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Tuesday, 07/24/2012, 06:56 am

Belfort Wants Weidman In Brazil I UFC News


Today, via Twitter, Vitor Belfort has stated that he has personally asked Joe Silva for a fight with Chris Weidman for the next shot at the middleweight crown. Belfort claims that he believes Weidman is next in line but thinks that they should still fight just to clear up any argument as to who the true number one contender really is so that Anderson Silva can truly face the best competition.

No word on if this fight will materialize, especially with Alan Belcher also campaigning for a shot against Belfort and with two other contenders, Michael Bisping and Brian Stann, set to fight at UFC 152 in a fight that they believe will grant the next contender.

Here is the full tweet that Belfort posted this morning via Twitter @vitorBelfort:

“Guys I spoke to joe silva and ask to fight with the top contender #weidman here in brasil so I think this is the fight that will credence me to a title fight so that is what happened.
I want the belt but I am not desperate I think weidman is the next for the belt, but Anderson silva deserve to see who is next. So let`s make this fight the next #contender belfort vs weidman the next contender for #andersonsilva”

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9 Responses to “Belfort Wants Weidman In Brazil I UFC News”

  1. Me says:

    Weidman is stylistically a good match up for Anderson, Vitor is a bad matchup, it’s best if they don’t fight because if Vitor does win he will just get knocked out again. Give Weidman a turn he deserves it and style’s make fight’s so I’d be interested in seeing the 2 get off in the Octagon.

  2. chris says:

    Grow up already his last fight was in Brazil and the one he pulled out of was in Brazil. Why should they cater to Vitor every single fight when all he does is pull out of the tough matchups anyway

    • Not You says:

      Despite what Wanderlei said, he wasn’t at ought match up for Vitor. So I don’t see where all the “Backs out of big fights” attitude is coming from.

  3. Weidman is going to duck Vitor all day.

  4. HD says:

    Chris – Pulling out of tough match ups? You consider Wanderlei a tough match up for Vitor? Your funny….That was a good joke.

  5. Nick says:

    Just stay in Vegas. Vitor should just stick to calling out an opponent or say you want to fight somewhere. Don’t think you should get both.

  6. stevo the great says:

    Let me get this right……Belfort was supposed to fight Wandy after TUF Brazil, he “broke” his hand somehow in training. And now he thinks after skipping the Wandy fight he is a number one cotender and fight Weidman? Please…..I think that kick Silva did to his head really rattled his marbles. VITOR you are NOT number one contender… go knocked out in one kick. You are at the bottom with Chael the fail. Nice try though I give you an E for effort but I don’t think Joe Silva or the UFC are retarded though.

  7. Josh says:

    Vitor seems like a nice guy and all, but he should have to beat the other 3 before getting a title shot.

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