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Monday, 02/03/2014, 08:16 am

Ben Henderson: Aldo vs. Pettis Fight Is ‘Horse Manure’

With his return to the win column still fresh on his mind, former UFC lightweight champion, Benson Henderson apparently thought he should get a rematch with Anthony Pettis.

But that wouldn’t make all that much sense would it?

During the UFC 169 post-fight presser, UFC President Dana White, sitting alongside his featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, discussed the possibility of an Aldo vs. Pettis bout.

Henderson isn’t happy it. Check it:


89 Responses to “Ben Henderson: Aldo vs. Pettis Fight Is ‘Horse Manure’”

  1. magoo says:

    What happened was you took one thumbed Josh to a dec,with a sub par performance that some think you shouldn’t have even won, and you think you deserve the title fight with Pettis? That’s bull dust dude.

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    I’m a Benson fan but that is way too entitled Ben. You haven’t earned a title shot man, not even close. I’m starting to say this a lot,but magoo said it best.

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    TG Grant ass must be very loose from getting screwed over and over again by Dana White !! The UYFC never waited for him to get healed when he was #1 contender !! Like they did with Pettis or Aldo!!! And a slap in the face for Cub Swanson to bring him to 169 only to not even bring him in the ring as promised for a shot at the title winner Aldo or Lamas!!

    • MMAgyver says:

      So you don’t wanna see Pettis vs aldo?

    • JJErler says:

      Swanson is a likely title contender for Aldo’s belt if he vacates to move up to lightweight… he shouldn’t complain it’s the easy road to the belt for him because I guarantee you he would not beat Aldo. So it’s a sweet deal for Swanson, not a bad deal. As for Grant it sucks for him but it’s not the UFC’s fault he got injured and pulled out of his title shot.

  4. Brandon Canterbury says:

    I am a huge Henderson fan I think he beat Thompson but even if he KOed Thompson in round one I think he should have to get one more win to get another title shot.

    • JJErler says:

      There’s no thinking as to whether he beat Thompson if you look at the fight metrics. He did win, it was just lackluster and not deserving of a title rematch. I do think he should get one more win and it better be impressive for that title shot… but if he had won impressively enough against Thomson, I can at least see why he’d be calling for the title shot…

      • Brandon Canterbury says:

        I could see why he would be but you gotta think he loss to Pettis twice and the second time wasn’t like the first he got finished in round 1, I think he should need 2 at the vary least but the stacked 155 division seems to be short on challengers.

  5. Xaninho says:

    Correction: The Henderson-Thomson fight was horse manure, or rather that ridiculous split-decision going Henderson’s way.

    • JJErler says:

      Look at the fight metrics. Ben won it easily. Vastly outstruck Thomson and take downs were a TIE. Ben deserved the win, but it definitely was not a win that should get him a title match and he probably would not have won if not for Thomson’s injury.

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