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Monday, 04/09/2012, 02:16 pm

Belfort On Silva | He Is Going To Lose And He Knows It

By Adam Conklin:

Vitor Belfort will soon face off with fellow TUF: Brazil Coach, Wanderlei Silva. Here Vitor is explaining his fight with Wanderlei Silva, his training camp, Silva vs. Sonnen 2, and the things the base of his motivation.

You are in the business since the beginning. You fought in the first editions of UFC. What do you think is the biggest event in UFC?

Vitor belfort: I’m very blessed to be able to keep doing what I’m doing. We have the current champions and I was there in the beginning. I was a big motivation for all of them and I am still fighting so its a blessing For me to keep doing what I’m doing on this level of the sport and to compete with this generation with the performance I’m doing. I thank God everyday for the gifts and talents he has given me and I’m so blessed and so happy to be able to do what I do and the platform is getting bigger and worldwide and to be able to have the mentality, experience and the vision. I think everythings how you see things. Even the tribulations for me is a motivation to overcome any situation in life, so I’m a happy guy.

I heard you making a training for that fight against Wanderlei Silva here, in Rio de Janeiro. Is that True?

VB: Yea, part of it is gonna be here. Part in Vegas and part here. I need to help the sport get to where it needs to be. It means taking advantage and to establish, In every business we need faces. We need people to represent the sport. We need athletes that can represent the sport. UFC is a major sport and we need champions, true champions that can leave a legacy for the guys coming and the fans. I want to create contents. I want to be focused. I want to be narrow. I want to find a narrow place to stick my sword and arrows.

Also about Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva, you’ve got some problems with Anderson. Now I hear that you have a great relationship with Chael on Twitter and he has said good things about you. Who do you cheer for, Who do you think is gonna win?

VB: First, I don’t have a bad relationship with either of them. not even Anderson, not even Chael. I can call them partners. We work for the same business (UFC) and I was there to support every fighter. I don’t talk trash. I never talk trash about anyone of those guys. I just think that Chael made a bad move talking bad about my country and I don’t think this is respectful I wasn’t happy with that but I don’t hate anybody. The only guy that I hate is the Devil. He really doesn’t like me. But this is competition and some people face competition (while being) very insecure. Most fighters who are insecure don’t talk good about others. They need to try to use bad motivation and a bad attitude. I don’t need to impress anyone. I am who I am. Everybody knows my heart, my intention. I want success for Anderson and Chael and the best man will win this fight. I’m fighting on the same card. I root for myself. I’m a business man and I’m there to represent myself. I don’t have (anything) with Anderson, I don’t have (anything) with Chael. I want the best for both and I want to win. I want to beat Wanderlei. That’s the fight I’m focused on that day. The most important thing is the next move. I’m a warrior and I’m focused on my war. I don’t worry about the other guy’s war.

With Wanderlei, the first time you knocked him out. You guys have both improved a lot in your style. What do you expect for that fight?

VB: I expect the best, the best out of me. The only thing I’m focused on is winning. Wanderlei’s a tough guy and he’s gonna come hard, but my arms gonna be raised that night and he knows that. He’s trying to use his bad attitude. I know I’m the better man and the better athlete. I’m focused and I don’t need to talk trash about anybody. He has talked a lot of trash about myself but I’m not focused on that. I’m focused on what I have to do to win this fight is to train hard. No sacrifice, no glory my friend.

Thanks, leave a message for your fans?

VB: The message is to be true to yourself. Live your principles, live your dreams. Face your fears. Be happy. Happiness is the best way to live your life. Even when you’re sad, you can be happy.

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22 Responses to “Belfort On Silva | He Is Going To Lose And He Knows It”

  1. Scotty says:

    Vitor is kind of annoying.. Hope Wanderlei wins but his chin nowadays isnt look to good but still hope he pulls this win off! Then he can retire happily if he wants too..

    • Jc says:

      Scotty your a douche Vitor is a class act and as soon as he puts those hands on wandy he’s going to sleep

      • Scotty says:

        Yeah im a douche cause i said someone is kind of annoying.. Repeats the samething over and over again even Wanderlei says it in TUF Brazil.. Not talking about him having class or not cause does show alot of class.. Or Am i douche cause i said i wanted Wanderlei to win? I’ve been a fan of Wanderleis for a long time and has been one of my favorite fighters, so of course i hoping he wins..

        • AJ says:

          Scotty, to say he is annoying based on this article (or any other honestly) is what makes you a douche. Vitor is a class act. This is who he is during interviews, in person, and in the cage. He loves the sport and the fans, he respects his fellow competitors and the organization he works for. Former high school jocks who now work for the kids they picked on in high school are the only people that could find a man with this kind of integrity to be annoying.

        • Behind You says:

          Class act or not, Belfort is annoying. He is respectful, but is annoying! Apparently you haven’t heard Belfort in other interviews speaking how great he is. Belfort is annoying. He just is.

      • DAMN! says:

        Knockout of the Night waiting to happen.

  2. jonesy says:

    wando does not think he going lose or know he will lose,,,,all the fans do but he dont….wando days of fighting top tear are over,,,or atleast guys that can punch…i hope wando can find a way to win

  3. jbeamazing says:

    belfort we all know that buddy

  4. Xaninho says:

    ..and let’s keep doing what we’re doing.

  5. Jorge Rocha says:

    if not for the tragic death of his sister, he would have outshone the UFC!

  6. Nick says:

    Vitor annoys the living shit out of me. I really can’t stand him. I wish Wanderlei could KO him, but his jaw is weaker than a guy with ED boner.

    • jason says:

      how does he “Annoy” you?that hes christian? that hes confident? that hes respectful?that he respects the fans and the sport? tell me…what TERRIBLE quality do you find annoying?

  7. Justen says:

    I liked his message to the fans. He’s a good guy. God bless him.

  8. iamstevenlopez says:

    you guys made it seem like he was talking about Anderson

  9. moc.nnepjb says:

    Wand may or may not “know’he is going to lose, but he will show up to fight no matter what. He is a true fighter. And has no fear

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    “I want to find a narrow place to stick my sword and arrows.”

    This line made me giggle.

    You guys talk about class but he’s coming off so self righteous in this article. Who says they are the better man and better athlete, then says I don’t need to talk trash? Sounds like trash talk to me. Subtle trash talk but still…

  11. koolG says:

    bla bla bla what has Belfort done in the last 5 years not much he came in guns blazing back in the day but he has not won anything worth mentioning since back in the day.

  12. Paul says:

    Next time… Put “Belfort on Wanderlei”. Came to the post thinking he was talking about Anderson. -.-

  13. Luda says:

    I didn’t see anything about Belfort saying Silva will lose and he knows it?!

  14. Dustin says:

    Change the title of this article, you losers. This is why this is the last MMA site I check for information.

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