it’d be a major upset this guy beating Allistair, i’m no fanboy but seriously of Allistair but in that match up Allistair would be the one with the superior tools to bring into play.

  31. Brend0magic says:

    He won’t get through Browne.

  32. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Rothwell showed awesome potential for possible future top ten but he would get kneed into oblivion by Overeem. I hope Shaub changes up his fighting style or drops to 205. We need more talent in 205.

  33. Chartmonster says:

    GIVE ME A FKN BREAK.. Calling out the wrong man, Ben! Hunt will knock your ass out!

  34. Xaninho says:

    Overeem would use him as a punching bag.

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