Thursday, 01/30/2014, 01:01 pm

Bellator MMA interested in signing Phillip Brooks (CM Punk)

Ever since an interview last week with MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani, the MMA world has been a buzz in regards to Phillip Brooks’ (CM Punk) possible transition from pro-wrestling to MMA.

News then broke that ‘Punk’ had opted not to resign with his former employer the WWE. Which was then followed by some interesting statements made by Brooks’ BJJ coach, Rener Gracie, during an interview with FOX Sports.

Obviously, Bellator MMA executives have caught wind of the news, as Dave Meltzer recently reported that the Viacom owned fight organization has already expressed their desire to sign the former WWE Champion.

Stay tuned to for further updates as they become available.




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  1. ISTADUMHI772 says:

    hmmm we’ll see…… don’t think he’s as gifted physically as a Brock Lesnar and looks to be kind of old but should sell some tickets until he gets exposed.

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    I actually want to see him compete because I believe he could make a good run; but I don’t think he should get locked into the shitty jaws of Bellator… He should go to WSOF or something instead where he’d get to fight better contenders anyway.

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    What a Joke…Punk is 35 years old. Haven’t seen him fight, but this seems more like a promotion than a prospect…Lesnar was legit, this guy better have more than jitz or he’s gonna get jacked.

    • Rick Liljenberg says:

      With the exception of the one trick pony with 0 cardio Shane Carwin, all Lesner did was lay on people and punch them with one hand. Lesner was so huge and strong that once he jumped on someone they couldn’t move. Without doing that Lesner couldn’t beat anyone!

      • Roderick Henderson says:

        But he did and won SOOOOO, argument not valid.

        • Rick Liljenberg says:

          Yeah, and to real fans and practitioners of the sport, he was a JOKE! When he didn’t he got beat. .

        • Chris says:

          Guess I’m not a ‘real fan’ or practitioner? LOL
          It’s your opinion, some others may share the same belief but Lesnar had and has the respect of many MMA fighters

        • Roderick Henderson says:

          I am both and to say that is to say that Randy Couture and Frank Mir were jokes. It dosent change what he did because YOU dont like him. Look at Jake Shields most his losses have been to stand up fighters. So was he a joke? Ronda Rousey has only won her fights by armbar does that make her a joke? Give e a break all fighters fight to their strengths ad that is what he did. So give me a break with that real fan and practitioners crap.

  4. dave stout says:

    Bottom line cm punk needs to stay a pro wrestler he will be just like Crock Lesnar and Batista he won’t make it, Crock didnt have the chin for it and not a great skill set for a former wrestler, when he got on the ground with people and would lay on top of them and punch and nothing else, it kind of exposed who and what he really is A JOKE besides punching someone on the ground he didnt know what else to do, yeah he choked out carwin only after carwin beat the snot out of him and punched himself out, and before somebody says well he beat couture you better watch closely because that little brush of a punch across the top of his head didnt hurt couture he took a dive it was pretty obvious the ufc was losing money on their investment in Crock so they had to do something and with letting him beat couture nobody questioned it because of his age and Crocks being a lot younger and a big muscular guy. Anybody who says Crock was a legit mma guy needs to look at more than just his matches because he was no mma guy hes a damn circus show!!

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