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Monday, 12/10/2012, 12:04 pm

Ben Henderson Stole Thigh Punch Technique From Bruce Leeroy | UFC NEWS

The reigning UFC Lightweight champ Ben Henderson tells Fuel TV post UFC on Fox 5 he got the “thigh punch” move from Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres.

“I actually planned that.  I’ve got to thank Alex Caceres on that one.  He came up to the MMA Lab and he did it to me and it actually hurt.  He’s a 135-pounder, he weighs 150 pounds soaking wet, and he did it to me and it hurt me.

I started using it and did it to my sparring partners and it hurt them.  They asked me to stop because it hurt too much. It worked. I stole it from Alex and thank him very much.

It was effective.  You saw it against Nate Diaz and it was pretty effective.  I’m always trying to add new tricks, work on my fundamentals, and get better and improve.”


6 Responses to “Ben Henderson Stole Thigh Punch Technique From Bruce Leeroy | UFC NEWS”

  1. Some Guy says:

    He “stole” the technique? Damn, i wonder how many people have stolen Triangle Chokes from it’s creator. Whoever writes these articles needs to find a new hobby.

    • Mr. Boobs says:

      WHOA. Easy there, Mr. Sensitive. You’re seriously whining about nothing. How often do you see effective jab strikes to the thigh in MMA compared to effective triangle chokes? Your analogy is piss poor, if not borderline irrelevant.

      What next? Are you going to whine about Silva’s front kick to Vitor or Jung’s twister? It’s a good article, quit being overly critical.

      • josh says:

        actually, ‘stole’ is a pretty harsh word to use if you read the contents of the article, i would prefer ‘learned, copied, imitated or maybe borrowed’ to be more appropriate.

  2. eburonorganics says:

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  3. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    It’s not really stealing. It’s more being inspired to try certain techniques which aren’t used a lot in MMA yet.

    Like Silva’s frontkick…Ofcourse we all know the frontkick on itself is not at all a new technique. The thing is it was very underutilized in MMA. What we see now after Silva dropped Belfort with it is loads of fighters throwing the frontkick. Silva is a trendsetter in MMA.

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