Tuesday, 09/25/2012, 11:05 am

Bellator CEO Fires Back At Dana White For "Hypocritical Statement" | MMA NEWS

“It’s a very, very hypocritical statement. We had to go through the exact same process with Zuffa when we signed ‘King Mo.’ Zuffa released ‘King Mo’ Lawal on March 27, 2012. They went public with their release, they put it up on their own website, on, Dana confirmed the release of ‘King Mo’ to the media on the exact same day, and then in April, when Bellator looked to sign ‘King Mo,’ we had to submit our full contract to Zuffa. We sent it certified mail to their attorneys. Then we had to wait 14 full business days, which is typically 20-to-21 days in total, for them to decide if they were going to match or not going to match — which thankfully they didn’t, and we ended up with one of the most exciting and entertaining light heavyweights in the world — but, this is, to the letter, the exact same process. So it’s one thing to call somebody out on doing something. But when you follow the exact same process, the veracity of the comments have to be taken in context with what the real world dictates.”

Last weekend UFC president Dana White had some choice words for the Bellator promotion and the way they handle their business.

Bellator CEO, Bjorn Rebney took note and fired back at the UFC boss with this statement issued to’s “The MMa Hour”.


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  1. T.DADDY says:

    King mo sucks… He is a 1 rd fighter.. after rd 1 he is gassed and looks like he’s ready to pass out

  2. ballsackface says:

    i think the point is rebney they are not stuck in a holding contract for 2 years
    30days is a month, slightly different


    Looks like Dana had to pay too much for Lombard and won’t pay enough for Alvarez. Boo fucking hoo.

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