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Monday, 07/08/2013, 02:45 pm

Belfort: ‘Who deserves that title shot more than me?’

“Who deserves that title shot more than me? Come on. Look at what I did to the top two contenders. I defeated the world champion of Strikeforce. I defeated the No. 1 contender of the UFC, Michael Bisping. I not just defeated them, but I defeated them in (exciting) fashion… I guess sometimes you have to ask. So I’m asking. I did everything and now I’m asking. I’m asking for what I deserve. It’s not what I want, it’s what I deserve. And I deserve that. Everybody knows my history in the sport. I’m the T-Rex in this jungle, and I’m so mature; I’m so strong mentally, physically, spiritually, and also my skills, I’ve developed so much. I know that goal is about to be accomplished… I think we need to start having rules,” Belfort said of the UFC’s matchmaking. I’m in a position where I don’t earn [a title shot] for all I did and for all I’m doing. So I think, my perspective, I earned that shot. I think that fans, media, they all agree with that… I really believe Anderson deserves another chance at the title, but I think there’d be more interest in me and Chris, and then the winner will take Anderson. I think that’d be more sellable. Anderson has to rest. He doesn’t want to make any decision before that, and I respect what he did for the sport. But we cannot stop. We cannot stop a division because someone is waiting for a fighter to make a decision. What makes sense is me and Chris to fight. We could make that fight right now. We could sign the papers, sign the contract next week.”

Vitor Belfort took his campaign for a shot at the title to “The MMA Hour” this morning and plead his case as to why he believes he is the true number one contender.


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  1. silver spider says:

    who deserves it more than Belfort?! how about someone who is not a steroid abusing mofo who needs TRT to compete?!

  2. 757 says:

    First of all jack ass he is one of a bunch of people who are currently using an approved drug…TRT is not steroids. He got caught over seven years ago. There are plenty of people who have done things wrong but after seven years they should not be crucified for it. Get your facts straight! You ignorant dumb ass people who smash their opponents should and most of the time do get the shots. TRT ? STEROIDS? I’m Not advocating steroids but if you think he is the only fighter using TRT then you need to grow up, that includes other sports also..

  3. PRODIGY says:

    Vitor is such a fukkking pussssy. You lost both title fights to Silva and Jones, you dont deserve shhhhiit.
    You barely won a title by a cut then lost like right back. You beat some overrated fighers, Silva took your head out and Wideman would school you worse than Ortiz did. You’re just a gatekeeper bro, you lost to all the best of your time, Liddell, Ortiz, Randy, Silva Jones and even Overeem. Your last wins at MW were Rumble who KOS beat, Akiyama who is 1-5, Bisping who lets face it its overated and the former SF champion which means SSSHIIIT IN UFC. STFU you suck

  4. m says:

    Vitor does deserve the next shot provided there isn’t a Silva/Weidman Rematch.

    If Vitor doesn’t get the shot, put him against Mark Munoz for #1 Contender.

  5. VITOR says:

    I would love to see Vitor crush Weidman : ) : )

    Great fight MAKE IT HAPPEN !

  6. 757 says:

    PRODIGY….WHAT A GEEK!!! You rattled off the names of fighters that the Ufc put him in with. Listen asshole Bisping was fighting for the #1 contender spot. Rockhold is a former champ. Akiyahma doesn’t have a good Ufc record but was highly regarded, Rumble Johnson is a beast actually and BTW Vitor had the option to not fight him and get paid anyway but said fuck it and took the fight anyway and smashed him. He took Jones further than anybody and came the closest to beating him…by JBJ’S own admission and he lost to Silva who was at the top of his game when they fought…big deal. You are a total tool you idiot get off the site right now!!!and never come back. You call the guy a pussy??? you dork be gone!

  7. TRT says:

    Winnner of Bisping vs Cung Le fight or even Sonnen. Le was the guy Vitor ducked before taking TRT and changing your hair like a meth. Easy now roid rage, who asked the question in the firt place, foot kick in the face is what ended your chances.

