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Monday, 10/29/2012, 09:00 am

Bellator Boss Rebney Reports Lombard Got $400k Signing Bonus From UFC | UFC NEWS

Former Bellator middleweight champion, Hector Lombard, recently defected from his promotional home to the UFC.

At the time Lombard was in the midst of a 25 fight unbeaten streak and as a result had become one of the hottest free agents on the market.

According to Bellator CEO, Bjorn Rebney, the UFC made his champion an offer they could not match and he lost his man.

Here is the report from

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney said that Bellator has made free agent Eddie Alvarez an offer, and that if he accepts it, he stays in the Bellator fold. If he doesn’t, Rebney will allow him to bypass the remaining 70+ days of the exclusive negotiating period and take his talents to the open market, where he will no doubt be MMA’s hottest commodity.

If that happens, Rebney expects the situation to resolve itself quickly as the UFC is likely to swoop in with an offer, and Bellator will have a chance to match it.

Rebney went through it six months ago with Hector Lombard, who was at the time Bellator’s reigning middleweight champion. In that instance, Lombard hit the open market, where he was immediately offered a lucrative deal with the UFC.

Rebney said that contract, which according to him paid Lombard a $400,000 signing bonus, a $300,000 starting purse per fight and pay-per-view participation points, was cost-prohibitive from Bellator’s standpoint.

If the UFC came in with a similar offer for Alvarez, it is believed that would make him the highest-paid 155-pounder in the UFC.


7 Responses to “Bellator Boss Rebney Reports Lombard Got $400k Signing Bonus From UFC | UFC NEWS”

  1. Big dink bandit says:

    They both suck.

  2. Scotty says:

    I don’t think that would make Alvarez that kind of offer only because he isn’t the Bellator champ like Lombard.. Even though Alvarez has two impressive wins against to great opponents after his lost of the title, don’t think the UFC will offer him that kind of money.. They will prolly offer him a good amount but not near that 300k a fight!

  3. rick james bioch says:

    I don’t see what other choice Alvarez has but to go to the UFC? Eddie style makes his fights exiting and very popular but at the same time he takes a lot of damage. So I don’t think he can pass up a big payday and if he loses couple times in Bellator he loses a lot of leverage in his next contract.

    Regardless he’s in his prime and if he truly wants big fights to promote his name and sell his brand he can only really do that in the UFC.

    I do hope Bellator continues to grow tho and in a couple years can complete to keep their fighters!

  4. BF says:

    Alvarez has less bargaining power than Lombard.
    He lost to bellator’s current LW champ. Lombard was riding a huge win streak when he came in.
    Eddie doesn’t want to earn a title shot in bellator by fighting in the lw trounament, I’m sure everyone knows this and he may get paid much less being one of the 8 guys in the tournament than he would taking “super fights” in bellator. Also, who would be in a bellator “super fight” against him? He would have been able to leverage a much better deal had he remained the champ. (duh)
    UFC doesn’t need another LW either, they have many guys who are very tough at light weight. Benson, Diaz, Maynard, Miller, Pettis etc.
    Alvarez just fights for the money. He may come to the UFC and suffer a severe setback, lowering his potential earning both inside/outside the ufc. Sure he probably has the opportunity to make much more in the ufc, but the chances of losing money over time is there as well. It’s risk/reward for Eddie, I wish him the best.

  5. Jujitsu Player says:

    Lombard made out like a bandit…worst UFC debut ever and couldn’t live up to his hype.

  6. i love fighting says:

    Dont write lombard off just yet. Yeah his debut wasnt sensational but tim boestch is just as much to blame for that he avoided the fight the whole time.

    It is not unusual for fighters to have a less then stella debut in the ufc it has happened many times and i personally think lombard will bounce back,,, if his next fight sucks then i suppose ill write him with you but until then i still think he has a lot to offer.

  7. Nelsonx says:

    Hey didn’t Anderson silva debut Chris leban? We all saw what happened in that fight so it might be that he wasn’t as good as the barbarian remember who was hector fighting? To say that it’s cause the barbarian didn’t engage enuff is stupid hector as a champion should have chased him cornered him and finish him. I mean how fast was the barbarian that Lombard couldn’t catch him lol. I think that money got hector lazy

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