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Thursday, 01/23/2014, 06:27 am

Ben Askren Will Pull A Minimum $50K Purse Under OneFC Contract

Ben Askren has been in a sort of limbo over the last few weeks, after leaving Bellator and attempting a talk with the UFC, Askren felt as though his future plans were shifting and his career may have been coming to an end.
“World Series of Fighting had already made me an offer and they called back to reiterate it [after the UFC fell through],” said Askren. “I had two good offers, but I was really considering retirement at this point, because my goal is to be the No. 1 fighter in the world. Outside the UFC, Bellator was the next best place and I was ranked as high as No. 7 when I fought for them. No matter where else I went, I wouldn’t reach No. 1. My goal was out the window, so I had to adjust my thinking to my next plan.”

Despite Askren’s stellar credentials (he’s an Olympic wrestler, has a perfect 12-0 record, and even holds two consecutive NCAA wrestling titles) it seemed as if no professional organization wanted to pick him up, and fans everywhere were a little confused.

Recently, Askren was signed onto One FC for a six fight contract over two years, and they have already stated that his first bout will earn him an automatic $50,000, with a $50,000 bonus if he wins. The purse will only continue to increase with every subsequent win.
However, one bit of confusion that has surfaced with Askren’s new deal signing is whether or not the fighter will be moving.
“That’s a separate deal,” said Askren, “Evolve MMA is sponsoring me and I’ll go there and train two weeks before my fights. Their coaches will corner me.” Askren will be remaining a member of the Roufusport Team.

It seems as though things are finally starting to settle into place for Ben Askren, and hopefully he will be stable long enough for fight fans to really get a chance to see what he is capable of.

(Source: Sports Illustrated MMA)


0 Responses to “Ben Askren Will Pull A Minimum $50K Purse Under OneFC Contract”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    ONE FC really banking on Askren…

  2. says:

    BEN ASKREN TOP 5 ! ! ! Think Ben is the best at 170… def better than Henrick… think Lawler would be a good match up but even think Ben is better than Lawler !

    Dana is a fucking tool bag and the worst thing for MMA… that guys is fucking nuts.

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Askren is the #1 WW in the world, bar none. GSP definitely couldn’t beat him, Hendricks, Lawler would only have a punchers chance against him. He;s the BEST, he would probably beat all of the 85ers too. The only way he gest beat is if he beats himself mentally. Period!

    • Guest says:

      Your troll level is getting too high. GSP would systematically pick him apart for 25 minutes, Hendricks would send him flying with a huge left hand, and Lawler would beat him up for awhile and eventually drop and pounce on him (likely in the later rounds). Lyoto Machida and Ronaldo Souza

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      Your troll level is getting too high. He couldn’t beat any top 5er at 185, not even close. He might be able to lay and pray away at the bottom 5ers of 185 but even that I’m having a hard time believing. GSP would systematically pick him apart for 5 rounds, Hendricks would send him flying with a big left hand (not that I’m a big fan of him), and Lawler would smash him for a couple rounds, drop him, and probably pick up the TKO victory. Askren might be a phenomenal wrestler, but he doesn’t even know what top competition is like in MMA yet.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        You are wrong..Askren is top level. He’s the BEST at what nullifies a striker and there is no MMA wrestler better than him. GSP would be a joke against Askren. GSP has no punching power and he uses his jab as a set-up for his double and Asken would walk right through that jab shit grab him, take him down and elbow him. Over….You and most if these clueless armchair mma fighters are at a disadvantage because you don’t know wrestling. It has skewed your perceptions of what is happening in a fight. That lack of knowledge is a handicap for you. Period!

        • UFC 84 Forever says:

          Actually I’m a really big grappling and wrestling fan and have always found myself doing naturally well when grappling people with my knowledge of wrestling but the difference is I’m not blindly biased towards it. GSP’s MMA game is way too good for Askren’s mostly one dimensional game (to his credit he’s really changed things up but it hasn’t been enough). Well rounded skills always beats the specialist (with the obvious exceptions to the rule always being present) and Askren is not at all more well rounded than GSP. Nor do you need punching power to beat Askren, he would do fine in defending and countering Askren’s takedowns. Askren would probably get him down at least once or twice but I doubt he’d have too much success. Not saying GSP would be able to hold Askren down or even take him down either, but Askren would find GSP is a total other calibre of opponent he’s never even seen in MMA. He’s wrestled some of the best in that world, but MMA is a total other animal. Askren has yet to fight any top 10 welterweights and you could argue he hasn’t even fought a single top 20 welterweight. Also after the Hendricks fight and Condit fight it’s been proven GSP has a legitimate chin and it would take more than a few elbows from Askren to beat GSP.

