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Wednesday, 02/19/2014, 05:08 pm

Belfort Wants Weidman To Be Fair And Undergo Blood Testing Too

“I don’t believe (Weidman is on steroids), but people give too much importance to the treatment I religiously do with medical support. And to make it fair, my opponent should also be tested with blood exams throughout his camp.”

In a recent interview with’s Guilherme Cruz, ‘The Phenom’ Vitor Belfort, touched on his upcoming fight against Chris Weidman set for the UFC 173 main event.

Belfort constantly finds himself under fire for his use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy and because of his open use of the controversial therapy he gets tested nearly ever week.

With his title shot looming he thinks it’s only fair that Weidman undergoes the same testing.

Do you agree?


0 Responses to “Belfort Wants Weidman To Be Fair And Undergo Blood Testing Too”

  1. Kerry Norton says:

    Makes no sense. Weidman hasn’t been caught taking anything illegal nor is he taking a regulated substance so why should he be treated as someone who has?

  2. team backfist says:

    It doesn’t matter if you’re perceived to be clean or not… -every- fighter should have more testing given the rampant PED use with pro-athletes and the outdated methods to screen them. If Vitor wants Chris to test also, it’s only fair that he complies.

    • zucc says:

      Roids don’t make you a better fighter.

    • The Dude says:

      How is it fair? They should test Weidman because Belfort requests it? Nobody answers to Belfort, especially the champ. If you REALLY wanted it to be fair then they should blood test every champ(Jones, Velasquez, Barao, Johnson, Pettis etc.) too. You can’t just make one exception for Weidman because Belfort said so especially when Weidman isn’t using TRT and has never tested positive for steroids(Belfort is guilty of both). Like somebody said before, if you’re going to blood test Weidman than you have to blood test all the other champs too.

      • 雑草 says:

        “Like somebody said before, if you’re going to blood test Weidman than you have to blood test all the other champs too.”

        “Somebody” as in yourself 3 lines earlier doesn’t really count as a quotable nor credible source.

  3. zucc says:

    Every body ducking Vitor bro a roid head wants to demand blood. Testing lmfao I have heard it all now

  4. cantu_j3 says:

    I totally agree with him.
    Both fighters should be tested equally, it only seems fair.

  5. cantu_j3 says:

    Just because Weidman has never been caught using PEDs, doesn’t mean he hasn’t used them or won’t use them in the near future. Just saying.

  6. Numero tres says:

    the NEW!!! via K.O.

  7. Ric says:

    all fighters should be tested, each and every fighter throughout the camp, yes there is trt, and if a fighter truelly has a low testosterone level then i believe trt is ok, but each and every fighter should be tested.

  8. UFC 84 Forever says:

    To be fair, each fighter should really be tested. But yeah they should pay special attention to Vitor.

  9. idubtheman says:

    TRT is a helluva drug. I think the doc in Brazil might have mixed Belforts TRT with a race horses by accident.. You knoiw.. Because Weidman is the one everyone thinks is juicing.. Weidman is prolly sitting in a WADA waiting room right now because of Vitors comments. I would be pissed too if this guy accused me of cheating.

    • Jake Rodo says:

      2008? (yet says Silva v Belfort in the background), Seems Legit..

      Belfort has got a bit more definition that’s for sure but he doesn’t look a whole lot bigger in the 2nd photo.

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