  8. squid says:

    i actually agree with vitor. if anderson don’t want the rematch (which i think he deserves) then vitor should get it. i think vitor deserves it. aside from the jones fight, which he stepped up on short notice and in a weight class above him, he is on a 4-fight win streak in the MW division. he had two impressive KO victories over top MW contenders in Bisping and Rockhold. why not? i think he matches up good with weidman anyway.

  9. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Not a big Belfort fan, but the dude has been on a tear for awhile and I think he does deserve the next shot. IMO, Silva got KTFO so needs to fight another 1 or 2 fights before he gets another shot or go fight Bones or GSP in their divisions.

  10. confucius says:

    silva does not need a “few” fights to get a title shot. with what hes done for the UFC he can do whatever he wants and you know damn well that is all dana white wants. He even said it himself and it will be the most profitable shot. Dana dont give a fuck bout who deserves it, its about what is going to sell more and a rematch with weidman is what will happen.

  11. Mikeg626 says:

    I think BJ is right. Look at what Anderson was doing when he fought Thales Leites, Damian Maia and Patrick Cote. He almost got kicked out of the UFC for the same thing, except this time he was fighting a person who was expecting those moves. This is no different to me. I don’t think Anderson liked this fight because he wanted a BIG fight. Remember way back when he was like: “Chris who???” I think Anderson is getting his way, because who the F knew who Chris Weidman was? NOW EVERYBODY KNOWS. He wants the rematch because that will sell more than the first fight.
    However I feel like I’m reaching a little because no one likes to get KO’d. I am also wondering why he didn’t just KO Weidman and call out Jon Jones. HE WAS CAGE SIDE! Shit Roy Jones was too, I wonder if Mike Jones was there. Someone with the last name “Jones” should have been called out.

  12. KIDD433 says:

    Vitor without a doubt is #1 contender, but Dana already said out of respect if Silva lost he would get an immediate rematch. Giving Silvas record and accomplishments it seems that should happen, But if Silva gets injured, or decides to take an extended leave, Vitor should get shot for sure.

  13. 757 says:

    Who is this guy TRT?? Listen up mush brain. Vitor put Franklin asleep quick. Bisping got blasted out period. What do you think someone threw TRT aon him and he went to sleep? It was Vitor’s shin bone. Rockhold got blasted out. Akiyahama got blasted out. JBJ got put on IR after an attempted armbar. Yes he got knocked out by Silva but look at what he has done. Dana White has favorites period. Sonnen is a loser and hasn’t done shit except lose so flush out your headgear new guy you sound stupid. Vitor is the #1 contended and should not go backward to fight Cung who got his face rearranged by Wand…..Dummy

  14. Steven says:

    Who deserves a title shot more than Belfort? Ummm – Silva you idiot – you know the GOAT and the guy that kicked your teeth in a few months back?

  15. blah says:

    At first I was thinking, is this guy mentally retarded? Anderson goes undefeated for his entire UFC career, he loses once, and you think you jump the line ahead of him?

    Then i got to reading near the end; I think he has a point. I’m not saying it’s right, but I think he has a legitimate point.

    Anderson clearly needs and wants some time off to repair psychologically.. So if Anderson ends up taking A LOT of time off, I agree you can’t put the entire division on hold because of that. It really depends on how long Anderson decides/is granted for a break.

    Someone else mentioned Munoz vs Vitor for #1/#2 contender. I think that’s probably the best option.

    You gotta think if Weidman/Belfort is signed right now, it will be a while before it happens then could be even longer before potential injuries heal then even longer after the Weidman/Silva Belfort/Silva are done training camps… that could add up to a freakin year or more before we see Anderson

    Weidman/Belfort has soo many potential fuck ups and delays, I can see how Dana doesnt want to do it now.

  16. blah says:

    Best options are no doubt for Vitor to pull a Condit and wait it out (for Silva/Weidman to happen) or fight Munoz for the top spot right behind Anderson.

  17. GRT 3000 says:

    honestly, I’d like to see that even more than the Spider reclaiming his belt. 185’s been so bunged up from the GOAT it would be good to see some mixing around.

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