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Monday, 09/17/2012, 08:04 am

Belfort Wants To Remind Fighters To Stick To Their Roots And Stay Fighters | UFC NEWS

“It was right away when I received the invitation. I just saw it as great opportunity for my career. I said to Lorenzo (Fertitta) and Dana (White) that I was ready if they needed me, and then they requested me… I believe the fight world became a little complicated and fighters today have this mentality that things run on their time. Can you imagine in my era, they just throw you a pair of gloves and put you in an open weight tournament. Today you need a strategy, a camp, based on the opponent that you fight, and this way they are never ready for short notice fights. I’m not denying that the level and the techniques have improved, but we have to be careful to not become like a Formula 1. In the beginning, it was the driver that was important. Today is the car and technology that wins the race. The driver is secondary in the process. Fighters have to be ready to fight any time. Of course the ones who are in a recovery process from an injury are an exception, and this is acceptable. I believe it is a balance. You cannot take away the business part because we make our living off of the fight but we need to have our roots in what we are: fighters!”

While a recent guest on radio, UFC 152 main event fighter, Vitor Belfort discussed his mentality leading into this weekend’s bout with UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Coming from the old school era, does Vitor’s message hit home with fans? Should the athletes of today be more like the athletes of old that built the sport to what it is today?



5 Responses to “Belfort Wants To Remind Fighters To Stick To Their Roots And Stay Fighters | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ironfist says:

    Vitor’s message hits home with me for sure.hes a true warrior unlike jones,I fuckin can’t stand that kid.hope vitor can ko him.there will never be another breed of fighters like chuck,Hughes,penn,randy,Royce,vitor,wanderlei,and Anderson.those guys were one of a kind with out a doubt.i honestly think jones made the rest of the UFC fighters look bad,just cause jones was being a pussy dosent mean a lot of the fighters fighting now would do the same.i think a lot of other guys would’ve accepted that fight.

  2. Shawn says:

    A fighter is a fighter. But as Vitor explained, there are two types. One that just fights and gets the job done. The other, is the one that is cautious and has to methodically plan his attack. A good analogy is Rocky III. There’s THAT Rocky Balboa, under the spotlight, money and fame (new breed of fighters). Then there’s Clubber Lang, don’t care, just want to bust heads (old school fighters). Anyone who’s been at the fight game before UFC was the UFC, will understand the old school mentality. Everyone else in mainstream, are just uneducated.

  3. KIDD433 says:

    Damn straight Vitor!!!

  4. SinCe 2004 says:

    Vitor can be annoying but here he is spot on

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