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Friday, 02/22/2013, 09:28 am

Bellator Not Interested in Signing Fitch | MMA News


The recent release of arguably one of the best welterweights in MMA history to never hold a title in the UFC, Jon Fitch, shocked the MMA community and left UFC fighters out in the cold in the way of job security as the prospect of being released became very real.

The UFC stated that it was simple mathematics that led to the release of Fitch and 15 others this past week.

Now with Fitch becoming a free agent, he looks to find a foothold in an organization that will keep him under a dim spotlight, if any, so that the UFC gives him a call back in the future.

Unfortunately, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney stated to The MMA Report, that Fitch simply doesn’t fit in to their plans:

“I have a lot of respect for Jon [Fitch] and I have a lot of respect for anyone who has to courage to do what these guys do and the athletic ability to do what they do but we are not going to be signing Jon Fitch. We have a stacked welterweight division right now. We have a lot of guys that we are developing that we anticipate are going to be world class fighters and break the top ten. We want to keep guys busy. We want to keep guys inside the cage and we have a plan in terms of the next year and who is going to be apart of the tournaments and it’s just not the time.”

Bellator could very well have been Fitch’s second biggest payday behind the UFC, but with disconcerting news like this, Fitch will surely look to another promotion that at least has a television contract such as the World Series of Fighting or one of the various promotions that does business with AXS TV.

Either way, here’s to hoping the longtime welterweight contender finds his footing outside of the UFC.

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7 Responses to “Bellator Not Interested in Signing Fitch | MMA News”

  1. korean jesus says:

    lol… but i kinda feel sorry for the guy. must be hard being labled as a l&p artist. its kinda like being labeled with AIDS. nobody wants to fuck with that shit.

  2. Scotty says:

    U have a stacked Welterweight division for Bellator.. But u dont have any real bigger name in that division besides Paul Daley that people will really tune in.. U want the average guys who know Fitch’s name where u will get more viewers and ticket sales! But then again, why would u want the 2 most boring fighters in mma, in the same division in your promotion.. haha

  3. dave says:

    people can say what they want askren gets owned in the ufc. Koschek,condit,mcdonald and hendricks smash him like a red headed step child nvm what gsp does to him.In fact lets get him in the ufc so we can see him get owned , but he knows not to come to the ufc if he wants to be a champ.

  4. Rodriguez says:

    Even if people say Fitch is boring, he still is a big name, and a big draw. If Bellator were to sign him and pay him more than the UFC did, that would possibly make a trend of underpaid fighters going there. That could make Bellator big, and maybe even someday bigger than the UFC. This is the biggest name they could have, that could open up plenty of possibilities. They should think about it a little more.

  5. jdog says:

    Total BS, Fitch probably told Belator to suck it because he saw how they have done Alverez and we all know Fitch wants BACK in the UFC. A top 10 guy and they don’t want them???? Yeah F’n right!

  6. Mayor of Deviance says:

    Kinda not what I’d want to hear from a fight organization like Bellator. Rather than trying to get the best fighters they can, they DELIBERATELY keep talent out in order to build up specific names? What is this Hollywood? I thought it was about fighting and being the best?

  7. GET RID OF FITCH (thank you god) says:

    There is a god. Yes I was wrong I’ll be the first one to admit I predicted Fitch would be gone by end of 2012. SUE ME

    Fitch is the worst thing to ever happen to MMA and because of him UFC needs yellow cards. Hopefully now all the lay n pray stallers have gotten the message. Go hump a leg somewhere else UFC wants REAL FIGHTERS.
    All you 2 or 3 Fitch lovers out there should either jump off a bridge or join mainstream and try and understand this a fighting sport not a humpathon. In REAL wrestling they have anti-stalling rule where they deduct a point everytime you stall. NOONE stalls more than Fitch and he refuses to fight. This is best thing the UFC has ever done to send a message they want REAL fighters. 90% of wrestlers are REAL fighters taht use their wrestling to set up submissions and GNP but not Fitch. He uses pitter patter to keep from getting stood up his opponents don’t look any different after the fight than start of the fight. Weighed 204 lbs at fight time against Penn and had 30 lbs on him and still lost 2 rounds and he calls BJ a coward. Fitch started his career fighting guys his own size and got his a’ss kicked real bad. If anyone is a coward its Jon Fitch. Fitch is prob heading to WSOF and I pray they match him up with Aaron Simpson because Fitch already intentionall backed out of a fight with Simpson because Simpson is a way way better wrestler with a big rigt hand and CRazy Bob Cook as he had doen all his career got Fitch out of that fight for that reason. Fitch’s resume is nowhere near as good as people think. Biggest win is over Alves.

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