Friday, 02/14/2014, 04:07 pm

Bellator & Gilbert Melendez Agree On Multi-Year Deal

At 22-3, Gilbert Melendez sits atop the UFC’s lightweight division. With victories over Josh Thomson, Diego Sanchez, Shinya Aoki and Jorge Masvidal, “El Nino” is ready for a new crop of challengers as the Santa Ana native has agreed to a multi-fight, multi-year deal structure with Bellator that can pit Melendez against some of MMA’s best, including Eddie Alvarez, Michael Chandler, Will Brooks, Dave Jansen and a host of top lightweights from around the world.

“The moment Gil was legally able to explore the free agent market, Gil’s management team reached out to me and we began figuring out how to bring Gil to Bellator,” said Bellator Chairman & CEO Bjorn Rebney. “It’s no secret that I’ve been a big “El Nino” fan for many years. Gil was one of the first fighters I tried to sign when I launched Bellator back in 2008, and he’s grown and developed into one of the best and most exciting lightweights on earth. Gil has a vision for what he wants to accomplish both inside and outside the cage and we can help make his vision a reality. We are in the business of developing and showcasing the greatest fighters on earth. That’s what we intend to do here with Gil and it’s what we’ll continue to do in the future.”

The UFC currently holds matching rights on Melendez.


0 Responses to “Bellator & Gilbert Melendez Agree On Multi-Year Deal”

  1. OG fight pro!! says:

    This is the worst loss in UFC history!!

  2. punchkick says:

    lucky petits

  3. white ninjas says:

    see ya… enjoy calling yourself champion against second rate talent.

  4. ☢ Andrew ∆ James ☢ says:

    Too bad Askren’s gone… I’d love to see those two mop-heads go at it.

  5. Brandon Canterbury says:

    I am not a Gil fan I dont like him or his team. I think this is a decently big loss but one they can handle because LW is their most stacked division. He must have been asking for a huge raise.

  6. shane coles says:

    why would he sign for bellator no offence to the guys but week on melendaze

  7. bubbagum says:

    i like it…more money for the fighters is a good thing no matter who they are fighting for…competition is good

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