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Bellator Denies Freire Title Shot – Freire Wants Out of Contract

By Evan Stoumbelis

Yesterday Bellator announced former featherweight champion Pat Curran would be granted a rematch with the man who took his title from him in November at Bellator 106, Daniel Straus.

Fight fans that saw the last fight will be looking forward to the rubber match between Curran and Straus. However, one person isn’t thrilled about this announcement; Bellator season 9 tournament winner, Patricio Freire.

Freire has gone a perfect 4-0 since losing to Curran back in January of 2013, knocking out 3 of 4 of his opponents. In addition, Friere actually beat now champion, Daniel Straus, in 2011.

Freire spoke with MMAJunkie and had this to say:

“I lost to Curran in a split decision so I felt like I deserved to get back in there and have another shot at him. Instead, I had to go back to normal fights and the tournament, but I knocked out three of my next four opponents and feel like I’ve done enough again to get the shot now.”

Bellator told Freire that he would fight the winner of Curran vs. Straus III, but Friere isn’t satisfied.

“They said I would be fighting the winner of Straus vs. Curran III, but I question why that fight has to happen first. I told them I should get the shot, and then they just said that’s the direction the company is going and for me to just keep doing what I’m doing. Nothing they do right now is going to make right what they have done to me.”

Frerie, an 11 fight Bellator veteran, believes the promotion has lost faith in him and doesn’t believe in him anymore.

“I’m upset at the whole thing not going the way I thought I was going. I’ve got faith to keep training and keep doing what I’m doing, and hopefully everything will work out. But if Bellator doesn’t believe in me – if they don’t want me to be champion and to do things right – I’d just like to ask them to let me out of my contract.”

Certainly an interesting request from Freire. What do you think PENNATION? Should Bellator honor promises they made to their tournament winners? Or should Curran get a rematch? Sound off in the comments section.


3 Responses to “Bellator Denies Freire Title Shot – Freire Wants Out of Contract”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Why have a tournament format and not let the winner of the tournament fight the champ? Curran lost his last two bouts, yes that split decision was bullshit, Pitbull was fucked over by the judges. Then Pitbull after losing a questionable split-decision doesn’t get a rematch, has to go through another tournament, wins it and then he has to wait for Curran’s free rematch?

    Bellator has a nice voice-over telling us that ‘title shots are earned and not given’.

    How is this an earned titleshot by Curran? It’s not like he’s been dominant for ten years and earned to be the exception to the rule. Bellator is digging it’s own grave.

    • Brett says:

      Well for starters Curran only lost his last fight which was to Strauss. However I still agree that Freire deserves the shot more.

      • Xaninho says:

        Yeah you’re right I forgot he beat Shamalaev in between. But that ‘win’ against Pitbull was a highly questionable split-decision.

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