Thursday, 08/08/2013, 05:31 am

Bellator President Rebney takes shot at Sonnen/UFC

Bellator President Bjorn Rebney spoke to the media on Monday and defended the way his company did business in regards to title fights, and at the same time took a shot at Chael Sonnen and the UFC:

“Our point of difference is that we’re real sports competition, and when it boils down to world title fights, when it boils down to crowning our champion at 170, or 55 or 45 or whatever weight class, guys are going to earn the right to fight for that championship and they’re going to have to beat the champion. It’s the toughest tournament in sports, it’s real sports competition.

We’re not sitting around waiting for some wrestler to lose two fights straight and then bark his way into a 205 world title fight. That’s just not the essence of what we do.”


54 Responses to “Bellator President Rebney takes shot at Sonnen/UFC”

  1. Part Time MMA Fan says:

    Seems like a valid point to me.

  2. Dis Guy says:

    no one knows the essence of what they do b/c no one knows who they are. bella-who?

  3. Dis Guy says:

    their “essence” is turning their fighters into professional wrestlers

  4. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Blah, blah, blah… and as soon as Sonnen chooses to retire, Rebney will be all on his dick, hoping to sign him to a contract.

  5. Ddddddddd says:

    I think there’s a big crack in Dana’s glass house.

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    he’s got a point there, Sonnen is a doucher…but not that Bellator is any better with their TNA bullshit & washed up roster of superfights. just saying, he is right abt Sonnen though; guy is a total circus sideshow.

  7. Gargoyle Wresling says:

    Bjorky is just jealous of the UFC and the money they make. He’s also jealous of how I only want to suck off wrestlers


    Nice to see the TRUE garGAYoyle WRASSLIN faggot show his real true self on here.

    Are you still crying about your boy Fitch who is no longer even ranked and NOONE give a rats ass about your idol anymore.

    I bet it kills you that I told you for over a year that Fitch’s days were numbered and you told me I didn’t know what iw as talking about. Fitch sucks and everyone is happy he is gone.

    For someone who only enjoys watching men hump other men

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