Tuesday, 01/21/2014, 06:02 am

Bellator Responds to World Series of Fighting’s Challenge


The World Series of Fighting laid down a challenge to Bellator.

The challenge was this: A cross-promotional pay-per-view event where fighters from both organizations would fight each other, winner-takes-all.

Finally after no response from Bellator and a deadline given by WSOF, we have our answer.

On Monday, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney spoke with and addressed the challenge from the WSOF.

“Look, and I understand the media likes to talk about this stuff and have fun with it, but the light heavyweight tournament announced today is the most competitive we’ve ever done. We’re bringing a 100 percent healthy Rampage Jackson into a tournament. We’re in 140 countries around the world and growing. We announced the Fox alliance, giving us the biggest distribution in Latin America when it comes to MMA. We’ve got the biggest distribution in the Middle East when it comes to MMA. We’re on Spike TV, who wrote the book on distribution of MMA. I’m focused on our business. I’m not focused on call outs.”

Look, I know there weren’t many people who actually thought this was going to happen, but can’t a guy dream?


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  1. Chris hale says:

    After seeing the shots that deanda landed on spong, I wouldn’t be overly surprised to see rampage land a lucky shot and Ruin all of Soong’s MMA hype (wouldn’t do anything to his rep as a kickboxer IMO)

  2. Ryan says:

    That was the most ridiculous response to WSOF., Bellator….come on really? Your just so busy with putting a washed up former UFC fighter in your top headliner? You got to be kidding. WSOF fighters would take the Bellator fighters i think…..Alvarez is the best fighter ive seen so far…but Bjorn…..popularity and sportsmanship go hand and hand..if you cant take the heat….you know what to do….take the challenge and prove your fighters!!!!

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