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Monday, 03/12/2012, 08:47 am

Ben Henderson | I Want To Be A Matchmaking Dilemma Child For The UFC

“I will fight anybody that Dana White puts inside the cage against me. I want to fight every UFC 55 pounder on the roster, I want to beat all of them. I want to be that dilemma child for Joe Silva and for Sean Shelby. I want them to be like, ‘Oh man, who are we going to give to Henderson next? Who is he going to fight next? He beat the entire roster, who is he going to fight next?’ The fan in me feels, Frankie (Edgar) had a very tough situation, he had a rough road with two rematches right away, so the fan in me feels that he deserves, he had to put himself on the line and … I don’t think you guys really understand when I say this, I want to fight everybody, I’m going to beat everybody, just line them up. But they are going to have to work their way up to me.”

While a guest on last week’s airing of “The MMA Hour”, UFC lightweight champion, Benson Henderson again expressed his desire to face the entire UFC roster.

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45 Responses to “Ben Henderson | I Want To Be A Matchmaking Dilemma Child For The UFC”

  1. Bro.. You lost against Anthony Pettis Lol Your not as great as you think you are. I think Frankie would win the rematch, don’t like him, but i think if given another chance he would take Ben

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      bro he lost against 1 fighter who happens to be a sickhead superkicker and it went to decision. it was close until the showtime kick/knockdown and all champions have lost fights.
      Benson learned from it. I believe him when he says it too
      hes young, he can only improve and now he has something bigger to lose then he ever had before

      • Personally I Think Between Pettis and Henderson, It would still be a very close match. They’ve both improved a lot, Pettis lost against Guida, but he’s up and fighting again and still a top contender. All i was saying is I think Ben is getting a little ahead of himself, ive watched him since his very first fight in WEC, I actually like the guy, and don’t like Frankie, It’s just my personal Opinion that Frankie can beat the guy, especially now that the cards weren’t on his side. I’d like to see a rematch, see how things turn out. But then again, ive been hoping to see a rematch between Pettis and Henderson since their fight.

    • really? says:

      so that makes ryo chonan better than anderson silva right? because he did beat him

    • Shawn says:

      Every champ has their off days. Pettis was Henderson’s. The Henderson that fought Pettis, wasn’t the Henderson that fought Cerrone both times, and wasn’t the guy that battled his way to the top when he moved to the UFC. The rematch with Edgar will be the same, or worse for Edgar (as in he’ll be finished). And when Pettis and Henderson meet again, I’m most certain it’ll be a much different outcome than their first fight. No one is unbeatable. But right now, I think Bendo will be LW kingpin for a long time.

    • Ryan machado says:

      I dont want ben henderson to be champion, but he does deserve it he is skilled, extremely skilled i think cards where off that night tho, jake shields won against akiyama but look what happend to shields tripped so many times thought he lost but he won and hendo won but damn i wanted frankie to win man frankie is a warrior you never know what will happen

    • mario says:

      Pettis completly kicked him in the head!!! remember??? he´s so far to be best in the rooster!!! Diaz, Cerrone, Pettis and Edgard could easily beat him!!!

      • mmafreak05 says:

        it was just a kick.. there are many fighters that can do that..he was just lucky to hit bendo.. and dude, bendo was not knocked out.. it was a split decision win for pettis.come on man?.. a good win is a K.O, TKO , submission and unanimous decision…. there is no such thing as an undefeated fighter.. every fighter/champions has downs.. he improved so much after that fight… i believe he can beat diaz, cerrone,pettis and edgar.

        • A hit is a hit. His kick did exactly as he meant for it to do, which was hit him in the head. I DO think Ben is one of the best, but I dont think he is THE best. I like Hendo and Pettis, hate Edgar, Still think that Henderson has a chance at losing against either one of them. It would be a close and good match to see for either of them though.

  2. BJ Pencil says:

    yeah, for some reason I see Frankie winning a rematch. Even though, he definitely lost the 1st fight.

  3. Mat says:

    I dunno why any of you think Edgar’s got the rematch. That first fight wasn’t really that close, and it went down exactly the way I thought it would. My guess is that the second fight will look exactly like the first one. Bendo by UD.

    • TRUTH BE TOLD?!?! NOPE says:

      but frankie came back from maynard, beat him twice, fuck you guys are all soo dumb for counting frankie out, if anyone has learned the most from losing its frankie edgar, when this rematch happens its either a draw or, split decision for frankie. hahahahaha

  4. true mma says:

    Frankie won’t beat Ben.

  5. Belvedere says:

    Frankie is gonna whoop that ass again!!!! Let’s go Frankie!!!!!!

    • Frankie Edgar says:

      Did u not see my face after the fight? I looked like your mom after your dad went 2 rounds with her, after he found out she was pregnant with your dumb ass.

      • TRUTH BE TOLD?!?! NOPE says:

        oh man thats a good diss, i think that would be as annoying as people telling you “your mom” to your face, the fact that you dont know who he is, makes me laugh, how can idiots diss people they dont even know? HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHA i laugh in the face of the pathetic. like why are you madbro? keyboard warriors tho, for the FAIL.

  6. K2 says:

    wtf… and they say Bones is cocky….

