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Tuesday, 06/26/2012, 03:56 pm

Belfort Interested In Bout With Bisping And/Or Jon Jones I UFC News

By Ryan Busuttil

If you ask Vitor Belfort about who he wants to fight next, he’ll tell you that he wants whoever will get him on a fast track to a title. That includes middleweight Michael Bisping and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

According to, the former #1 Middleweight Championship Contender does not want to wait for Wanderlei Silva, who he was supposed to face at this past weekend’s UFC 147 event in Brazil, to recover from his fight with Rich Franklin. “I guess Wanderlei will be able to fight in October but I only want that my next bout that accredits me to dispute the belt. I don’t know, maybe Michael Bisping. I was only defeated once recently, by Anderson Silva, and all my wins were very convincing.”

Belfort feels that he is nearing the end of his career and wants a fight that will get him a title shot with a victory. According to Belfort, UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta alluded that he would be in the title picture if he had defeated Wanderlei Silva.

Belfort further stated that he may not stick around in the middleweight division much longer due to the weight cutting, meaning that Jones is a possibility. “If my body will no longer permit this big weight cutting, I will go up (to 205-lbs). I am not afraid of Jon Jones or somebody else… Its not for me to choose my opponents.”

Who should be next for Belfort? Sound off below!

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47 Responses to “Belfort Interested In Bout With Bisping And/Or Jon Jones I UFC News”

  1. Faaris Sheikh says:

    If Anderson beats Chael, He might retire after… If he retires Vitor has more of a chance off getting a title fight in 1845

  2. Trevy Trev says:

    Hector Lombard!!!!!!! DUHHHH….. Its a perfect matchup

  3. Monkey juice says:

    I think wandy is right vitor is dodging him that fight sjould still happen. And vitor will never be ufc champ he has great offence but his defence sucks.

    • Jeff Krusel says:

      Stop drinking the retard juice.

      Vitor already kicked the living shit out of Wandy without breaking a sweat. Vitor is top 5, wandy is probably floating somewhere around #20, with a 3-7 record in his last 10.

      Wandy doesn’t need another concussion anymore than VItor needs to waste a fight or 6 months of his career on a fight that won’t get him a title shot. wake up.

    • pat williams says:

      dumbass vitor will KILL wandy

  4. CanILive says:

    Hahaha he should be scared of jones

    • Kingron84 says:

      Whether he would win or not is obviously a different story but for some one who has fought Silva, other Silva, Henderson, Sakuraba, Ortiz and Liddell all in their primes, I am pretty sure he is not scared of Jones.

      I think he would have a good chance as long as he avoids front kicks to the face.

      • Reality says:

        I don’t think that would be a good fight. It would be a mismatch.

      • CanILive says:

        Sorry, I’ll be straight forward, he doesn’t stand a chance at Jones let alone deserve a straight title shot without fighting a top 5 lhw. We all saw how his last title fight went

        • Jeff Krusel says:

          he might as well get a #1 contender fight at LHW.

          JBJ already beat Shad, Lyoto, Shogun, Page, and Bader.

          Hendo’s got next. After that, Vitor vs Gustaf for #1 sounds fine to me, I have no interest in JBJ rematching any of those guys.

  5. jdubx says:

    i would actually like to see jones vs vitor.

  6. Michael B. says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Vitor knock Bisping out, tho I don’t think it’d be an easy fight. Brian Stann would ne a cool match up as well

  7. Anomie says:

    The Bisping v Belfort match up would be quite good.

    Bisping coming off a loss, and Belfort looking to move up again. Perfect opportunity for these two.

    • Kingron84 says:

      Not sure it would be a good fight. There is no area that Bisping is better than Belfort in. Not wrestling, boxing, bjj, clinching.

      There is always a punchers chance but with pillow hands hitting Belfort even I would doubt that.

  8. mean170 says:

    I actually think Vitor has as good a chance as anyone at beating Jon Jones. Before you all destroy me for thinking so, I’ll give you my reasoning. Lyoto was the only person to hit Jon Jones with any sort of combinations, these combinations landed when Machida did his ‘Karate Blitz’ or whatever Joe Rogan called it. Anyways, the way Vitor can rush in and swarm someone is similar to what Machida was able to do a few times against Jones. Vitor has fast hands and hits hard, so it isn’t completely ridiculous to believe that he has as much of a shot as Dan Henderson or Jones’ previous victims.

  9. stephen riddle says:

    I think vitor should move up because he looks like a crackhead at 185 nothing like the old days and there is no way bisping would accept a fight with belfort!

  10. Mike b says:

    I don’t know why people shit on bisbing a lot,hes a good fighter.i would rather see bisbing vs Franklin and vitor vs Brian stann then whoever wins out of those two bouts will fight each other for the number 1 contender spot at MW.

  11. Majestyk says:

    That’s ridiculous. Bisping gave Sonnen a hard time, and of course, Sonnen would destroy Vitor. Assumig that Bisping could survive an early surge from Belfort, he has the tools to win: Better head movement, yes, slower hands, but greater repetoire of strikes, and obviously (based on the Sonnen fight) fantastic takedown defense.

  12. WrestlingRules says:

    Vitor….LMFAO….This guy is no longer the Phenom, he is the Phlop. He is the luckiest sob in the UFC.

