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Wednesday, 11/14/2012, 12:01 pm

Ben Askren Wrestling Clinics Hawaii Tour


2008 Olympian and current Bellator welterweight champion, Ben Askren, will be conducting wrestling seminars November 16th & 17th in Honolulu. Come train with the best and take your wrestling game to a new level this weekend.

Twitter – @BenAskren


6 Responses to “Ben Askren Wrestling Clinics Hawaii Tour”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    ASkren is hands down the best welterweight wrestler in MMA. He would school GSP so bad he wouldn’t know what hit him.

    • B-rad says:

      Too bad Ben Askren has the striking skills of a middle schooler. This isnt wrestling were talking here. Even if it was im not so sure anyone in the world can “school GSP so bad he wouldnt know what hit him” Look at what he has done to top wrestlers like Hughes, Jon Fitch, Koscheck, none of them could use their wreslting against him. And all three of those guys are more effective with their wrestling in MMA than Askren because they have other skills to compliment their wrestling base.. Ben Askren is probably the biggest one trick pony in MMA, even more than Ronda Rousey

    • allmightysandman says:

      LOL…you are often good for a laugh man. this is one of your more humorous ones for sure.

      Askren wouldn’t do a damn thing to GSP. he would be just another top tier wrestler that is forced to realize that GSP’s abilities are far more advanced than his…and really that is ALL he has.

      GSP demolishes guys like this…kos is a wrestler right? hughes?

      Askren wouldn’t be able to handle any top 10 ufc ww. IMHO

  2. GetRidOFLayNPrayFighters(Forever) says:

    you need to get real….. gsp had like zero professional wrestling training and was destroying some of the best in the world, ben askren is amazing but he is no gsp….. GET REAL

  3. TheTude says:

    Askren is a fucking Loser!

  4. Xaninho says:

    Fuk Bend Asscrust. Hieron won that titlefight. Stupid judges messed that one up bigtime!

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