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Thursday, 08/22/2013, 10:16 pm

Belfort vs Henderson on Shaky Ground After WADA Lab Suspension

On November 9th, Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson are set to collide once again. After meeting almost seven years ago at “PRIDE 32″, when the American recorded a decision victory over the Brazilian, the longtime veterans have agreed to headline  the UFC Fight Night 32, in the city of Goiania, Brazil, in a light heavyweight bout. And even though the date, place and weight appear to be already set in stone, there’s still much to be determined on how the UFC will handle one of its most controversial themes: the use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

The selection of Goiania wasn’t merely a business decision to open up a new market in the midwest region of Brazil. Since both Henderson and Belfort are notorious users of TRT, a possible designation of a venue inside the United States wouldn’t come without a struggle. The American commissions have become much more strict with the granting of TRT exemptions in recent times, especially if you go by the name of Vitor Belfort. The 36-year-old Brazilian is not viewed favorably by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), arguably the most important of all of them as the regulator of Las Vegas, and its executive director Keith Kizer.

“I don’t see Vitor Belfort getting a TRT exemption from us,” Kizer told Bleacher Report.  “I really don’t and I feel kind of bad for him in some ways because if he has learned from his mistakes and now he’s trying to do it the right way and his levels are low with the treatment good for him and I hope he is doing that.”

By mistake, Kizer basically refers to October 21st of 2006, a day that not only marks Belfort’s loss to Henderson, but also when the Brazilian tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone due to illegal substance abuse, which led to a $10,000 fine and a nine-month suspension by the NSAC, since the fight took place at Las Vegas. This understanding of the commission is prompting the UFC to favor Belfort’s upcoming bouts on his home soil, regulated by the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission (CABMMA), where a TRT exemption is less difficult to get.

As stated by the CABMMA’s medical director, Dr. Marcio Tannure to MMA, “with Vitor, we did blood tests every month to guarantee his levels are ok, and then we tested him before and after the fights (with Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold)”. That would also apply to Henderson, if the soon-to-be 43-year-old decides to return to TRT, as rumors indicate, after not using it for his last bout against Rashad Evans at UFC 161 in Canada. “If (Henderson) wants to use the TRT exemption in Brazil, “added Dr. Tannure, “he will need to send us all the exams so we can analyze it. I know he has the authorization to use that in the US, but this is a different commission, so we need to see all the exams.”

Therefore, all the signs point to both Belfort and Henderson applying for a TRT exemption for their upcoming fight in Brazil, but the problem is who’s going to be testing them. The South American country has recently lost its only WADA accredited testing facility, which has the legitimacy to perform anti-doping tests. Earlier in the month, the agency suspended the credential of the “Ladetec” laboratory, prohibiting  it of executing any kind of WADA-related doping analysis, due to lack of meeting  the required international standards for such activities.

Ladetec’s situation has not been solved since its suspension on August 8th. The laboratory’s future will only be decided on September 11th, after a meeting by the WADA executive board. If the suspension is revoked, the TRT usage by the UFC Fight Night 32 headliners would be in a much clearer condition. If not, Ladetec’s credential could be terminated permanently, and the second meeting between Henderson and Belfort on November 9th wouldn’t happen without a major effort by the UFC to sort things out in time.


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  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Why are they even applying for an exemption if they stay below the 4:1 t/e ratio? If they’re using it as it’s intended they can be tested and not have illegally high testosterone levels.

  2. zack says:

    we all know the fight will be off if they arent allowed to be jacked up on peds. without trt the fight would be like arnold vs stallone.

  3. david says:

    When on trt your levels are ALWAYS high on the drug tests casue its synthetic. even a little comes up as too high. thats why you apply for exemption so they take into account that its syntehtic and not being made in the testes. the t/e ratio is just test to estrogen. there should always be a proper balance with the two. you are cheating when you up it too high or block estrogen. but as for the actual total test test, it will always come up high cause it is synthetic

    • Derpedy Derp says:

      You are wrong on every level.. t/e is testosterone to epitestosterone. They don’t do a carbon isotope blood test, only urine, so they can’t see if there is synthetic testosterone in the blood. Anyone on TRT with a brain would also use aromatase inhibitors to lower their estrogen (estrogen increases if your testosterone increases, which they aren’t testing), unless they wanted to get gynecomastia like josh barnett.

  4. MJ says:

    “with Vitor, we did blood tests every month to guarantee his levels are ok, and then we tested him before and after the fights (with Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold)”.

    Should have kept quite, now you look the fool Dirty Derp. LMAO

  5. 757 says:

    Again there area ton of people who used PED’S and TRT that are fighting in the sport in the past and present. Currently TRT is legal. What a bore! The NFL has battled the steroid and now HGH issue, the NBA , Major leauge baseball etc etc. Please move on and appreciate the fighting and the fighters for what it is. If not don’t watch. All of those fighters have talent too! Whatever they did to get an edge may not be right depending on what our personal opinions are, but currently it’s legal to use TRT. Long before TRT they were involved in sports and competition that’s why they are pro’s today. Let it go it’s a boring topic now.

  6. 757 says:


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