    Let’s see in 2008 he beats Martin…WOW
    Then in Jan 2009 he Beats Lindland…Super WOW
    Sept. 2009 he beats Franklin…Uber WOW.

    Then in 2011 after 1.5 years he gets Silva for the fucking Championships….WHAAAT?? He gets his face kicked in and then in Aug 2011,

    He beats Akiyama (who hasn’t).

    Then in Jan 2012. he beats Johnson!!!

    And this arrogant bitch wants to fight Jones at 05 or Bisping at 85!! WHAAAT?

    This Phlop needs to get in line and work his way up…

    • Kingron84 says:

      Right because everyone beats Rich Franklin right? Or everyone he fights knocks him out in 2 minutes.

      Don’t forget Akiyami, sure who hasn’t beat him, but not only did Belfort KO him, something Wanderlai and Bisping couldn’t do he did it in 3 minutes.

      Anthony Johnson is just a big fucking dude and he choked him out.

      Yea I would say hes still the Phenom.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        You know you make a good point that he does KO these guys. but these guys aren’t the top fighter’s in that division!!!

        You have got to admit that a line-up of Martin, Lindland and Franklin KO’s gets you a title shot with Silva after 1.5 years!! WHAT??

        Then he gets KO’d by a fuckin kick!!

        Then he KO’s Akiyama and Chokes a fucked up Rumble who had been hurt??

        You can’t be serious about this Phenom shit. If he would have kicked Silva’s ass then maybe But he hasn’t even beat a top 10 MW!!!

        And he as the arrogance to want a fight Jones at 05 or Bisping at 85???

        What this guy has is a voodoo spell on the UFC to even let him fight Silva and then he must be delusional to think he gets Jones or Bisping.

        He is a joke not a Phenom.

        What he does have is cajones for thinking he could get these fights!!

        • Kingron84 says:

          Say he isn’t the Phenom as you claim, who has Bisping beat in the Ufc that was better than Rich Franklin. Who has Bisping fought and won against that would even be considered a top 15 middleweit ever?

          I get your arguement on Jones but the Bisping one holds no water.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          On Bisping, I yield to your arguments. Bisping has been given an easy way to help build the brand in the UK. I suppose that has made me feel he has done what the UFC has asked of him. He did well against Sonnen and that makes me think Bisping deserves respect above Belfort. Maybe I’m wrong here though.

          I just think that Belfort should fight someone lower like a Stann or maybe Lombard. If he can beat those guys then Bispng or Sonnen or Silva if he loses to Sonnen.

          If he goes to 05 then he should fight a top 10 then if he KO’s then a top 5 and if he KO’s a top 5 maybe Jones.

          I don’t think Belfort has proved himself yet with top fighters and he should first. But he is getting old and needs the money so he’s smart doing it just doesn’t deserve it.

        • You Cant Be Serious says:


    • Leo From New Jersey says:

      hands down vitor were to stand with jones , jones would be leveled, unless he lands some crazy kicks or takes him down i think if vitor tee’d off he would finish any person in the mw or lhw division and im a realist i love wandi but i really knew he would have lost against vitor.

      jones hands even though he says he’s fast he really isnt -_- its just his reach, machida, and rashad both out speeded him and he rocked rashad with utilizing his reach not his speed yes speed is involved but when you have that kind of reach advantage your opponent really has to back out to not get hit or have excellent head movement. so yea i think vitor would do well against johnny, vs bisping no doubt he gets the k,o unless bisping takes him down (and i don’t reference the johnson fight because of how horrible johnson looked)

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      Agreed! Vitor is a loud mouth asshole. Ive actually met the guy and hes a complete douchebag. No way would he stand a chance with Bones. He wouldnt beat anyone in the top5 at LHW, much less the champ.

  13. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    UFC will never let Vitor destroy Bisping. They have protected Bisping from all strikers since they underestimated Hendo. No way in hell they will take that chance again with their Brit poster boy. Vitor would Ko Bisping faster than he did Franklin. Franklin would also destroy Bisping along with Belcher, Stann, Palharis, and many more MW in the world. The brazil dude that just won ultimate fighter would tear Bisping apart

  14. Gabi says:

    I think it’s funny how Belfort is talking shit now when it was his dumb ass that broke his hand and ended up not fighting and now talking about waiting what like 4 months, lol. But he should fight Bisbing. I think that’s a good fight. Bisbing is a tough bastard. He did very well against Sonnon and really raised some eye brows. Let’s see how he does against the #1 contenders last opponent.

  15. jbeamazing says:

    I notice a lot of people on this site have no clue who Belfort is

  16. CombatRusse says:

    I would love to see him knocking out Wanderlei (who I don't dislike) just because he talked too much crap about Vitor.

    Then he has so much great fights! Demolishing Bisping before confronting Hendo would be great

  17. GET RID OF GUIDA (forever) says:

    Vitor has what it takes to beat bisping but he will never beat anderson silva

  18. Bispingftw says:

    Bisping would gnp Vitors ass. I say Lombard vs Bisping 😀


    LET THE DRAGON WELCOME VITOR TO THE LHW DIVISION………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………ACTION PACKED PEEWEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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