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Wednesday, 09/28/2011, 04:30 am

Belfort eyes December Return, wants Chael Sonnen Bout

“I just don’t want to step in the octagon not (being) 100 percent. I see a lot of guys stepping in there just to make money. I’m not there just to make money. I’m there to win. I’m there to accomplish (something). I’m there for the belt, to make history. I want to fight to win, not just to show up… I hope I can be on [UFC 141]. I’ll be ready for that one for sure… One opponent I really want, I hope Chael wins. I really want to fight him. I think the winner of that fight, me and Chael, we’d be [ready] to fight for the title. His fighting always (goes) to a decision. He’s a boring fighter, but I’ll make sure that fight will end up quick, and I’ll give him a fight he’s never had in his life.”

MMA Legend, Vitor Belfort, tells the guys over at that while he was forced to withdraw from his November appointment with Cung Le, he will be ready to fight the following month and hopes to get a shot at the winner of Sonnen vs. Stann.

The only catch would be that the UFC has already announced that the Sonnen vs. Stann winner gets the next crack at the title but if Vitor has his way, he hopes to wedge himself into that picture.



19 Responses to “Belfort eyes December Return, wants Chael Sonnen Bout”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Phael just lost, before he was busted for elevated testosterone levels (and later charged with some type of money laundering scheme), and he gets an immediate number one contender shot? Really?! Who’s dick is this man sucking?

  2. Ninjaman says:

    I would love to see Vitor fight anderson again but despite all the issues surrounding Sonen, he or Stann should get the fight first. Vitor needs to beat a top 5 guy first in that division.

  3. chon209 says:

    I dont like it when fighters dodge other fighters, i will never say someone who fights for a living is scared to fight because that is just dumb and there are alot of dumd ppl who say that type of stuff, but fighters do dodge other fighters and it seems he is dodging cung le because he has nothing other than a win to gain from beating cung le and everything to loose by getting beat by a strikeforce guy who acts more than he competes. His story makes no sence he doesnt want fight less than 100% but he fougt akiyama less than 100%, he cant fight at 136 but wants to fight the winner of sonnen vs stann (#1 contender) at 141 if cung le was the #1 contender bet he wouldnt have pulled out then.
    yes there r sum mizspald wards for you spelling police that roam the forums and point it out for your arguments sake

  4. jacob lee says:

    Beating sonnen might be a quick route to the title but not an easy one. I was super excited for his match with cung lee….i thoght that would be a good fight hat was a garaunteed knockout finish. IDK if belfort is avoiding anybody….he is just trying to find the quickest roue to the title….he is showing a tad bit of laziness instead of fighting whoever they put in front of him…but having said that i really dont care who he fights.

    • chon209 says:

      I jumped out of my seat when I heard these two were fighting because I always wanted to see cung le get KTFO which was a 99% chace of happening but as pointed out he not fighting who they put in front of him and he has to be carefull because Dana dont like when fighters do that and he doesnt reward them with title fights unless its a big demand by the fans

  5. CL0 says:

    @ chon209

    I want to agree with you, but then again I don’t. You make some interesting points that do make sense. Ironic how he’ll be ready a month after the scheduled bout with Cung Le, and now he’s calling out Chael. Seems like he’s really eager to get back into that title picture if anything.Then again, I believe Vitor’s called him out once before already, if I’m not mistaking. We rele don’t know the extent of his injury and a 1 month time gap blieve it or not is plenty of time to hel up. I think his main issue is how some fighters are favored for their marketability. For example Shogun and Henderson is said to be the next crack at the lhw title. Shogun got destroyed by Jones and now all of a sudden he’s back in title picture. Brock vs Overeem is set to take the winner of Cain vs JDS. Again, Brock was destroyed by Cain, and now he’s back in the picture without a fight after that loss. Its all about who sells really and Vitor although he is a great fighter, he doesn’t have the marketability that some of these other guys have. Maybe just a notch below. I personally love watchin him fight. Whether he gets the title shot sooner than later, it’ll come. As for him dodgin Cung Le maybe, maybe not, personally I think that fight’s a decisive W for Vitor, regardless of Cung’s impressive Kickboxing resume.

    • ZN says:

      they always give the former champion a title shot if they win after their title loss. when the champ losses his belt they usually put him up against a top contender next and if they win they get a shot at their title again. its always been like that. its not jus marketability. and it would make sense for belfort and chael to fight, especially if chael wins because that means they both won after their title fight and it would only be fare to fight for #1 contender ship. but who know cus after this munoz/leben fight theirs gunna be another top contender for a title

    • UR MAKER says:

      U prove my point exactly. They give a former champ a title shot because its good marketability, its good business. That’s why Shogun received his after he put that performance against machida in their first bout. Akiyama although not a top 5 but possibly top 10 got k.o’d by Belfort and he fights Cung Le next? A guy who’s been acting over the last two years. Is that justice? Not taking anything away from Cung but its a bit of a slap in the face to Vitor. How about Jon Fitch calling out Bj after he had no opponent for 137. I mean its only right isn’t it? They did fight to a draw but he didn’t get it, why? Fitch doesn’t sell and instead he’s fighting Johnny Hendricks, a guy who’s only been on a couple of payperview’s since his debut against Amir Sadollah. I can go on all day about it but point is, it is about marketability otherwise they wouldn’t be a business. We as fans are just fortunate enough to see great fights due to how fast this sport has grown and how stacked it is with talent. Whether it was the way “it’s always been” or not fact of the matter there were less fighters then than there is now. Fans of the sport were limited on who to see, and who to watch out for. So anyone who stepped in that cage and put on a great performance, sold. That’s why when u hear of gsp, hughes, tito, lidell coutoure(even though both retired now) people wanted to watch fights. its been about marketability from the start not just coincidence.

  6. Connor says:

    vitor is over rated, sure he has knockout power but he’s cheated before too just like fail sonnen, i hope sonnen wrestles the piss out of him and pummels him for 3 rounds if they fight, this guy talks too much about the title he needs to get in line

  7. k-dog says:

    vitor would for sure take out sonnen. but vitor itleast needs to win 2 more fights i say to get another shot at the belt. brian stann will be fighting for the belt next

  8. lee boi says:

    Vitor is one of my favorite fighters, but he had his chance. He got destroyed, Chael gave Anderson the fight of his life. This is a buisness Dana is running and everyone is waiting to pay for that match up again. Vitor, get back in line and wait your turn. Oh yea guys dont sleep on Stann 😉

  9. lee boi says:

    Vitor’s also know to be mentally week.He lost that fight with Anderson before he even got in the cage. Chael is would do the same thing to Vitor. They are both to mentally strong for Belfort.

  10. zack says:

    man chael has got it comin lol stann wants to/is going to KO him. anderson wants to KO and now vitor wants to KO him lol thats what happens when your a cheater tho

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