    • Shawn says:

      That’s not cockiness. That’s a guy who wanted to be the best, became the best, and is willing to prove it with every fight. He’s a man on a mission. Forget fame, forget money, even forget the belt. he just really wants to fight everyone and beat them. Jones turned out to be smug. Bendo is just straight up this is what it is right now. He has a goal, and from the sounds of it, it’s not really even about being the champ for a long time, it’s about beating everyone in LW division. Kind of like the Jones is Rocky (in Rocky III), where he’s all caught up in the limelight. While Benson, is Clubber Lang, just looking to destroy everyone. Not that the two should ever meet, just the mental state of each. And it’s true, he’s the champ, and everyone has to earn their way up to a title shot. He did, so why shouldn’t everyone else? As well, there have been plenty of titles exchanging hands without an immediate rematch. That’s because they clearly lost. As did Edgar. But hey, he’s getting rematch, theirs no complaints from Henderson. He looking forward to it.

      • Jon says:

        Yeah, this is the attitude I want to see in fighters. They should want to fight everyone in the division and say they can win. Bones on the other hand, went on record to say that he doesn’t want to fight Silva because he hopes he’ll become his mentor. That’s ridiculous lol. If anything, he should be wanting to show he can beat Silva.

        I like Henderson. He isn’t my favourite LW, but he’s entertaining. I think he’ll take the rematch too. Hope to see him vs Nate at some point in the future.

  7. jon anti-christ jones says:

    He lost me as a fan now. Him and Jon are like characters in some horror sci fi movie, Satan and his legion of fallen angels rising to take over the UFC

  8. Donovan says:

    First mistake as champion: looking too far ahead. The guy barely won (if at all) and he’s already talkin shit. Edgar is taking that belt back fucker

    • Shawn says:

      “The guy barely won”? hahahaha Were you sleeping through that fight, or watching Edgar’s crotch the whole time. Go watch that fight again. “Barely”. LOL!

    • krafty11 says:

      you might need your head examined. barely won?? hahaha thanks for the laughs.

      • TRUTH BE TOLD?!?! NOPE says:

        seriously? you idiots completely forgot about the points right? well frankie got like 4-5 takedowns thats like 60-100 points… in a point battle frankie won, in the eyes of everyone else bendo won, overall bendo did win, but it shouldnt of been unanimous, i mean fightmetric the fight, you will see frankie was not far behind… for sure not a unanimous behind

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          stfu you tool. it also talks about effectiveness, frankie did nothing when it went to the ground, bendo caused damage off his back and also scored by getting back to his feet, controlling the cage and effective striking.

    • mmafreak05 says:

      really??.. he barely won?.. come on man!.. he had more punches and kicks.. frankie’s shots were not that strong.. and bendo dictate the whole fight..

  9. slacker says:

    He’s feeling pretty confident which is good. But wait til he gets in a few tough battles where he gets bloodied up. He won’t be so anxious to be lining them up! If he can defend even 3 times – including this Frankie re -match – he will have earned high accolades in my mind. He may do it. But, then on the other hand, those close calls don’t always go your way. He does have one great asset that the other LW’s don’t have: those frigg’in Californian redwood legs of his!

  10. Camel toe says:

    for a religious guy he sure is one cocky sob, I heard rumors way back that he got locked up for some domestic charges and from the way this guy sounds im sure he has something wrong with him

    • Shawn says:

      Guess you haven’t been really following this guy pre-UFC and pre-WEC have you? And a bit of advice, if you know any real fighters, you’d understand that we are all a little crazy inside. You have to be. Not by choice, you just turn out that way. And yes…it’s called rumors.

    • jt says:

      please get your facts straight. don’t start any rumors. if you aren’t gonna believe in yourself why even step into the ring. i hope no one goes into the ring thinking they are gonna get an ass whoopin. lets go benson. we love you. jt

  11. Manimal says:

    I can tell im going to get sick of this guy real fast, hope Edgar takes him out bc i rather a humble champ then this wanna be anderson silva

  12. Jimbo_J says:

    Yeah, I cant wait for Bendo to actually defend that belt, and go through some actual challenges like people want him to go through THEN we’ll see if he’ll be as confident. Because lets face it, the people his beaten… these characters… Jim Miller, Cowboy Cerrone (twice), Mark Bocek, Clay Guida AND Frankie Edgar, what do they got. Theyre only top 10 and top 5 in the world. I mean come on, he needs to be put in front of a challenge and get bloodied up! …. Christ, some fans are just stupid.

  13. Magoo says:

    Hes right about being a UFC dilemma child,cause after Frankie beats him like a red headed stepchild….joe silva won’t really know who to put him against next!!!

  14. Dosan says:

    I heard rumors that Frankie Edgar impregnated Snookie.

  15. Bloodhound says:

    Fresh Prince of MMA > Frankie – Will Smith’s gonna kick your ass again, go back to Snooki’s embrace screaming AAAADDDRRRIIIIAAAANNNNN because you’re DONE

  16. Henson says:

    Its not cocky its confidence niggas ! Stop being haters bitches

  17. Mike says:

    1) Franky got handled. Rewatch the fight. Not even close!

    2)He isn’t being cocky, he’s simply saying he wants to fight and beat them all. Would you rather have a champ say he doesn’t want to fight?’

    He’s telling everyone he wants to fight and price he’s the best and a bunch of idiots blast him for it?!

    The guy is the champ and isn’t going anywhere. Franky doesn’t have a chance against this dude.

  18. br says:

    Didn’t Ben say he would fight them all in one night? That’s cocky. I think Frankie will win the rematch. Dudes got heart and deserves to be champ.

  19. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    why do people give a shit about his personality really?
    i mean he wants to fight everyone and people have a problem with this?
    people complain when fighters want to duck fights and they complain when a fighter says “yes im the champ but line em up, i want to fight everyone”

    i think a lot of people here are bitches and just moan for the sake of it.
    grow some fucking balls

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