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Monday, 05/13/2013, 10:33 pm

Ben Askren: Fighter Drug Testing is Scarce in Bellator

Askren’s tweets might be an indication as to why Bellator’s fighters doesn’t test positive for drugs while UFC fighters do.  Welterweight Bellator kingpin, Ben Askren  has eight consecutive undefeated bouts and doesn’t recall which athletic commission requested a urinalysis from him.  Check out his statements via twitter: 







2 Responses to “Ben Askren: Fighter Drug Testing is Scarce in Bellator”

  1. steveo the great says:

    And the truth comes out. How can you even claim to be a reputable organization when you don;t even test your fighters? So anyone can juice….beat a few names and try to make it in the UFC, on no even legit wins. Wow….I think an athletic commission needs to step in and put and end to this PED party. Bellator you were already a joke before, but now it is official.

  2. GRT 3000 says:

    Doesn’t this hair-lip fight in Bellator? Talk abt shitting where you eat.

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