Friday, 09/23/2011, 03:20 pm


Bellator 51 Weigh In Results

Alexis Vila (134.5) vs. Joe Warren (135)
Eduardo Dantas (134.5) vs. Wilson Reis (135.5)
Chase Beebe (135) vs. Marcos Galvao (135)
Luiz Nogueira (134) vs. Ed West (134)

Jessica Eye (125) vs. Casey Noland (127.5)*
Frank Caraballo (142.5) vs. Dustin Kempf (143.5)
Jesse Riggleman (134.5) vs. Farkhad Sharipov (135)
Dane Bonnigson (203) vs. Dan Spohn (201.5)
John Hawk (204) vs. Allan Weickert (200)
Joey Holt (153.5) vs. Clint Musser (154.5)


3 Comments to Bellator 51 Weigh In Results

  1. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    I hope Warren gets his face beat in as usual. Its obvious Rebney is paying off judges just like he did back when he was run out of boxing for doing the exact same thing. I think most fighters know they will need a K O to beat Warren and no matter how bad tehy beat the hell out of him they will never get a decsion over him.

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