          Me, and a lot of the educated (and uneducated) MMA fans on this website seem to grasp a lot more than you do as far as the big picture is concerned (of course some are just haters and shit talk wrestling which is pretty stupid in all honesty). Wrestling is a fantastic base, it’s a fantastic sport, but it is not the be-all-and-end-all of MMA. There are counters to wrestling, your fandom of wrestling is the handicap you possess that really is skewing your perceptions on MMA as a whole. When you’re not fanatically defending and supporting wrestling and wrestlers you’ve made some actually really decent points on some articles, your radical love for wrestling has really botched a lot of credibility in your posts.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Until you have wrestled someone like Asken, you just don’t know. Askren is a wrestling freak. He is literally one of a kind in mma. Nobody is anywhere near his ability. GSP can’t control him on the ground and that is where GSP lives. Wrestling is more than the base for mma. This is where you and every other self-proclaimed educated players on here are wrong. You see a striker needs space to strike and a wrestler is the expert at space. So a wrestler, dictates the whole aspect of the fight and striker can’t, especially a counter-striker. Whoever controls space, CONTROLS the fight and that is a wrestler. That fact that it is not known is incredible to me. Shit GSP is mostly wrestler based.

          i personally know a dozen or wrestlers who are becoming great boxers coming up that will blow out these other players. It will be ridiculous.

          Perhaps, I know know more than YOU think I know.

        • UFC 84 Forever says:

          You’re right, I don’t and won’t deny Askren’s wrestling credentials at all, he is a seriously talented wrestler and pretty much is in a class of his own when it comes to wrestler and he has in fact transferred those skills very well to MMA. MMA is still not just pure wrestling. GSP doesn’t need to control anyone on the ground, he can outstrike world class strikes like Thiago Alves when he wants to (and isn’t just focusing on jabbing away like he has in recent fights). GSP can outstrike anyone when he isn’t too busy focused on the jab to set up a takedown, it’s just been absolutely so long since we’ve seen him use his full skillset that we forget. Here’s the disrespect you’re showing to every other base by saying that however; technically every martial art is the art of controlling space to your advantage. From boxing to Muay Thai, from Judo to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu; the issue isn’t that wrestling is better, it’s simply that most other arts don’t respect and practice wrestling as much as wrestlers practice the other arts. GSP also, if you haven’t noticed, can control space like almost any other. His ability to transition and change levels in MMA is amazing and you should really pay more attention to it because that’s one of his strongest skills.

          Again Wrestling is a fantastic base because of how institutionalized it is and how regimented it is. There are few and arguably no better bases in MMA than wrestling, but a great wrestler in MMA will always be beat by the better Mixed Martial artist with good wrestling. The issue that sees most people defeated by wrestling is that they don’t respect it. Jiu-jitsu guys don’t lose to wrestlers because Jiu-jtisu is ineffective, it’s because most brazilians are too proud to embrace wresting the way americans embrace jiu-jitsu.

          Any black belt, master, or world class practitioner of any one single combat sport will make the argument that theirs is best at controlling angles, dictating paces, controlling space and controlling fights altogether, etc. Wrestling is fantastic but again it isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of MMA.

          Just because wrestling can be the difference, doesn’t make wrestling THE difference. Wrestling’s biggest strength is that so many other styles refuse to pay it complete respect while wrestlers have learned to pay great respect to every other style. Again I’m a big wrestling fan, and I’m not going to sit here and pretend I am as big a wrestling fan or even as knowledgeable about pure wrestling than you, but I am going to go as far as to say that I do feel that I respect the bigger picture of MMA more than you.

          I noticed you didn’t rebut my comment about Askren not having fought top 20 competition in MMA yet, that’s a pretty serious issue, don’t you think? It’s not to say he can’t handle top 20 or top 10 opponents, but I think he’s still a few years away from handling any of the top 5. If you do some research you’ll notice some people hold the opinion he’s barely even fought the top 30 welterweights in the world. I’m not saying he can’t handle better competition (because he’s a world class athlete without question) but his current MMA credentials are nothing to ooh and ahh about. His wrestling credentials again must be respected, but until he fights good competition (which he really won’t be doing much of in ONE FC) and loses that ego of his he really shouldn’t be heralded in the manner that you’re doing. He couldn’t beat Lawler, Hendricks, or GSP in my opinion. I don’t even think he could be Carlos Condit, and if he did it would be a pretty boring fight honestly.

          For what it’s worth Demian Maia vs. Ben Askren would be an amazing fight that could easily put him on the map win or lose. Much more than just a simple Jiu-jitsu vs. Wrestling match.

