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Bellator Making “Hard Push” To Keep Eddie Alvarez | MMA NEWS

“Talks have gone really well with Bellator and Eddie just wants to fight the best fighters he can, and get a contract he feels is fair, but I can tell you Bjorn has gone out of his way to make Eddie feel welcome and talks have gone well so far, so we’ll see what the future brings. He doesn’t want to sit out too long so we’d like to get things wrapped up. At the end of the day, Bellator has a 90-day negotiating period, so we’re finishing talks with them and we have to see where things go with that. Yeah he’d like to fight right away, but he doesn’t want to rush to make a deal either, make a hasty deal because he’s in a rush. He’s a very smart guy, and we’ve got to take our time, take it one step at a time to get ultimately where he needs to be.”

Eddie Alvarez is arguably the Bellator promotions biggest and most recognizable star. Currently a free agent, UFC President Dana White has had no issue with publicly expressing his interest in the lightweight talent.

However, according to his manager, Glenn Robinson, Bellator isn’t so keen on letting their star go.

Is this just posturing by his manager or will Eddie tough out his career under the lesser MMA banner?

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25 Responses to “Bellator Making “Hard Push” To Keep Eddie Alvarez | MMA NEWS”

  1. TheTude says:

    Who gives a shit about Alvarez, this site talks about him way too much. i am wasting my time as i type

    • milos says:

      real fans do,now gtfo you leach…

      • TheTude says:

        Hearing about Alvarez is about as entertaing as watching bellator, a bunch of C+ fighters trying to impress Dana White, now why dont you keep vegging out in front of the TV and watch your shitty fights while us tax payers pay for your mental diability and your food stamps biotch!

        • ballsackface says:

          you are an idiot, clearly a fan boi of ufc rather than a fan boi of mma.
          most of the fighters in bellator are low rate, Alvarez isnt one of them. if you have seen his fights you would understand hes absolute class and one of the reasons dana wants him in.
          he gets rocked in every fight and comes back to win them

        • Doc says:

          TheTude is clearly a moron with no MMA smart.. If you’re that upset with the site LEAVE.. Making idiotic comments about being a tax payer what an idiot.. Go find a gf and relive the pressure in your thin skull..

        • jaib says:

          You bro type like you are a disabled mentally challenged welfare crack head if your going to disrespect people for being stupid maybe you should learn to write first.

  2. TheTude says:

    Im a fan of the UFC because i am about at the same Level as some of those Bellator guys, yea Eddie could probably beat me but id show him fight, why would i want to waste my time watching fighters i could beat myself, I live and breath MMA motherfuckers, i would say i’d kick your asses but its pointless to call people out on the internet, gay boys

  3. Dick Diaz says:

    they need to sign him back cuz they don’t really have anyone else…

  4. Xaninho says:

    Why is it so bad to watch Bellator? Or Cage Rage, Dream, OneFC, Legacy whatever?

    It’s like the second division of MMA, but it’s still fun to watch and spot possible future UFC fighters.

  5. allmightysandman says:

    bjorn will keep him………..until DW wants him, then he’ll take him.

    not a complicated formula, but a true one

  6. Doc says:

    Alvarez is not getting any younger, I would jump up with the best where he would fight more often and fight top notch fighters….

  7. Xaninho says:

    Yeah if he truly wants to fight the best he needs to move up to the UFC. Bellator is cool and I do like the tournament format, but let’s be honest: the best fighters are in UFC.

  8. Drew says:

    If u want more money and credence for your career then UFC all the way

  9. www says:

    I like the tournament format.

  10. Not You says:

    TheTude, you are not at the Bellator level. If you were, you wouldn’t need the vindication of saying to a bunch of people you will never know.

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