          My point is that he has some work to do. It’s not that he can’t or won’t be able to beat some of the best guys in the world if he puts the work in, my point is that he couldn’t do it at this moment right now, and if I remember correctly it doesn’t sound like he’s planning to stay in MMA much longer, though I kind of hope that isn’t true. Askren is a world class athlete, but he hasn’t done anything worth much attention thus far in MMA other than run his mouth a little too hard during a time where he should have been playing his cards right. He had no right coming from bellator to challenge GSP or any of the top five. He should have shown that champion, competitor, and grinders spirit that is synonymous with wrestling and worked his way up rather than just felt he deserved it. UFC isn’t fair, but neither is the wrestling world. I would have liked to see Askren be less prissy and more willing to say fuck you Dana I’ll prove I’m the best rather than hop over to ONE FC to beat a bunch of asian tomato cans to pad his record while picking up his check. Go look at Wired FC’s welterweight roster, it is pretty pathetic, even more pathetic than Bellator’s.

          As a wrestler and wrestling fan aren’t you even a little disappointed in Askren’s behaviour? Sure the UFC might not have been totally fair to him, but he wasn’t totally fair to the UFC either. WSOF offered him a contract and he turned it down to go to ONE FC. Doesn’t that bother you even a little? Wrestlers are synonymous with hard work and earning your place. Askren barely beat Jay Hieron who has never once shown an ability to handle UFC competition – he is that tier that is lower than the UFC but higher than most regional/minor shows. I thought Askren was going to tear through him. Dana blatantly said that all he had to do was go to a show like WSOF and win a couple of fights decisively. All Askren had to do was tough it out.

          I’ll admit that I’m going off topic with all of this, but I know that anyone who turns down a contract with WSOF, an organization on the rise with a pretty good roster, to go fight in ONE FC has no interest in being a serious competitor and is just looking for a payday.

          He chose to fight guys like Phil Baroni and Yoshiyuki Yoshida over guys like Jon Fitch. Let that sink in for a second man. He went from trying to fight guys like GSP to trying to fight guys like Phil Baroni. Let that sink in man, I know that shit pissed me off.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Bro, you can sure write. I actually read that whole thing, whew. I’ll try to respond with less prickiness than I usually do, You deserve that after that f-ing novel. Mine will be long too just to try and do justice to your points and respect to your thoughts.

          I don’t think that I disrespect other martial arts other than I think all the BS and fantasy that surrounds it sucks. That shit is annoying. I sometime think these kids think video game bs is the real world with the f-ing fantasy that they think. What I do and have always cared about is what WORKS and is effective.

          A punch. kick, elbow or whatever strike that effectively hits another fighter can cause damage and strikers need space to inflict that. They can try to create space multiple ways and as long as the opponent is willing to play that game of space and striking then whoever has the better technique and is faster will win. That’s fine if you want to see a kickboxing or boxing or tae kwon do, etc.. Now here is where the difference comes into with mma. In MMA you can grapple. That’s the secret ingredient. Wrestlers or more specifically wrestling teaches to control the action by contact in an aggressive manner. Thus controlling space. NO Space, No effective Striking is occurring. Do you not see that wrestling is the dominant skill for mma?

          Now to Askren and this whole debate over level of competition. The strikers he faced in Bellator are no slouches and two, its the same shit said about green Weidman until he f-ing KO’d the goat and then TKO’d him again. You still have dementoids complaining because they don’t trust their own eyes, They trust their fantasies about a mediocre champion that Silva was. So Askren would decimate the top 5 in the UFC and Dana, etal could not allow Bellator to have that happen. It was a political reason, nothing else. If you don’t think Askren doesn’t school the fighters who come through RoufusSport, than you are just not wanting to know the truth.

          Last point about GSP. GSP mostly wrestles. He is fast and athletic and takes angles, but most of the damage he does is in top position. Has he ever KO’d anybody?? I don’t think so. He wins his fights mostly by top position and out controls and points his opponents. Look what happened against Hendricks. Hendricks showed that a southpaw completely nullifies his jab and that takes him out of his set-up rhythms for his takedowns. GSP got beat badly by anybody who knows fighting. He might have won one round. Now take Askren, He would take and hold Hendricks down. You don;t think he would control GSP? Dude, you just don’t WANT him to be able to beat GSP and you are not seeing what Askren does. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to know wrestling if you haven’t done it extensively. Its like the Military. You have the Armymen and Navymen, Aiirforcemen, but when you talk about real fighters and the top dogs you call the Marines. They know how to really fight. That is what wrestlers are to mma, the Marines. Why are most UFC champs wrestlers?

          One final point, boxing and kicking and some chokes are important too in MMA, but when you can control space and take someone down and punch in the face and then choke someone out, you are the best. Wrestlers do that better than anybody. Shit, I wrote a novel too…..whew…

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